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The Great American News Quiz
April 22, 2015
Which Walters interview had the most viewers ever for a news program?
1. Show business runs in the family. Walters' father was the entertainment director for which Vegas casino?
   MGM Grand
   Caesars Palace
2. Walters left a job at which magazine to join the Today Show as a writer and researcher?
   Ladies Home Journal
   Harper's Bazaar
3. Walters was a "Today Girl" on the Today Show in the 60s, handling assignments like fashion and the weather. Which of the following women was NOT a Today Girl?
   Estelle Parsons
   Lee Meriwether
   Florence Henderson
   Jean Stapleton
4. Who was Walters' male co-host on the ABC Evening News?
   Harry Reasoner
   Hugh Downs
   Peter Jennings
   Matt Lauer
5. Which actress did Walters famously ask, "What kind of tree are you?"
   Elizabeth Taylor
   Katharine Hepburn
   Audrey Hepburn
   Debbie Reynolds
6. Which Saturday Night Live cast member did a popular "Baba Wawa" impersonation?
   Jane Curtin
   Joan Cusack
   Julia Louis-Dreyfus
   Gilda Radner
7. On her very first fascinating persons special, who did Walters give the top honor of the year?
   Mother Teresa
   Nelson Mandela
   Hillary Clinton
   Bill Clinton
8. Which Walters interview was seen by a record 74 million viewers, the most ever for a news program?
   Fidel Castro
   Laurence Olivier
   Michael Jackson
   Monica Lewinsky
9. Which of the following people was NOT an original co-host of The View, the long-running day time talk show Walters co-created?
   Joy Behar
   Star Jones
   Whoopi Goldberg
   Meredith Vieira
10. Last year, ABC announced that Walters would come out of retirement to conduct a 20/20 interview with the father of the gunman in which mass shooting?
   Isla Vista, CA
   Aurora, CO
   Newtown, CT
   Virginia Tech

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