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Quiz: Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey
President Trump sets off a political firestorm by firing FBI director James Comey. How closely have you been following the story?
1. How did Comey find out he was losing his job?
   A phone call from President Trump
   A letter
   A Tweet
   He saw it on TV
2. Who recommended that Trump fire Comey?
   Mike Pence
   Jeff Sessions
   Jared Kushner
   Steve Bannon
3. This week, the President told which newsman he would have acted even without that recommendation, calling Comey a "showboat?"
   Matt Lauer
   George Stephanopoulos
   Charlie Rose
   Lester Holt
4. Which Trump administration official had previously been forced to step down after misleading the White House about his contacts with the Russian ambassador during the campaign?
   Mike Flynn
   Paul Manafort
   James Mattis
   Rex Tillerson
5. To keep the job non-partisan, FBI directors generally serve how long of a term?
   6 years
   8 years
   10 years
   12 years
6. Who was the last president to fire an FBI director?
   George W. Bush
   Bill Clinton
   Richard Nixon
7. Comey had come under fire for making public statements about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server how many days before the election?
8. The Comey firing drew comparisons to Nixon who also terminated someone who was investigating him. Who did Nixon fire?
   Archibald Cox
   Mark Felt
   Alexander Butterfield
   Spiro Agnew
9. In response to the Nixon comparison, who Tweeted: "FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI #FBIDirector #notNixonian?"
   Julie Nixon Eisenhower
   Henry Kissinger
   The Richard Nixon Presidential Library
   Donald Trump
10. Which GOP Senator responded to the Comey firing by saying: "I've spent the last several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey's firing. I just can't do it?"
   Susan Collins
   Jeff Flake
   John McCain
   Mitch McConnell

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