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Week of July 27
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week? Take Bill O'Reilly's weekly News Quiz and try to beat last week's 6.09 average!
1. The FBI has discovered that Chattanooga terrorist Mohammod Abdulazeez had been watching tapes of which radical preacher?
   Fred Phelps
   Anjem Choudary
   Anwar al-Awlaki
   Louis Farrakkhan
   Ayatollah Khomeni
2. The Obama administration is hinting that it may release Jonathan Pollard from prison. He was convicted of spying for which nation?
   North Korea
   Soviet Union
   East Germany
3. During his visit to Kenya, President Obama urged that nation to improve in which area?
   Gay rights
   Income equality
   Economic freedom
   Religious tolerance
   Education for women
4. While criticizing the Iran nuke deal, he invoked the Holocaust and accused President Obama of marching Israel "to the door of the oven." Who?
   Mike Huckabee
   Henry Kissinger
   Alan Dershowitz
   Franklin Graham
   Benjamin Netanyahu
5. Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley blamed the rise of ISIS on whom or what?
   Climate change
   George W. Bush
   U.S. drone strikes
   Income inequality
6. Meanwhile, during an appearance on Comedy Central, where did President Obama place blame for the IRS scandal?
   Lois Lerner
   George W. Bush
   Conservative groups
   His own lack of oversight
7. Donald Trump made a high-profile visit last week to which Texas border town?
   El Paso
   Rio Grande City
8. The exotic sports car Lamborghini, which starts at around $200,000, recently came up in a discussion about what?
   Islamic terror
   Drug legalization
   Income inequality
   Illegal immigration
9. Which athlete earned a record $300-million last year?
   Tiger Woods
   LeBron James
   Roger Federer
   Floyd Mayweather
   Christiano Ronaldo
10. According to a column in the Washington Post, what common feature of modern life is just "another big, sexist plot?"
   Credit cards
   Smart phones
   Air conditioners

JULY 28, 2015
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