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Quiz: James Comey Testifies
After alleging that President Trump pressured him to drop the investigation into ties between Russian officials and former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, former FBI director James Comey testifies before Congress. How closely have you been following the story?
1. Before which Senate committee did Comey appear?
   Foreign Relations
   Government Affairs
2. Which Democrat is the highest ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee?
   Mark Warner
   Kamala Harris
   Dianne Feinstein
   Bernie Sanders
3. Which Trump administration official did *not* testify in closed session on Wednesday?
   Rod Rosenstein
   Andrew McCabe
   Jeff Sessions
   Dan Coats
4. In his first Tweet following the Comey hearings, what did the President call the former intelligence boss?
5. Comey testified that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured him to call the Hillary Clinton email server situation which word instead of an "investigation?"
6. Comey declined to give information in open session about why which person has recused themselves from the Russia investigation?
   Robert Mueller
   Jeff Sessions
   Rod Rosenstein
   Andrew McCabe
7. Comey called out which news outlet for a story about the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia that he called "almost entirely wrong?"
   New York Times
   Washington Post
8. After a confusing line of questioning by John McCain got attention on social media, the Senator put out a statement saying he stayed up too late the night before the hearing doing what?
   Reading Comey's written statement
   Talking to Hillary Clinton
   Talking to President Trump
   Watching baseball
9. Sen. Kamala Harris had a contentious exchange with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during hearings this week. Harris is the former Attorney General of which state?
   New York
   New Jersey
10. In expressing his desire for more hearings, which Senator said: "Every good movie has a sequel?"
   John McCain
   Chuck Schumer
   Lindsey Graham
   Al Franken

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