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1. The version of Kate's Law passed by the House last week carries what mandatory sentence for an illegal alien felon caught re-entering the USA?
   1 year
   5 years
   10 years
   15 years
   There is no minimum
2. Only one Republican, Justin Amash of Michigan, voted against Kate's Law. What was his stated reason?
   The bill is too lenient
   Amash wants no borders
   Kate's Law is unconstitutional
   He mistakenly entered the wrong vote
   He dislikes Bill O'Reilly, who championed the law
3. Democratic House members Kathleen Rice, Seth Moulton, and Tim Ryan have what in common?
   Voted for Kate's Law
   Vehemently anti-abortion
   Want Nancy Pelosi to step down
   Calling for Trump's impeachment
   They are Medal of Honor recipients
4. On Sunday morning President Trump re-tweeted a parody video showing him slamming which media outlet to the ground?
   NBC News
   ABC News
   New York Times
   Washington Post
5. The late Zbigniew Brzezinski, father of MSNBC's Mika, held what position in the Carter administration?
   National Security Advisor
   Secretary of Defense
   Director of the CIA
   Secretary of State
   All of the above
6. Which nation legalized same-sex marriage this past Friday?
   The Netherlands
7. Which commodity declined dramatically in value over the first half of 2017?
8. Who is suing the New York Times for defamation?
   Sarah Palin
   Ann Coulter
   O.J. Simpson
   Donald Trump
   Anthony Scaramucci
9. According to Pew, most countries now have a lower regard for the USA than prior to the Trump presidency. Which are the two exceptions?
   Russia and Israel
   Sweden and Denmark
   South Africa and Hungary
   Australia and New Zealand
   Poland and the Czech Republic
10. Which athlete has just become the highest paid player in the history of his sport?
   Lionel Messi
   Stephen Curry
   Sidney Crosby
   Aaron Rodgers
   Clayton Kershaw

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