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1. Which nation is not a member of the G20 that met last week in Germany?
2. What was the unofficial slogan of the black-clad protesters outside the summit?
   Punch a Fascist
   F*** Capitalism
   Revolution Now
   Welcome to Hell
   Chaos Uber Alles
3. Which big-city mayor traveled to Hamburg to join the protesters?
   Anne Hidalgo, Paris
   Sadiq Khan, London
   Bill de Blasio, New York
   Sergey Sobyanin, Moscow
   Rahm Emanuel, Chicago
4. A United States Senator actually praised Vladimir Putin as far smarter and more knowledgeable than President Trump. Who?
   Dick Durbin, IL
   John McCain, AZ
   Diane Feinstein, CA
   Chuck Schumer, NY
   Lindsey Graham, SC
5. The head of which Asian nation went to Israel last week, the first such visit in history?
   Saudi Arabia
6. Which English-speaking nation apologized to former terrorist and bomb-maker Omar Khadr and paid him more than $8-million?
   New Zealand
   United States
   United Kingdom
7. The intercontinental missile launched by North Korea last week has the capability of reaching which of the following?
   San Francisco
   All of the above
8. A few dozen Ku Klux Klan members, white robes and all, marched in which southern U.S. city Saturday?
   Atlanta, GA
   Hattiesburg, MS
   Birmingham, AL
   Baton Rouge, LA
   Charlottesville, VA
9. Charlie Gard, the British infant caught up in the middle of an international medical dispute, suffers from what illness?
   Batten Disease
   Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
   Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
   Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome
10. Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations?
   Trygve Lie
   Kofi Annan
   Ban Ki-Moon
   Antonio Guterres
   Javier Perez de Cuellar

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