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Legends & Lies Quiz: Billy the Kid
Take O'Reilly's History Quiz on Billy the Kid and see how much you learned about the real west!

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1. What is Billy the Kid's real name?
   William H. Bonney
   Henry McCarty Jr.
   Henry Atrium
   Henry Bonney
   Billy the Kid
2. Billy the Kid was arrested for the first time in 1875 for stealing what?
   Basket of kittens
   Basket of apples
   Basket of ham hocks
   Basket of laundry
   A ball of yarn
3. How did Billy the Kid escape his first jail?
   Walked out the front door
   Broke the lock
   Went out the window
   Smuggled out in the laundry
   Went up the chimney
4. Billy the Kid joined a gang by the name of what?
   The Boys
   The Kids
   The Rats
   The Men
   The Dudes
5. In what state did the Lincoln County War take place?
   New Mexico
6. In the Lincoln County War what establishment was known as "The House"?
   General Store
   Antique Shop
   Wagon Company
7. How did Billy the Kid escape jail for the final time?
   Asked for the key
   Asked for the bathroom
   Went out the window
   Went up the chimney
   Asked to use the telephone
8. Who wrote the first biography of Billy the Kid?
   The sheriff who shot him
   His wife
   His son
   His father
   His posse
9. The writer O. Henry based what famous character on Billy the Kid?
   The Sundance Kid
   The Cisco Kid
   The Kid
   The Big Kid
   The Cowboy Kid
10. An Arizona historian has recently requested that New Mexico issue what for Billy the Kid?
   Death certificate
   Commemorative coin
   License plates

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