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Quiz Yourself on World War I and the Lusitania
In what year did the U.S. declare war on Germany during World War I?

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1. On May 7, 1915, the British ocean liner Lusitania was sunk by what?
   Anti-aircraft missile
   Faulty radar
   Cannon fire
2. What did Germany invent to compete against the British Royal Navy, the largest in the world?
   Nuclear submarine
   U-boat submarine
   Aircraft carrier
   Steam powered engine
   Fusion engine
3. How did Germany justify an attack on a merchant ship?
   Treaty of Ghent
   Easy target
   British arming merchant ships
   Pre-issued warning
4. The Lusitania carried passengers and what else from the United States?
   Iron ore
   Military plans
   Secret agents
5. Who resigned over the crisis of the Lusitania?
   Secretary of War Lindley M. Garrison
   Secretary of Navy Josephus Daniels
   Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan
   Secretary of Commerce William C. Redfield
   Associate Justice Louis Brandeis
6. In what year did the U.S. declare war on Germany during World War I?
7. What famous telegram was used to rally the American people to join World War I?
   Mexican Telegram
   Russian Telegram
   Zimmerman Telegram
   Bismarck Telegram
   Wilson Telegram
8. Whose assassination led to the start of World War I?
   General Pershing
   Henry Cabot Lodge
   Tsar Nicholas
   Lord Balfour
   Archduke Franz Ferdinand
9. Who led American Expeditionary Forces on September 12, 1918, on their first independent offensive in World War I?
   General Ferdinand Foch
   General Joseph Gallieni
   General John J. Pershing
   General Williams S. Graves
   General Frank McIntyre
10. What revolution occurred in Russia concurrently with World War I?
   Red Revolution
   Winter Revolution
   Faberg√© Revolution
   February Revolution
   Tsar Revolution

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