American Patriot Quiz
Quiz Yourself on 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson
Test your knowledge of the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, born March 15, 1767.

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1. Jackson acquired what nickname as an officer in the War of 1812?
   Old Hickory
   Old Rough and Ready
   The Tennessee Tailor
   Honest Jack
2. Jackson was the first U.S. president to represent which political party?
   Jackson had no party affiliation
3. Jackson's portrait currently appears on the $20 bill, but what 22nd (and 24th) president's portrait appeared on the $20 bill before Jackson?
   Benjamin Harrison
   Grover Cleveland
   Theodore Roosevelt
   Franklin Delano Roosevelt
4. Jackson's presidency began the rise of what political system in which a winning political party gives government civil service jobs to supporters, friends, and relatives?
   Victor System
   Jacksonian Democracy
   Spoils System
   Democratic System
5. Perhaps the biggest stain on Jackson's legacy, what act did Jackson support and sign in 1830?
   Indian Removal Act
   Native American Relocation Act
   Trail of Tears Act
   Manifest Destiny Act
6. Which of the following was not a principle of Jacksonian Democracy?
   Expanded voting rights for white men
   Manifest Destiny
   Opposition to banks
   A hands on economic approach
7. Jackson served as a U.S. representative and later a senator from what state?
   North Carolina
   South Carolina
8. Jackson served as the Military Governor of what current U.S. state when it was acquired in 1821?
9. What plantation owned by Jackson serves as his final resting place?
   Mt. Vernon
   The Hermitage
   Springwood Estate
10. Jackson is the only U.S. president to have done what?
   Been held prisoner of war
   Served as Vice President, President, and Senator
   Married while in office
   Died in Tennessee

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