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1. Who was the last Republican to win the Iowa caucuses and then go on to capture the GOP nomination?
   Bob Dole
   John McCain
   Mitt Romney
   Ronald Reagan
   George W. Bush
2. The ultra-liberal New York Times editorial page has endorsed which candidate in the GOP primaries?
   John Kasich
   Jim Gilmore
   Marco Rubio
   Chris Christie
   The paper gave no endorsement
3. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, the longest-serving governor in U.S. history, has not endorsed any Republican. But he did urge Iowans to NOT vote for whom?
   Jeb Bush
   Ted Cruz
   Marco Rubio
   Carly Fiorina
   Donald Trump
4. For the first time in his presidency, Barack Obama will visit what or where this week?
   South Dakota
   Federal prison
   Islamic mosque
   Chicago's south side
   Planned Parenthood clinic
5. Which nation has been most affected by the Zika virus?
   Ivory Coast
6. How is the virus primarily transmitted?
   Dirty water
   Sexual contact
   Mosquito bites
   Undercooked food
7. Which well-known political daughter has announced that she is running for the House of Representatives?
   Jenna Bush
   Liz Cheney
   Amy Carter
   Chelsea Clinton
   Meghan McCain
8. Based on crime statistics, what has been deemed the world's most violent large city?
   Lagos, Nigeria
   Caracas, Venezuela
   Stockholm, Sweden
   Baltimore, Maryland
   Cape Town, South Africa
9. To make sure Iran President Hassan Rouhani was comfortable during his visit to Rome last week, Italian government officials did what?
   Covered up nude statues
   Wore no watches or jewelry
   Ordered all dogs off the street
   Ensured that he saw no females
   Removed crosses from church exteriors
10. Some black Americans are up in arms because the actor chosen to play Michael Jackson in a new movie is what?
   A pedophile
   Openly homosexual

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