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News Quiz: Biden's Presser and the President's Verbal Tic
This week's News Quiz Includes Biden's Presser and the President's Verbal Tic
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1. Which prominent Democratic governor advised President Biden to undergo a cognitive test?
2. Democrats are stoking fear about 'Project 2025,' a conservative manifesto developed by which organization?
3. Which world leader, in the USA for the NATO meeting, visited Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago?
4. Which nation is not currently a member of NATO?
5. Which Republican will NOT be speaking at the Republican National Convention?
6. The Republican Party issued a 20-point platform last week that does NOT include what?
7. Former OK Senator Jim Inhofe, who died last week at 89, was best known for his very vocal stance on which issue?
8. A very prominent Democrat urged President Biden to pull out of the race, then did a total about face. Who?
9. Which celebrity and loyal Democrat has determined that Joe Biden is a shell of his former self and must step aside?
10. President Biden used which word or term at least nine times during Thursday's press conference?