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Test Your Knowledge of July 4th & American Independence
What body unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776?

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1. What body unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776?
   First Continental Congress
   House of Burgesses
   Second Continental Congress
   House of Commons
2. What was the first battle in the Revolution?
   Lexington and Concord
   Bunker Hill
   Paul Revere's Ride
   Harlem Heights
3. What act was the original tipping point for Americans and the reason for the first major American resistance to the Parliamentary rule?
   Tariff Act
   Stamp Act
   Whiskey Act
   Paper Act
   Horse Act
4. The Tea Act of 1773 was created to help what company?
   British Trading Company
   Colonial Post Company
   East India Company
   Calico Trading Company
   West Indies Company
5. What Act was passed in 1774 to punish the unruly colonies—particularly Massachusetts?
   No Tea Act
   Extra Tax Act
   Powder Act
   Shipping Act
   Coercive Acts
6. Thomas Paine published what influential pamphlet in January 1776?
   Common Sense
   In Reason
   On Liberty
   Our Rights
   Your Rights
7. A committee of five was formed to draft a Declaration of Independence, but who is largely credited with the writing?
   James Madison
   John Adams
   Thomas Jefferson
   George Mason
   John Hancock
8. What year did the United States formally become an independent country?
9. After what war did celebration of the Fourth of July become commonplace?
   War of 1812
   Revolutionary War
   Civil War
   World War II
   Spanish American War
10. In what year was the Fourth of July made a federal holiday?

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