American Patriot Quiz
How Well Do You Know Susan B. Anthony?
Test your knowledge of women's rights advocate Susan B. Anthony, born February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts.

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1. Anthony was a leading voice in what movement that fought for the legal right for women to vote?
   Women's Pilgrimage
   Women's Anti-Suffrage
   Women's Suffrage
   Women's Cooperation
2. What does the "B" in Susan B. Anthony stand for?
3. In 1851, Anthony met what woman who would become a lifelong friend and co-worker in social reform activities and women's rights?
   Betsy Ross
   Elizabeth Cady Stanton
   Edith Wilson
   Emma Goldman
4. In 1845, the Anthony family moved to a farm outside of Rochester, NY that became a gathering place for activists, including what famed former slave and abolitionist?
   Victoria Woodhull
   Eugene Debs
   Charles Sumner
   Frederick Douglass
5. Anthony worked in what secret organization that helped establish a route to freedom for African-American slaves?
   The Underground Road
   The Underground Pathway
   The Underground Railroad
   The Underground Beacon
6. Anthony helped to establish what newspaper that focused primarily on women's rights?
   The Revolution
   Common Sense
   The Enlightenment
   The Equality Papers
7. A milestone court case in women's history, the 1873 United States v. Susan B. Anthony trial was set into motion after Anthony was arrested and charged with what?
   Trespassing on public property
   Illegal voting
   Disturbing the peace
   Threatening the president
8. In 1979, Anthony became the first real woman on a circulating U.S coin. Which other woman has appeared on a circulating U.S. coin?
   Harriet Tubman
   Betsy Ross
   Eleanor Roosevelt
9. Which amendment guarantees the right of women to vote?
10. Who was the first U.S. president to win a presidential election in which women had the right to vote?
   Warren G. Harding
   Calvin Coolidge
   Herbert Hoover
   Franklin D. Roosevelt

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