News Quiz
Quiz Yourself on the Latest News
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week?

Try to beat last week's 6.9 average!
1. At least five Republicans say they will not vote for the current Senate health care proposal. Who is not among them?
   Ted Cruz, TX
   Mike Lee, UT
   Rand Paul, KY
   Ron Johnson, WI
   John Barrasso, WY
2. Of those holdouts, which GOP Senator is considered a near-certain 'nay' vote?
   Ted Cruz, TX
   Mike Lee, UT
   Rand Paul, KY
   Ron Johnson, WI
   John Barrasso, WY
3. Who is Mohammed bin Salman?
   London terrorist
   New head of Al-Qaeda
   Future King of Saudi Arabia
   World heavyweight boxing champ
   White House liaison for Muslim outreach
4. President Trump held a large rally last Wednesday in which Iowa City?
   Sioux City
   Des Moines
   Cedar Rapids
5. Despite a call for more civil discourse after the recent political shooting, who referred to the GOP as "the death party?"
   Tom Perez
   Nancy Pelosi
   Barack Obama
   Hillary Clinton
   Chuck Schumer
6. The Democratic Party has lost special House elections in four states in recent months. Which is not among them?
   South Carolina
7. The CEO of which high tech company was unceremoniously dumped last week?
8. Far-left MSNBC has hired a conservative to host a show on Sunday morning. Who?
   Mark Steyn
   Ben Shapiro
   Hugh Hewitt
   Dennis Prager
   Mike Gallagher
9. Which Trump cabinet member got married Saturday?
   Alex Acosta, Labor
   Betsy DeVos, Education
   Wilbur Ross, Commerce
   Steve Mnuchin, Treasury
   David Shulkin, Veterans' Affairs
10. The tallest building west of the Mississippi opened last week. Where is it?
   Los Angeles
   San Francisco