News Quiz
2017 Year End News Quiz
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this year?

46 - 50 You apparently watch more cable news than even President Trump.
36 - 45 You're well-informed but also have a life away from those machines.
26 - 35 Nothing at all to be ashamed of. Then again, not much to be proud of.
10 - 25 If we were politically correct here, you would get a participation trophy.
0 - 9 You are in dire need of a Premium Membership and access to the No Spin News.
1. Who became Secretary-General of the United Nations on the first day of 2017?
   Trygve Lie
   Kofi Annan
   Ban Ki-Moon
   Antonio Guterres
   Javier Perez de Cuellar
2. The Democratic Party lost special House elections in four states in 2017. Which was not among them?
   South Carolina
3. Special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the presidential election, formerly headed what organization?
   Federal Bureau of Investigation
   Central Intelligence Agency
   National Security Agency
   Department of Justice
   All of the above
4. College student Otto Warmbier, who died in June after being brutalized in North Korea, was accused by that regime of stealing what?
   A poster
   A handgun
   A street sign
   A military uniform
5. In his relatively brief inaugural address on January 20th, Donald Trump did not mention which issue?
   Health care
6. The U.S. government's list of state sponsors of terrorism recently changed and now includes four countries. Which is not among them?
   North Korea
7. In January, the Senate confirmed General James Mattis as Defense Secretary by a vote of 98 - 1. Who was the lone dissenter?
   Cory Booker, NJ
   Bernie Sanders, VT
   Chuck Schumer, NY
   Elizabeth Warren, MA
   Kirsten Gillibrand, NY
8. A TV host named Reza Aslan denounced President Trump as a 'piece of s***' after a terror attack in London. He had a show on which cable network?
9. The New York Times, in an effort to diversify its near-monolithic left-wing opinion pages, hired which Wall Street Journal columnist?
   Bret Stephens
   Peggy Noonan
   Daniel Henninger
   Kimberley Strassel
   Mary Anastasia O'Grady
10. The five richest counties in the United States are all suburbs of which city?
   New York
   Los Angeles
   San Francisco
11. In January the State Department placed the son of which infamous man on its terror watch list?
   Nidal Hasan
   Saddam Hussein
   Osama Bin Laden
   Ayman al-Zawahiri
   Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
12. Which longtime newsman informed Fox News' Sean Hannity that he is 'bad for America?'
   Ted Koppel
   Dan Rather
   Bill Moyers
   Tom Brokaw
   Bob Woodward
13. Steve Scalise, the Congressman who was shot and severely wounded in June in Virginia, holds what office?
   Senator from Iowa
   Representative from Ohio
   Senator from West Virginia
   Representative from Montana
   Representative from Louisiana
14. After that shooting, the New York Times published a wildly inaccurate editorial that besmirched which politician?
   Sarah Palin
   Mike Pence
   Steve Scalise
   Donald Trump
   George W. Bush
15. Which sensational athlete retired in 2017?
   Usain Bolt
   Tom Brady
   Tiger Woods
   LeBron James
   Serena Williams
16. Meanwhile, which influential conservative columnist also retired?
   Irving Kristol
   Robert Novak
   William Safire
   Thomas Sowell
   James J. Kilpatrick
17. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio minimized which crime as a 'minor offense' for which an illegal immigrant should not face deportation?
   Child abuse
   Drug dealing
   Drunk driving
   Armed robbery
   Assault and battery
18. A Harvard study in May confirmed that President Trump was receiving far harsher media coverage than any of his predecessors. Which outlet was most negative?
   NBC News
   ABC News
   New York Times
   Washington Post
19. In July the president re-tweeted a parody video showing him slamming which media outlet to the ground?
   NBC News
   ABC News
   New York Times
   Washington Post
20. The late Roger Ailes, who founded Fox News and was hailed as a TV genius, began his political career by advising which president?
   Gerald Ford
   Jimmy Carter
   John F. Kennedy
   Richard Nixon
   Ronald Reagan
21. According to the Social Security Administration, which girl's name has had a dramatic decline in popularity recently?
22. The ultra-violent MS-13 gang, which has caused mayhem in parts of the USA, was formed by immigrants from which Central American nation?
   El Salvador
23. Which morning TV host took heat from colleagues for joining Barack and Michelle Obama on a luxury yacht in Tahiti?
   Matt Lauer, NBC
   Gayle King, CBS
   Charlie Rose, CBS
   Savannah Guthrie, NBC
   George Stephanopoulos, ABC
24. The explosive dropped on Afghanistan in April, referred to as the 'mother of all bombs,' is officially an MOAB. What does the 'B' stand for?
25. TV producer Chuck Barris, who died in March at age 87, created and hosted The Gong Show. Who was not among its wacky panel of judges?
   Jamie Farr
   Rip Taylor
   Paul Lynde
   Phyllis Diller
   Arte Johnson
26. Which talk show host became deeply embroiled in the health care debate, even getting into a war of words with physician and Senator Bill Cassidy?
   Jimmy Fallon
   Conan O'Brien
   Jimmy Kimmel
   Wendy Williams
   Ellen DeGeneres
27. Meanwhile, which talk show host banned President Trump from ever appearing?
   Jimmy Fallon
   Conan O'Brien
   Jimmy Kimmel
   Wendy Williams
   Ellen DeGeneres
28. Speaking of bans, The Morning Joe program on MSNBC banned which Trump administration official?
   Jared Kushner
   President Trump
   Kellyanne Conway
   Vice President Pence
   Sarah Huckabee Sanders
29. Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, slandered a retired military general in September, calling him a "disgrace to the uniform." Who?
   John Kelly
   James Mattis
   Michael Flynn
   David Petraeus
   H.R. McMaster
30. One of the most liberal members of the House of Representatives has announced that he or she will not run for reelection. Who?
   John Lewis, GA
   Luis Gutierrez, IL
   Keith Ellison, MN
   Frederica Wilson, FL
   Sheila Jackson Lee, TX
31. After ESPN host Jemele Hill called President Trump a "white supremacist," she apologized to whom?
   Trump voters
   Donald Trump
   All of the above
   There was no apology
32. Whose net worth topped $100-billion in November?
   Bill Gates
   Jeff Bezos
   Carlos Slim
   Warren Buffett
   Mark Zuckerberg
33. Which magazine lauded quarterback Colin Kaepernick as its "Citizen of the Year?"
   Men's Vogue
34. On the first weekend of the NFL season, what did Kaepernick do during the National Anthem?
   Sat down
   Raised a fist
   Stood at attention
   None of the above
35. Which artist's painting was sold at auction in November for a record $450-million?
   Andy Warhol
   Paul Cezanne
   Pablo Picasso
   Vincent Van Gogh
   Leonardo da Vinci
36. In her much-discussed book about the 2016 election, former Democratic strategist Donna Brazile criticized whose "titanic ego?"
   Debbie Wasserman Schultz
   Hillary Clinton
   Barack Obama
   None of them
   All three
37. Men too often feel "entitled and self-righteous." Who recently made that gross generalization?
   Jimmy Carter
   Hillary Clinton
   Bernie Sanders
   Michelle Obama
   Elizabeth Warren
38. Billionaire Tom Steyer, a self-styled environmentalist, is spending $10-million on a crusade to impeach the president. In which industry did he amass his fortune?
   Chicken farming
39. Who is Jeff Glor?
   CBS News anchor
   New CEO of Facebook
   Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
   Head of The Weinstein Company
   Suspected accomplice in Las Vegas massacre
40. A noted fashion designer suggested that Harvey Weinstein's victims were "asking for it." Who?
   Vera Wang
   Donna Karan
   Karl Lagerfeld
   Tommy Hilfiger
   Stella McCartney
41. Kirstjen Nielsen recently became the new leader of what?
   Internal Revenue Service
   Environmental Protection Agency
   Department of Homeland Security
42. Which baseball team broke a record in September by winning more consecutive games than any other team in the 106-year history of the American League?
   Detroit Tigers
   Baltimore Orioles
   Cleveland Indians
   New York Yankees
   Chicago White Sox
43. Some students at Middlebury College in Vermont protested violently in March and shut down a scheduled talk by whom?
   Ann Coulter
   Rudy Giuliani
   Ayaan Hirsi Ali
   Charles Murray
   Milo Yiannopoulos
44. Stephen Paddock, the mass murderer who slaughtered 58 people in Las Vegas, lived in Mesquite, Nevada, where he had previously been arrested for what?
   Grand theft
   Spousal abuse
   Weapons charges
   None of the above
45. Who is Cara Mund?
   Miss America
   Incoming CNN boss
   First female NFL assistant coach
   Candidate for Chancellor of Germany
   Winner of $758-million Powerball jackpot
46. An all-time great Houston athlete helped raise about $37-million for victims of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Who?
   J.J. Watt
   Jose Altuve
   Nolan Ryan
   Andre Johnson
   Hakeem Olajuwon
47. Barack and Michelle Obama signed a book deal worth an estimated $65-million, breaking whose record for a political memoir?
   Bill Clinton
   Jimmy Carter
   Hillary Clinton
   Ronald Reagan
   George W. Bush
48. The Washington Post added which phrase at the top of its front page?
   Earning Your Trust Daily
   The Capital of Information
   Nothing Trumps Knowledge
   Democracy Dies in Darkness
   The World's Greatest Newspaper
49. The Democratic Party, trying to rebrand itself before the next election cycle, also came up with a new slogan. What is it?
   A Better Deal
   Prosperity for All
   The People's Party
   This Land is Our Land
   Taking Charge, Making Change
50. Which famous circus folded up its tents for the final time in May?
   Cirque d'Hiver
   Cirque Du Soleil
   Big Apple Circus
   Moscow State Circus
   Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey

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