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News Quiz: Protests, Elon Musk, & Anti-Israel Rally
This week's News Quiz includes campus protests, a Squad member, and another Biden fabrication.
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1. Last week the president of which Ivy League university was grilled about campus anti-Semitism by a House committee?
2. Who was the only Senate Democrat voting to move forward with the impeachment of DHS boss Alejandro Mayorkas?
3. The daughter of which member of Congress was arrested at an anti-Israel rally?
4. Elon Musk said this: 'Katherine Maher is blatantly racist and sexist, one of the worst human beings in America." What organization does she run?
5. Among the 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is down by about 35% thus far in 2024?
6. What is basketball star Caitlin Clark's starting annual salary for the Indiana Fever of the WNBA?
7. President Biden's latest tall tale involves which of the following?
8. Under U.S. immigration statutes, what is the proper term for people who cross into the country without permission?
9. Which is consistently the lowest-rated prime time show on the three primary cable news networks?
10. MSNBC's race-baiting Joy Reid is grousing about the lack of Black athletes in which professional sport?