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1. In a controversial tweet, Donald Trump singled out five news organizations as 'the enemy of the American People!' Which was not among them?
   NBC News
   New York Times
   Washington Post
2. Which Republican warned that attacks against the media are often the hallmark of a budding dictatorship?
   Jeb Bush
   Ted Cruz
   John McCain
   George W. Bush
   Lindsey Graham
3. Omar Abdel-Rahman, aka 'The Blind Sheik,' died last week in prison. He was the mastermind behind which terrorist attack?
   Pan Am, 1988
   USS Cole in 2000
   Marine barracks, 1983
   U.S. Embassies in 1998
   World Trade Center, 1993
4. For the first time in nearly a decade, a cabinet member is receiving protection from the United States Marshals Service. Who?
   Betsy DeVos, Education
   Elaine Chao, Transportation
   David Shulkin, Veterans Affairs
   Tom Price, Health and Human Services
   Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency
5. Norma McCorvey died last week at the age of 69. She was better known by what name?
   Jane Roe
   Dr. Seuss
   Jean Harris
   George Eliot
   Danielle Steel
6. Republican strategist Mike Dubke, the new White House communications director, previously worked closely with which Fox News contributor?
   Karl Rove
   Bob Beckel
   Ralph Peters
   Katie Pavlich
   Tammy Bruce
7. Athens, the largest city in Greece, is about to get its first what?
   Legal brothel
8. The Morning Joe program on MSNBC has banned which administration official?
   Sean Spicer
   Steve Bannon
   President Trump
   Kellyanne Conway
   Vice President Pence
9. Which college basketball team has now won more than 100 consecutive games?
   North Carolina
10. Struggling Playboy Magazine is resurrecting which feature?
   Nude women
   Lengthy interviews
   A page devoted to jokes
   Excerpts from new novels

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