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Week of May 4
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week?

Take Bill O'Reilly's weekly News Quiz and try to beat last week's 5.76 average!
1. Where are the six Baltimore police officers who have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray?
   Free on bail
   In a city lockup
   Under house arrest
   Relegated to desk duty
   Free on their own recognizance
2. Marilyn Mosby, the State's Attorney who charged the cops, is married to Nick Mosby, who holds which position in Baltimore?
   Fire Chief
   Deputy Mayor
   City Councilman
   Police Commissioner
3. 700 girls were rescued last week after being held captive by Boko Haram. Which military force invaded the prison camps to free the girls?
   British SAS
   Nigerian Army
   NATO soldiers
   US Army Rangers
   Israeli Special Forces
4. Four oil-rich Arab nations donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Which is not among them?
   Saudi Arabia
   United Arab Emirates
5. Influential conservative Grover Norquist routinely asks Republican candidates to sign an anti-tax pledge. Who has not taken the pledge thus far?
   Jeb Bush
   Ted Cruz
   Rand Paul
   Marco Rubio
   All of the Above
6. Koch Industries, the company run by much-maligned conservatives Charles and David Koch, is no longer asking job applicants about what?
   Credit history
   Marital status
   Military record
   Educational achievement
   Prior criminal convictions
7. American women in their 20s, so-called "millennials," are doing something less than any prior generation in U.S. history. What?
   Giving birth
   Saving money
   Drinking alcohol
8. The Chipotle food chain very publicly announced that it will no longer use what in its burritos and other fare?
   Food dyes
   Corn syrup
   Genetically modified food
9. Among cities with at least 200,000 people, Baltimore has the 5th highest murder rate in the USA. Which city has more murders per capita?
   St. Louis
   New Orleans
   All of the Above
10. After defeating Manny Pacquiao Saturday, boxer Floyd Mayweather has a career record of 48 - 0. Which other fighter never suffered a loss?
   Joe Louis
   Jack Johnson
   Rocky Marciano
   Sugar Ray Leonard
   Sugar Ray Robinson

MAY 05, 2015
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