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Test Your Knowledge of the Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton Duel
Where did Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton meet on July 11, 1804, to have a duel?

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1. Where did Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton meet on July 11, 1804, to have a duel?
   Washington D.C.
   Dover, Delaware
   Weehawken, New Jersey
   Albany, New York
   Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
2. The two were longtime personal and political enemies. Aaron Burr was a prominent Democratic Republican, while Alexander Hamilton was a leader in which party?
3. Alongside John Jay and James Madison, Alexander Hamilton was a key author of what important series of papers?
   Federalist Papers
   Declaration of Independence
   Declaration of the Rights of Man
   Constitution Papers
4. Alexander Hamilton served under the Washington Administration as the first what?
   Head of Trade
   Ambassador to Great Britain
   Secretary of the Treasury
   Chief Justice
   Vice President
5. Aaron Burr served under President Thomas Jefferson in what position?
   Secretary of the Navy
   Secretary of the Interior
   Chief Counsel
   Press Secretary
   Vice President
6. Burr almost became president in 1800 when he earned the same number of electoral votes as Jefferson; Hamilton ensured that Burr was blocked from winning. Which amendment was added to the Constitution to prevent this strange event from happening again?
7. In 1804, Hamilton worked hard to ensure that Burr lost his election to what position?
   Supreme Court Justice
   Secretary of the Treasury
   President of the United States
   Attorney General of New York
   Governor of New York
8. Hamilton and Burr dueled on the exact same spot as whose duel just three years prior?
   Hamilton's son
   Burr's son
   George Washington
   Thomas Jefferson
   John Adams
9. Burr never sat trial for the murder of Hamilton, but he was tried for what activity in 1807?
   Public drunkenness
10. Not one to give up easily, Burr left the United States and tried to enlist which world leader to help him conquer Florida?
   Ferdinand VI
   Catherine the Great
   Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa
   King George III

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