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1. Steve Scalise, the Congressman who was severely wounded in last week's shooting in Virginia, holds what office?
   Senator from Iowa
   Representative from Ohio
   Senator from West Virginia
   Representative from Montana
   Representative from Louisiana
2. The deranged shooter, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, was carrying a list of House Republicans who were presumably his targets. Who was included?
   Paul Ryan, WI
   Mo Brooks, AL
   Jim Jordan, OH
   Trey Gowdy, SC
   Kevin McCarthy, CA
3. After the shooting, the New York Times published a wildly inaccurate editorial that besmirched which politician?
   Sarah Palin
   Mike Pence
   Steve Scalise
   Donald Trump
   George W. Bush
4. Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the presidential election, formerly headed what organization?
   Federal Bureau of Investigation
   Central Intelligence Agency
   National Security Agency
   Department of Justice
   All of the above
5. In his speech last week outlining a tougher new policy with Cuba, President Trump mentioned which cop-killer by name?
   Huey Newton
   Kathy Boudin
   Mumia Abu-Jamal
   Joanne Chesimard
   Lawrence Campbell
6. College student Otto Warmbier, who returned to the USA after being brutalized in North Korea, was accused by that regime of stealing what?
   A poster
   A handgun
   A street sign
   A military uniform
7. By an overwhelming 97 - 2 margin, the Senate voted last week to strengthen sanctions against which nation?
   North Korea
8., moving to enter the retail food business, plans to buy which chain?
   Trader Joe's
   Whole Foods
9. Alex Jones, the far-right radio host who was interviewed by Megyn Kelly of NBC News, has claimed that it may have been staged. What?
   The Holocaust
   JFK Assassination
   Sandy Hook Massacre
   Oklahoma City Bombing
   San Bernardino Terror Attack
10. Which state is in jeopardy of becoming the first ever to declare bankruptcy?
   New York
   New Jersey

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