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July 29, 2015
Great American actor Marlon Brando is often called the 'greatest living actor' of his day. Brando is in quiz spotlight as his classic film On the Waterfront was released this week in 1954 - 61 years ago!
1. Early in his career, Brando earned an Oscar nod for his role in the screen version of which famous play?
   Death of a Salesman
   Waiting for Godot
   A Streetcar Named Desire
   The Glass Menagerie
2. In the 1953 film, The Wild One, the image of Brando posing with which mode of transportation became iconic?
3. Who originally signed on to play the role of Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront?
   James Dean
   Spencer Tracy
   Gary Cooper
   Frank Sinatra
4. Brando played a gay Army officer in Reflections in a Golden Eye. Which Hollywood "it" girl co-starred with him?
   Marilyn Monroe
   Sophia Loren
   Jane Fonda
   Elizabeth Taylor
5. Brando's Oscar statue was stolen for his role in which film?
   On the Waterfront
   The Godfather
   Last Tango in Paris
   Apocalypse Now
6. Brando refused his Academy Award for which film?
   On the Waterfront
   The Godfather
   Last Tango in Paris
   Apocalypse Now
7. In 1977, Brando made a rare television appearance in which hit miniseries?
   The Thorn Birds
   Roots: The Next Generations
   Rich Man, Poor Man
8. In the 1978 Superman film, Brando depicted which family member of the super hero?
   His father
   His grandfather
   His brother
   His uncle
9. Variety named Brando one of the top 10 entertainment icons of the 20th century. Who was first on the list?
   Marilyn Monroe
   Elvis Presley
   The Beatles
   Lucille Ball
10. A new documentary about Brando, told in the late actor's own voice through 300 hours of audiotapes he made, is set to air on which network?
   The History Channel

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