O'Reilly's History Quiz
Flag Day: Test Your Knowledge of the Flag
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1. The first unofficial US flag was known as what?
2. The first flag adopted by the Continental Congress had how many stars?
3. As popular legend has it, who sewed the first flag?
4. The new flag was flown at which battle in 1777, presumably the first time it was flown on the battlefield?
5. The first Flag Day was held to mark the anniversary of what?
6. If a new state is inducted into the Union, on what date is the star added to the flag?
7. What was the last state to have its star added to the flag?
8. How many stripes are on the original and current flags, respectively?
9. In all, from 1777 to 1960, how many versions of the flag have their been?
10. Flag Day is always observed on the same day, which day is it held?