The Great American News Quiz
August 24, 2016
Take our quiz and look back on the life and career of great American dancer, actor, and singer, Gene Kelly.

Take the quiz to learn more.
1. Kelly was born on August 23, 1912 in the East Liberty neighborhood of what city in Pennsylvania?
2. Kelly made his screen debut alongside Judy Garland in what 1942 musical film?
   On the Town
   Singin' in the Rain
   An American in Paris
   For Me and My Gal
3. In his most iconic performance, Kelly played Don Lockwood in what 1952 musical comedy?
   On the Town
   Singin' in the Rain
   An American in Paris
   For Me and My Gal
4. Kelly made his film-directing debut with what 1949 Leonard Bernstien/Roger Edens musical?
   On the Town
   An American in Paris
   The Pirate
5. Kelly directed the 1958 original Broadway production of Flower Drum Song, a musical written by what writing duo?
   Lerner and Loewe
   Menken and Ashman
   Rodgers and Hammerstein
   Gilbert and Sullivan
6. Kelly was part of a Hollywood delegation that flew to Washington to protest the first official hearings by what McCarthy era government committee?
   House Committee on Communism
   House Committee on Un-American Activities
   Senate Un-American Committee
   Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs
7. Kelly's final film role came alongside Olivia Newton-John in what 1980 romantic musical fantasy?
   Inherit the Wind
   Let's Make Love
8. Along with Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire, Kelly is mentioned in the lyrics of what 1990 Madonna song?
   Like a Virgin
   Like a Prayer
   Express Yourself
9. Dedicated to Kelly, Something Wicked This Way Comes is a novel by what American fiction author?
   Ray Bradbury
   Stephen King
   James Patterson
   Ernest Hemingway
10. Kelly turned down an opportunity to direct which musical drama starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer?
   Hello, Dolly
   The Tunnel of Love
   The Sound of Music

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