News Quiz
Week of 8/11
1. The ISIS terror army has been especially brutal to which religious sect in the north of Iraq?
   All of the Above
2. Another Obama administration official, Marilyn Tavenner, says many of her emails are missing. She is being investigated for her role in which of the following?
   Border chaos
   Benghazi attack
   IRS malfeasance
   NSA surveillance
   ObamaCare rollout
3. James Brady, who has died at age 73, was severely wounded when John Hinckley tried to kill President Reagan. Who took over his role as White House spokesperson?
   Tony Snow
   Dana Perino
   Ari Fleischer
   Larry Speakes
   Marlin Fitzwater
4. Based on recently-released statistics, the United States has changed how over the past ten years?
   More teens are giving birth
   Fewer people are in college
   Average temperatures are cooler
   Life expectancy has declined slightly
   The percentage of people owning a home is up
5. Which American drug store chain came under fire when it considered relocating its headquarters to Europe in order to lower its tax bill?
   Rite Aid
   Thrift Drug
6. Whites are no longer a majority in which aspect of American life?
   Hospital patients
   Military enlistees
   New business owners
   Public school students
   Social Security beneficiaries
7. 40 years ago this week, following Richard Nixon's resignation, President Gerald Ford nominated which man to be his vice president?
   Robert Dole
   William Scranton
   George H.W. Bush
   Nelson Rockefeller
   Henry Cabot Lodge
8. A Hollywood leftist is in a fight with New York State, claiming he or she is being taxed unfairly. Who?
   Sean Penn
   Alec Baldwin
   Robert Redford
   Barbara Streisand
   Whoopi Goldberg
9. ABC's The View has picked former political adviser Nicolle Wallace to be one of its co-hosts. She was a top aide to which president?
   Bill Clinton
   Jimmy Carter
   Barack Obama
   George W. Bush
   George H.W. Bush
10. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned in disgrace after sending lewd photos to women, is about to start what kind of business?
   Lobbying firm
   Electronics store
   SAT test preparation
   Psychological counseling

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