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Quiz: WikiLeaks and the CIA
Federal investigators are looking into how WikiLeaks got its hands on CIA documents detailing the agency's hacking program, with the Factor reporting that many of the intelligence agency's computer systems are outdated and susceptible to hacking. How closely have you been following the story?
1. What name did WikiLeaks give the cache of more than 8,000 CIA documents it released this week?
   Vault 3
   Vault 5
   Vault 7
   Vault 9
2. One key disclosure in the documents is that CIA hackers cover their tracks by leaving electronic trails suggesting they're from other countries. Which country was *not* named in the decoy document?
   North Korea
3. The WikiLeaks publication indicates that which older devices are particularly vulnerable to exploitation?
   Android phones
   Blackberry phones
4. Which tech exec reportedly protects him/herself from hackers with a piece of tape over his/her laptop camera and microphone jack?
   Mark Zuckerberg
   Sheryl Sandberg
   Jeff Bezos
   Steve Wozniak
5. According to the documents, what is the name of the CIA program to turn smart TVs into listening devices?
   Weeping Willow
   Weeping Angel
   Red Rover
   Samsung Snoop
6. Which veteran reporter told your humble correspondent that WikiLeaks is a "serious problem" that should be investigated?
   Dan Rather
   Tom Brokaw
   Bob Woodward
   Carl Bernstein
7. During the presidential campaign, the release of emails from which person prompted Trump to declared "I love WikiLeaks?"
   Hillary Clinton
   Bill Clinton
   Huma Abedin
   John Podesta
8. In another past document dump to WikiLeaks, which person provided them with 700,000 military intelligence documents, videos, and battlefield accounts?
   Edward Snowden
   Chelsea Manning
   James Comey
   Vladimir Putin
9. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been living in which embassy in London to avoid extradition?
10. Which celebrity is Assange reportedly dating, as she is often photographed visiting him at the embassy?
   Pamela Anderson
   Jane Fonda
   Susan Sarandon
   Naomi Campbell

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