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1. Who was the only House Democrat to vote in favor of the Republican health care bill that passed last week?
   Steny Hoyer
   Adam Schiff
   Keith Ellison
   James Clyburn
   None of the above
2. After the bill passed, who broke out in song on the floor of the House?
   Paul Ryan
   Nancy Pelosi
   Some Democrats
   Many Republicans
   The Freedom Caucus
3. Far-left writer Kurt Eichenwald expressed his wish that family members of Republicans will lose their insurance and die. He writes for which of these?
   Daily Kos
   The Nation
   Mother Jones
   Rolling Stone
4. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill Sunday that bans what in his state?
   Flag burning
   Sanctuary cities
   Late term abortion
   Same sex marriage
   Welfare without drug testing
5. Which former Obama administration official is refusing to testify before a Senate committee examining Russian interference?
   Joe Biden
   Susan Rice
   Ben Rhodes
   Leon Panetta
   Loretta Lynch
6. While it has been overshadowed by the French election, which other economically powerful nation is electing a new president this week?
   South Korea
7. Who or what will no longer be allowed in France?
   Topless beaches
   American cheese
   Islamic headscarves
   Smoking on the street
   Extremely skinny models
8. Last week President Trump praised the health care system of which nation?
   United Kingdom
9. Which is now the most expensive university in America?
   Harvey Mudd
   Brigham Young
   North Carolina Central
   City College of New York
10. A horse named 'Patch' received a great deal of attention at Saturday's Kentucky Derby. What is unusual about Patch?
   She is a filly
   He has one eye
   He is twelve years old
   He is undergoing chemotherapy
   He is not officially a thoroughbred

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