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1. When will Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus, site of the Florida murders, be re-opened for students?
   It has not been decided
   Next school year
   Two weeks
   This week
2. The murderer did his damage with the very popular AR-15. What does the AR stand for?
   Assault rifle
   Armalite rifle
   Automatic rifle
   ARmor piercing
   Arms by Remington
3. The killer belonged to a private chat group in which he spewed hatred of which of these?
   All of the above
4. The Justice Department has indicted 13 Russians who allegedly meddled in the 2016 election. Which candidate did they try to damage?
   Jill Stein
   Ted Cruz
   Donald Trump
   Bernie Sanders
   All of the above
5. Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice wrote a controversial email to whom on her final day in the White House?
   James Comey
   Loretta Lynch
   Barack Obama
   Hillary Clinton
6. Which Democratic senator and prospective presidential candidate spoke to the National Congress of American Indians last week?
   Cory Booker
   Kamala Harris
   Bernie Sanders
   Elizabeth Warren
   All of the above
7. The Trump administration is floating an idea that would replace food stamps with what?
   Debit cards
   Job training
8. Three months after his death, where are Charles Manson's remains?
   Intact and on ice
   He was cremated
   Cincinnati, where he was born
   A public cemetery for the indigent
   The site is being kept secret to discourage gawkers
9. Which major gun manufacturer has declared bankruptcy?
   Sig Sauer
   Sturm Ruger
   Smith & Wesson
   Remington Outdoor
10. She is being widely ridiculed for her bizarre rendition of the National Anthem at Sunday's NBA All-Star game. Who?
   Katy Perry
   Miley Cyrus
   Mariah Carey
   Britney Spears

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