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November 25, 2015
Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game, and helped the New York Yankees win nine World Series Titles. He was born 99 years ago, on November 25th, 1914.

Take the quiz to learn more.
1. Joe DiMaggio holds the record for most hits in consecutive games. How many games did his streak last?
   One hundred and three
   Fifty six
   Thirty two
2. In 1954, DiMaggio married which famous actress in what the press called "the marriage of the century?"
   Grace Kelly
   Marilyn Monroe
   Elizabeth Taylor
   Kim Novak
3. What was DiMaggio's primary position for the New York Yankees?
   Center Fielder
   First Base
4. DiMaggio began his MLB career playing for the Yankees in 1936. What team did he retire with?
   Chicago White Sox
   Detroit Tigers
   Washington Senators
   New York Yankees
5. In 1943, DiMaggio gave up more than $43,000 a year and enlisted in what branch of the military?
   Coast Guard
6. Which famous Yankee did DiMaggio NOT play on a team with during his career?
   Babe Ruth
   Lou Gehrig
   Lefty Gomez
   Yogi Berra
7. Born in California in 1914, what name was Joe DiMaggio born with?
   Joseph Paulo DiMaggio
   Giorgio Antonio DiMaggio
   Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio
   John Alexander DiMaggio
8. In the 1970s, Joe DiMaggio was the spokesman for what famous beverage brand?
   Dr. Pepper
   Mr. Coffee
9. Before Playing with the Yankees, DiMaggio played with what nautical themed minor league baseball team?
   Oakland Athletics
   San Francisco Seals
   Durham Bulls
   Boston Barons
10. Joe DiMaggio appears in the lyrics of what famous Simon and Garfunkel song?
   Bridge Over Troubled Water
   Mrs. Robinson
   The Sound of Silence

Click the "Submit" button above to see your results.

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