American Patriot Quiz
Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger

On August 27, 1984, President Ronald Reagan announced the NASA Teacher in Space Project, which would send the first civilian, an educator who could communicate with students in orbit, into space. Christa McAuliffe was later selected from 11,000 applicants. She, along with six other crew members, died in January 1986 when the Challenger exploded after launch.
1. What subject did Christa McAuliffe teach?
   Social Studies
2. After being selected by NASA to be a civilian mission specialist on the Challenger, where did McAuliffe train?
   Johnson Space Center
   Kennedy Space Center
   Stennis Space Center
   NASA headquarters
3. What title did McAuliffe give the televised lesson she planned to teach from space?
   The Ultimate Field Trip
   Lessons from Outer Space
   Lessons from Orbit
   Space Travel Diary
4. How many missions did the Challenger spacecraft complete before it exploded?
5. Who was the mission commander aboard the Challenger that fateful day?
   Francis Scobee
   Ronald McNair
   Gregory Jarvis
   Michael Smith
6. Complete this line from Reagan's infamous speech following the Challenger tragedy: "The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the __________ ."
   United States of America
7. Why did investigators determine the o-rings on the rocket booster failed on the morning of the launch?
   the weather was too wet
   the weather was too warm
   the weather was too cold
   the weather was too foggy
8. Which of the following people was NOT on the presidential commission that investigated the Challenger tragedy?
   Neil Armstrong
   Buzz Aldrin
   Sally Ride
   William Rogers
9. Navy divers aboard which vessel located the crew compartment of the Challenger shuttle on the bottom of the ocean six weeks after the tragedy?
   USS Enterprise
   USS Intrepid
   USS New Hampshire
   USS Preserver
10. McAuliffe's alternate for the Challenger flight, a former math teacher named Barbara Morgan, subsequently served as mission specialist on which shuttle flight?

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