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1. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl pleaded guilty last week to desertion and what other crime?
   Aiding the enemy
   Misbehavior before the enemy
2. Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos, who was shot and wounded by Stephen Paddock, chose which show to give his only interview?
   The View
   60 Minutes
   Megyn Kelly Today
3. Which state has become the first to give its citizens three gender options on driver's licenses and birth certificates?
4. The largest black student organization at Cornell University is complaining that too many of which students are being admitted?
5. A noted fashion designer is begging for forgiveness after suggesting that Harvey Weinstein's victims were "asking for it." Who?
   Vera Wang
   Donna Karan
   Karl Lagerfeld
   Tommy Hilfiger
   Stella McCartney
6. Playboy magazine's centerfold this month is model Ines Rau. What is notable about that?
   She is a Muslim
   She is 58 years old
   She was born a male
   She is Hugh Hefner's daughter
   She is a 'little person' born with dwarfism
7. Hat-wearing Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who injected herself into the Gold Star family controversy, has long been pushing for Congress to end what?
   Ban on hats
   Opening prayer
   House Ethics Committee
   District gerrymandering
   Limits on campaign contributions
8. Conservative pundit Dana Loesch decided to move her family after receiving a rash of death threats. She is spokesperson for which organization?
   Citizens United
   John Birch Society
   National Right to Life
   National Rifle Association
   American Family Association
9. The National Football League has decided to pressure Congress on what issue?
   Drug abuse
   Head injuries
   Spousal abuse
   Police brutality
   Prison sentencing
10. North Korean government officials reportedly like to watch which political show on MSNBC?
   MTP Daily
   Morning Joe
   Rachel Maddow
   Andrea Mitchell Reports

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