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News Quiz
Week of 8/18
1. The family of slain Missouri teen Michael Brown has hired attorney Benjamin Crump, who was involved in what other high profile case?
   Rodney King
   O.J. Simpson
   Trayvon Martin
   Tawana Brawley
   All of the Above
2. A grand jury has indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry on what charge?
   Mail fraud
   Tax evasion
   Abuse of power
   Misuse of campaign funds
3. The Department of Homeland Security admitted last week that hundreds of criminal illegal aliens were released in February of 2013. What was the stated reason?
   Budget cuts
   Lack of evidence
   Bureaucratic bungling
   Orders from the White House
   The criminals promised to behave
4. David Gregory is out as host of NBC's venerable Meet the Press, Chuck Todd is in. Which of the following men did not serve as one of the program's regular hosts?
   Marvin Kalb
   Garrick Utley
   Chris Wallace
   David Brinkley
   Lawrence E. Spivak
5. The price of single share of which company's stock reached $200,000 last week?
   General Electric
   Berkshire Hathaway
6. Al Gore has filed suit against which television network?
   Fox News
   Al Jazeera
   National Geographic
   The Weather Channel
7. Before his suicide, Robin Williams had completed work on a sequel to which of his movies?
   Patch Adams
   Mrs. Doubtfire
   Good Will Hunting
   Night at the Museum
   Good Morning, Vietnam
8. What is now the most popular name for newborn boys in Great Britain?
9. Which country has the world's highest per capita caloric intake?
   United States
10. Rob Manfred was in the news last week. Who is he?
   Governor of Missouri
   USA's wealthiest individual
   Police Chief of Ferguson, MO
   Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq
   Commissioner of Major League Baseball

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