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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week?

Take Bill O'Reilly's News Quiz and see for yourself.
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1. The $1.9-trillion Covid relief bill passed by the House includes $5-billion for farmers, but only if they meet which criterion?
2. Which Republican Senator forced Senate clerks to real the entire 628-page bill aloud?
3. Which Democratic governor has dramatically rolled back Covid-related restrictions on restaurants and businesses?
4. When President Biden accused two governors of 'Neanderthal thinking,' he was referring to Greg Abbott of Texas and who else?
5. Who is the government official in charge of border security, which he declares is not in a state of 'crisis?'
6. President Biden jocularly opined that which ethnic group is 'taking over the country?'
7. In testimony about the Capitol riot, FBI boss Christopher Wray revealed that Officer Brian Sicknick died from what cause?
8. Last week President Trump denounced which newspaper's editorial board, saying 'they have lost great credibility?'
9. Which former Trump aide has been hired as a Fox News contributor?
10. Which Dr. Seuss book has not been 'cancelled' and is apparently still permissible to read?