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Quiz Yourself on 13th President Millard Fillmore
Test your knowledge of the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore, born January 7, 1800.

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1. Fillmore was the last president to belong to which political party?
2. Fillmore was born in a log cabin in the Finger Lakes region of what state?
   New Jersey
   New York
3. What distinction does Fillmore share with Presidents Tyler, Johnson, Arthur, and Ford?
   He served as Speaker of the House
   He was never elected to the presidency
   He went to Harvard
   He served on the Supreme Court
4. Who served as Fillmore's vice president?
   James Buchanan
   Franklin Pierce
   William Henry Harrison
   He did not have a vice president
5. In September of 1850, Fillmore appointed what Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints leader as the first governor of the Utah territory?
   Joseph Smith
   John Taylor
   Brigham Young
   Joseph Young
6. Who succeeded Fillmore to become the 14th President of the United States?
   James Buchanan
   Daniel Webster
   Winfield Scott
   Franklin Pierce
7. Fillmore unsuccessfully ran for president in 1856 as the official candidate of the American Party, which is commonly referred to as what?
   The Know Nothing Party
   The Green Party
   The Anti-Immigrant Party
   The German Republican Party
8. Passed in the first year of Fillmore's presidency, what Compromise effectively delayed the start of the Civil War and preserved the Union for eleven years?
   Missouri Compromise
   Compromise of 1850
   Compromise of 1860
   Kansas-Nebraska Act
9. Which of the following offices/positions did Fillmore not hold?
   U.S. Congressman
   Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee
   Vice President
   U.S. Senator
10. Fillmore helped to found what New York University, serving as its first chancellor?
   University of Buffalo
   New York University
   Columbia University
   University of Albany

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