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1. President Trump tweeted on Saturday to deny reports that he calls who by the name "Mr. Peepers?"
   Jeff Sessions
   Andrew McCabe
   James Comey
   Rod Rosenstein
   Jared Kushner
2. It was announced last week that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani would be joining Donald Trump's legal team? When was Giuliani mayor of New York?
3. The United Kingdom will soon be the first country to ban which item?
   Artificial Sugar
   Plastic straws
   All of the above
4. Who is Kimba Wood?
   Judge presiding over the Michael Cohen case
   Democratic Congresswoman from California
   Starting center in the NBA playoffs
   Member of Robert Mueller's Investigative team
   Billionaire tech CEO
5. Larry Kudlow, Trump's new White House economic advisor, apologized this week for saying that which Trump administration official suffered from "momentary confusion" in announcing imminent sanctions against Russia?
   Ivanka Trump
   Nikki Haley
   Betsy DeVos
   Elaine Chao
   Scott Pruitt
6. Who started an advertising boycott this week on Twitter targeting gun manufacturers and their capital backers?
   Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren
   Democratic Senator Kamala Harris
   Parkland Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez
   Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg
   Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
7. On May 29th, which national food/beverage chain will be closing many of its company owned stores for Racial Bias Education Day?
   Tim Horton's
   Dunkin Donuts
   David's Tea
8. Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who died last week at the age of 92, was married to President George H.W. Bush for many years?
   46 years
   58 years
   69 years
   73 years
   70 years
9. As First Lady, Barbara Bush most publicly worked to advance what cause?
   Universal literacy
   Cancer research
   Drug addiction
   Mental health
10. On Saturday, President Trump tweeted that he is considering granting a full pardon to whom?
   Michael Flynn
   Paul Manafort
   Jack Johnson
   All of the above
   None of the above

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