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1. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered FBI boss James Comey to stop calling the Clinton e-mail probe an 'investigation.' What was her preferred word?
2. Jeremy Corbyn, whose Labour Party made huge gains in last week's UK election, was long associated with a group that advocates what?
   Sharia Law
   Belief in UFOs
   Holocaust denial
   Abolishment of the monarchy
3. Which Arab nation has been denounced by seven other Muslim countries as a terror enabler?
   Saudi Arabia
4. The U.S. Navy's latest warship is named for which former member of Congress?
   Bob Dole
   Tom Foley
   Robert Byrd
   Dennis Hastert
   Gabby Giffords
5. Forbes has named him or her the "world's most powerful person" for four years in a row. Who?
   Xi Jinping
   Jeff Bezos
   Angela Merkel
   Vladimir Putin
   Mitch McConnell
6. A group called ACT for America held rallies across America Saturday to protest what?
   Sharia law
   Nuclear power
   President Trump
   Genetically modified food
7. Who is Daniel Richman?
   New UK Prime Minister
   Powerball lottery winner
   Columbia law professor
   President Trump's attorney
   New CEO of General Electric
8. An anonymous bidder will pay more than $2.6 million to have lunch with whom?
   Pope Francis
   Justin Bieber
   Barack Obama
   Warren Buffett
   Queen Elizabeth
9. Adam West, who died Friday at age 88, was best known for playing Batman in the eponymous TV series. Which actor never played the Caped Crusader?
   Val Kilmer
   Christian Bale
   Michael Keaton
   George Clooney
   Christopher Reeve
10. Which sensational athlete has announced that he or she will retire later this year?
   Usain Bolt
   Tom Brady
   Tiger Woods
   LeBron James
   Serena Williams

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