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Quiz: Legends & Lies Episode 2 - John Adams
Who did John Adams defend in court after the Boston Massacre?

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1. Who did John Adams defend in court after the Boston Massacre?
   Native Americans
   British Soldiers
   American Loyalists
   Sam Adams
   Sons of Liberty
2. Who did the Sons of Liberty disguise themselves as during the Boston Tea Party?
   King George
   Mohawk Indians
3. Adams was a delegate to what two important meetings in 1774 and 1775?
   Declaration of Independence
   Cabinet Meetings
   Court Proceedings
   Shooting Parties
   Continental Congress
4. Who organized Revere and Dawes to warn the Minutemen of Lexington?
   Joseph Warren
   Sam Adams
   John Hancock
   Paul Revere
   William Dawes
5. In addition to seizing American supplies, who did the British want to capture in their raid on Lexington?
   Dawes and Revere
   Hancock and Warren
   Warren and Adams
   Adams and Hancock
   Adams and Adams
6. Why were colonial soldiers called Minutemen?
   Ready to march at a minute's warning
   Short in stature
   Rations were in minute portions
   Fire a round a minute
   Sounded better than hour men
7. Who coined the term "shot heard round world" to commemorate the Battle of Lexington and Concord?
8. John Hancock was the first to sign what document?
   Treaty of Paris
   Declaration of Independence
   Treaty of Ghent
   Louisiana Purchase
9. Adams went to what two countries after nearly 4 years in Congress to secure help in the American war effort?
   Great Britain and Russia
   Ireland and Scotland
   France and Netherlands
   France and Mexico
   France and Spain
10. Adams, along with John Jay, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Laurens, negotiated what treaty to end the Revolutionary War?
   Treaty of Paris
   Treaty of London
   Treaty of Ghent
   Treaty of Guadeloupe
   Treaty of New York

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