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This Week in History: The First Phone Call
1. On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first recognizable speech over the telephone, saying, "[blank], come here; I want you." Who was he talking to?
   Thomas Edison
   Mabel Hubbard Bell
   Thomas Watson
   Elsie Bell
   Nikola Tesla
2. Bell filed his patent for the telephone on February 14, 1876, just hours before his rival. Who was Bell's rival?
   Thomas Watson
   Elisha Gray
   Elizabeth Caddy Stanton
   Western Union Company
   William Thomson
3. Before becoming an inventor, Bell pursued a career as what?
   A teacher of the deaf
   A transcriber of Morse code
   A sailing instructor
   A Reverend
   A musician
4. Bell, along with two other investors, started one of the first telephone companies in 1877. Bell Telephone Company eventually became which major telephone company?
5. Bell didn't want the telephone to be limited by wires, so in 1880 he and an assistant invented a different version of the phone, transmitting sound using what?
6. Bell created an electric bullet probe for surgical use after a famous shooting. Who did he create the device for?
   President William McKinley
   President Theodore Roosevelt
   Tsar Nicholas
   President William Taft
   President James Garfield
7. Bell supported scientific advancement in many ways including as a founding member of what society?
   The Sierra Club
   National Geographic Society
   American Chemical Society
   American Mathematical Society
   Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
8. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, but Bell, who had a long interest in sound recording and playback, devoted himself to improving the machine's sound quality. His patents led to the founding of what famous record label?
   Atlantic Records
   Interscope Records
   Columbia Records
   Warner Music Group
   A&M Records
9. How long did it take to establish a transcontinental telephone line?
   10 years
   15 years
   20 years
   27 years
   39 years
10. Where was the first telephone switchboard operated?
   New York, New York
   New Haven, Connecticut
   Boston, Massachusetts
   Edison, New Jersey
   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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