American Patriot Quiz
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Great American President Dwight D. Eisenhower experienced staggering popularity after he served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during WWII. "Ike" is in the news this week because of Washington squabbling over his Frank Gehry-designed memorial, which has suffered from chronic mismanagement and cost overruns.
1. What does Eisenhower's middle initial D. stand for?
2. At West Point, Eisenhower was a star football player, until he was sidelined by what type of injury?
   ankle injury
   knee injury
   shoulder dislocation
3. Dwight & Mamie Eisenhower's first son tragically died of which disease at the age of 3?
   chicken pox
   dengue fever
   scarlet fever
4. Building a reputation for his military prowess, Eisenhower was appointed chief military aide to which general in 1929?
   Douglas MacArthur
   John Pershing
   George Marshall
   George Patton
5. Eisenhower was put in charge of carrying out the Allied invasion of Normandy during WWII. What was the operation's code name?
   Operation Omaha Beach
   Operation Shore Storm
   Operation Amphibian
   Operation Overlord
6. After WWII, Eisenhower became the president of which major university?
   New York University
   Columbia University
   Yale University
   Emory University
7. Which Democratic candidate did Eisenhower beat in 1952 to become the 34th President of the United States?
   Harry Truman
   Adlai Stevenson
   Lyndon Johnson
   Hubert Humphrey
8. Eisenhower was the oldest man to be elected President since whom?
   Martin Van Buren
   James Buchanan
   William Howard Taft
   Harry S. Truman
9. During his time in the White House, Eisenhower introduced which position?
   White House Chief of Staff
   White House Press Secretary
   Chair of the Federal Reserve
   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
10. In 2010, Eisenhower was posthumously named to the Hall of Fame of which sport that he helped popularize?

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