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This Week in History: Colorado joins the union
1. Colorado became a state on August 1, 1876. The first bid to become a state was vetoed by which president?
   Ulysses Grant
   William McKinley
   Chester Arthur
   William Taft
   Andrew Johnson
2. Colorado became a state on the Centennial Anniversary of the United States, earning it what nickname?
   38th and Great
   Centennial State
   Golden State
   100th and Best
   Columbine State
3. The U.S. acquired the eastern part of Colorado through the Louisiana Purchase and the western part through what in 1848?
   Treaty of Texas
   Treaty of California
   Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
   Treaty of Paris
   Treaty of Ghent
4. Colorado's early inhabitants were Anasazi cliff dwellers. What national park protects these dwellings?
   South Park
   Great Sand Dunes
   Mesa Verde National Park
   Gunnison National Park
   Rocky Mountain National Park
5. The headwaters of one of the longest rivers in North America starts in Colorado's San Juan Mountains, which river is it?
   Rio Grande
   Yangtze River
   White River
   Snake River
   Colorado River
6. Colorado's population grew in 1858 after the discovery of what?
7. After a visit to Pikes Peak in 1893, Katharine Lee Bates composed the lyrics to what song?
   "The Star Spangled Banner"
   "Home on the Range"
   "Hail to the Chief"
   "America the Beautiful"
8. Colorado has the most of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains within its boundaries. Which is the highest point in the state?
   Mount Shasta
   Mount Whitney
   Mount McKinley
   Pikes Peak
   Mount Elbert
9. In 1893, women in Colorado won the right to do what?
   Wear pants
10. Adolph Herrman Kohrs starts what company in 1873?
   Golden Brewery
   Kohrs Brewery
   Coors Brewery
   Miller Brewery
   Rocky Mountain Brewery

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