News Quiz
Week of 3/03
1. Some Western nations have threatened to expel Russia from what organization because of its aggressive actions in Ukraine?
   World Bank
   United Nations
   Group of Eight
   European Union
2. More than 2,200 U.S. troops have been killed during the war in Afghanistan. 75% of those deaths occurred when?
   Within the past year
   In the first year of the war
   In President Bush's second term
   During the Obama administration
   During the summer "fighting season"
3. Which U.S. Senator has effusively praised Cuba and its "quite remarkable" health care?
   Tom Harkin, IA
   Dick Durbin, IL
   Barbara Boxer, CA
   Edward Markey, MA
   Richard Blumenthal, CT
4. Senator Harry Reid denounced them as "un-American" on the floor of the Senate. Who?
   The Tea Party
   Charles and David Koch
   "Global warming" skeptics
   The National Rifle Association
   Rush Limbaugh and conservative radio hosts
5. There is "no scientific proof" that climate change is manmade, says Patrick Moore. Which group did he help found?
   Friends of the Earth
   World Wildlife Fund
   Environmental Defense Fund
   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
6. After the nation's governors met with President Obama last week, which Republican governor broke tradition by immediately criticizing the president?
   Rick Scott, FL
   Jan Brewer, AZ
   Nikki Haley, SC
   Bobby Jindal, LA
   Chris Christie, NJ
7. A new music video by pop star Katy Perry raised objections from some adherents of which religion?
8. Based on calculations by a financial research firm, which living president is among the ten wealthiest men to ever hold the office?
   Bill Clinton
   Jimmy Carter
   Barack Obama
   George W. Bush
   George H.W. Bush
9. Music promoters in Israel are reportedly paying $4.5 million to which singer or band for a single performance this summer?
   Bob Dylan
   Cat Stevens
   Beach Boys
   Kanye West
   Rolling Stones
10. Which well-known ad slogan is being jettisoned after 20 years?
   Got milk?
   Just do it
   Eat Mor Chikin!
   A diamond is forever
   The other white meat

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