The Great American News Quiz
March 22, 2017
Test your knowledge of great American athlete and quarterback, Peyton Manning, born March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Take the quiz to learn more.
1. Manning played college football at what SEC school?
   Ole Miss
   University of Tennessee
   University of Florida
   University of South Carolina
2. What NFL team drafted Manning as the first overall pick in the 1998 draft?
   Indianapolis Colts
   Denver Broncos
   San Diego Chargers
   New York Giants
3. Manning wore what jersey number throughout his NFL career?
4. Manning shares a number of NFL records including most completions/receptions and most passing/receiving touchdowns with what longtime teammate and wide receiver?
   Randy Moss
   Reggie Wayne
   Marvin Harrison
   Larry Fitzgerald
5. Manning's younger brother, Eli, played quarterback at Ole Miss and has led what NFL team to two Super Bowl titles?
   New York Jets
   New York Giants
   San Diego Chargers
   Seattle Seahawks
6. Manning won his first Super Bowl against what team led by quarterback Rex Grossman in Super Bowl XLI?
   New Orleans Saints
   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
   Chicago Bears
   Arizona Cardinals
7. What surgery effectively ended Manning's career as an Indianapolis Colt?
   ACL reconstruction
   Spinal fusion
   MCL reconstruction
   Tommy John Surgery
8. Manning won his second Super Bowl in February of 2016 while playing for the Denver Broncos, beating what team led by regular season MVP Cam Newton?
   Carolina Panthers
   Arizona Cardinals
   San Francisco 49ers
   Chicago Bears
9. As of the end of the 2016-2017 season, Manning holds the NFL record for total career passing yards. What longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback is number two on that list?
   Bart Starr
   Brett Favre
   Drew Brees
   Dan Marino
10. In October of 2012, Manning purchased 21 stores in Colorado of what national pizza chain?
   Pizza Hut
   Little Caesar's
   Papa John's

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