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1. Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced when she opposed the nomination of Jeff Sessions by reading defamatory quotes from Coretta Scott King and who else?
   John Lewis
   Ted Kennedy
   George Wallace
   Eleanor Roosevelt
   Thurgood Marshall
2. Precisely one Democratic Senator voted to confirm Sessions as Attorney General. Who?
   Jon Tester, MT
   Joe Donnelly, IN
   Joe Manchin, WV
   Heidi Heitkamp, ND
   Claire McCaskill, MO
3. Meanwhile, President Trump had lunch last week with four moderate Democratic senators. Who was not there?
   Jon Tester, MT
   Joe Donnelly, IN
   Joe Manchin, WV
   Heidi Heitkamp, ND
   Claire McCaskill, MO
4. President Trump will meet with which foreign leader at the White House this week?
   Xi Jinping, China
   Abdel el-Sisi, Egypt
   Theresa May, United Kingdom
   Francois Hollande, France
   Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel
5. America's wealthiest university raised another $1.2 billion last year, keeping its endowment well above $30-billion. Which?
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6. Also, Yale has announced that its campus will no longer include the name of which 19th century politician?
   Ben Tillman
   Roger Taney
   John Calhoun
   Daniel Webster
   Andrew Johnson
7. Prior to Dr. Tom Price being sworn in as head of Health and Human Services, who was the last physician to run the department?
   Louis Sullivan
   Donna Shalala
   Michael Leavitt
   Margaret Heckler
   Kathleeen Sebelius
8. President Trump took to Twitter last week to denounce which department store chain?
   TJ Maxx
   Neiman Marcus
9. President Obama vacationed last week with which billionaire?
   Bill Gates
   Mark Cuban
   George Soros
   Richard Branson
   Michael Bloomberg
10. Which soulful songstress has announced her imminent retirement?
   Tina Turner
   Patti LaBelle
   Roberta Flack
   Gladys Knight
   Aretha Franklin

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