News Quiz
News Quiz: the Huge Debate, a Big Apology, and a Deceased Giant
This Week's News Quiz includes the Huge Debate, a Big Apology, and a Deceased Giant.
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1. Where is Joe Biden cramming for Thursday's debate?
2. A far-left member of Congress has implied that she has cured very sick people with her 'faith healing.' Who?
3. Louisiana is embroiled in controversy over of a new law that mandates the display of what in public school classrooms?
4. Which city has established a new task force that will look into monetary reparations for its Black citizens?
5. The CEO of which company personally apologized in Congress last week?
6. Editors and reporters at which paper are in open revolt and demanding new leadership?
7. Last week climate protesters defaced which ancient and revered landmark?
8. The U.S. Supreme Court just upheld a federal law prohibiting which of the following from owing a firearm?
9. Which celebrity is breaking with most of the entertainment industry and supporting Donald Trump?
10. Baseball great Willie Mays, who died at age 93, played for two decades with the New York/San Francisco Giants, but ended his career with which team?