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Lyndon Baines Johnson
In honor of the birthday of the 36th president of the United States, take a crack at O'Reilly's History Quiz and learn some more about LBJ in the process.
1. Lyndon Baines Johnson was born on August 27, 1908, in what state?
2. Johnson served in both the House and the Senate. His service was interrupted by a decision to do what?
   Join the Peace Corps
   Get a haircut
   Take a bath
   Run for President
3. Johnson became Senate Minority Leader in 1953, making him what?
   The oldest ever
   The longest serving
   The most junior ever
   The shortest ever
   The first Democrat
4. Johnson became President of the United States on what day?
   July 1, 1946
   September 25, 1964
   November 22, 1961
   October 22, 1963
   November 22, 1963
5. Johnson was the only president to have what?
   Taken the oath of office from a woman
   Lived on a ranch
   Two daughters in the White House
   Get a divorce
   Marry in office
6. President Johnson used the momentum of his first term to pass what key piece of legislation that had been championed by President Kennedy?
   Espionage Act
   Glass Steagall Act
   Civil Rights Act of 1964
   Taft Hartley Act
   Voting Rights Act of 1965
7. During his second term in office, Johnson pushed a legislative agenda known as the what?
   "All the Way with LBJ"
   "To the Moon or Bust"
   "Great White Shark"
   "Great Society"
   "Great Wonder"
8. Johnson shocked the nation and his party in 1968 by deciding what?
   To switch parties
   Not to seek reelection
   Put a bowling alley in the White House basement
   To decline an invitation to China
   To seek a second term
9. All four members of Johnson's family shared the same what?
   Waist size
   Hair cut
10. Johnson used what as his Oval Office chair?
   Army cot
   Helicopter chair
   Wing back chair
   Oak stool

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