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Connecticut ratified the Constitution on January 9, 1788, to become what state?

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1. Connecticut ratified the Constitution on January 9, 1788, to become what state?
2. Oliver Ellsworth, Roger Sherman, and William Samuel Johnson were the Connecticut delegates to the Constitutional Convention. They worked on what compromise to protect small states?
   Connecticut Compromise
   Connecticut System
   Hamiltonian Government
   The Virginia Plan
   Constitutional Monarchy
3. Connecticut drafted the first of what kind of document in the colonies?
   Bill of Rights
   Draft of Independence
   Federalist Paper
   Freedom Act
4. Connecticut's official state tree, also known as the Charter Oak, hid what document in 1687 and later become a symbol of American Independence?
   Magna Carta
   U.S. Constitution
   Bill of Rights
   Royal Charter
   14th Amendment
5. What former hero turned traitor ravaged New London, Connecticut, during the Battle of Groton Heights?
   Guy Fawkes
   Benedict Arnold
   Johnny Tremaine
   Oliver Ellsworth
   Eli Whitney
6. Connecticut hosted what convention in 1814 which considered secession from the United States?
   Hartford Convention
   New London Convention
   Yale Convention
   Bridgeport Convention
   Stamford Ten
7. Eli Whitney, a Connecticut native, invented what machine which revolutionized industrial production?
   Steam Engine
   Cotton Gin
   Automated Counter
   Synthetic Dye
8. Connecticut was one of two states not to ratify what amendment?
9. The first of what kind of directory was published in New Haven in 1878?
   Morse Code Book
   Telephone Book
   Card Catalog
   Dewey Decimal System
   Racing Card
10. The world's first what type of transportation was constructed in Groton, Connecticut?
   Nuclear Submarine
   Steam-powered Engine
   Horse-powered Carriage
   9-gauge Train
   Plant Oil Engine

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