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How Well Do You Know Alexander Hamilton?
Alexander Hamilton was born January 11th, 1755 or 1757 (The exact date is unknown). He was a founding father who was instrumental in the development of the United States.

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1. George Washington appointed Hamilton as the first secretary of what?
2. Hamilton co-wrote what famous group of essays with James Madison and John Jay?
   The Federalist Papers
   Common Sense
   The Articles of Confederation
   The Declaration of the Constitution
3. While serving as secretary of treasury, Hamilton often clashed with what other cabinet member and soon-to-be president over the scope of the federal government?
   Samuel Adams
   Thomas Jefferson
   John Jay
   Andrew Jackson
4. Hamilton represented what state at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
   New York
   New Jersey
5. Even though Hamilton was a founding father of the United States, he was born on what tropical island in the Caribbean?
   Puerto Rico
6. In 1804, Hamilton worked hard to ensure that Burr lost his election to what position?
   Supreme Court Justice
   Attorney General
   President of the United States
   Governor of New York
7. Who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton?
   John Quincy Adams
   Aaron Burr
   Samuel Adams
   John Jay
8. Hamilton is currently featured on what denomination of U.S. currency?
   Ten-dollar bill
   Five-dollar bill
9. Which of the following cannot be said of Alexander Hamilton?
   He was a signer of the Constitution
   He was a trial lawyer in New York
   He joined a militia and fought in the Revolutionary War
   He was Vice President of the United States
10. Hamilton established a newspaper in 1801, what is that newspaper's current name?
   New York Post
   New York Times
   Boston Herald
   Boston Times

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