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Comedy Legend Lucille Ball
Born on August 6, 1911, great American comedic actress Lucille Ball became a star on the wildly popular CBS sitcom "I Love Lucy," in which she played opposite her real-life husband Desi Arnaz. To commemorate her birthday, thousands of fans will descend on her hometown this week for the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival.
1. Born in Jamestown, New York, she often told people, believing it sounded more glamorous, that her birthplace was which state?
2. During the period of time when she was known as the "Queen of the B's" for her work in numerous B movies, to which studio was Lucille Ball signed?
   Warner Brothers
   Universal Studios
   Paramount Pictures
3. Red hair was her on-screen trademark, but what was her natural hair color?
4. On her way to audition for which role, Lucy got caught in a rainstorm, her clothes got drenched, and she was forced to audition in nothing but a long sweater borrowed from a production assistant?
   Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
   Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind
   Ilsa in Casablanca
   Ann Darrow in King Kong
5. On "I Love Lucy," what was Ricky Ricardo's name originally supposed to be, before the writers changed it?
   Desi Ricardo
   Desi Ball
   Larry Lopez
   Sid Sanchez
6. In one popular episode, Lucy does a TV commercial for a foul-tasting health elixir called Vitameatavegamin. What was she actually drinking during filming?
   apple pectin
   vanilla extract
7. Lucille Ball graced the very first cover of which magazine?
   Vanity Fair
   TV Guide
8. Lucille Ball once registered as a member of the Communist Party, causing great controversy. She claims she only did this as a favor to whom?
   Desi Arnaz
   Gary Morton
   her mother
   her grandfather
9. Lucy and Desi's son, Desi Jr., once dated the daughter of another Hollywood legend. Who was it?
   Liza Minnelli, daughter of Judy Garland
   Carrie Fisher, daughter of Debbie Reynolds
   Jennifer Grant, daughter of Cary Grant
   Cecilia Peck, daughter of Gregory Peck
10. In one attempt to resurrect her television career later in life, Ball hosted a retrospective in the early 80s of one of her favorite sitcoms. What was it?
   Three's Company
   Laverne & Shirley

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