News Quiz
Week of 4/30
1. The Obama campaign has produced a video boasting of the President's decisiveness in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden. Who is the narrator?
2. Under new rules enacted after the prostitution scandal in Colombia, Secret Service agents are now banned from patronizing what?
3. Only about one-third of Americans are satisfied with which level of government?
4. The Obama administration was considering a new rule that would ban minors across the country from doing what?
5. U.S. government debt now equals our entire annual economic output, a debt-to-GDP ratio of 100%. Which nation's ratio stands at more than 200%?
6. A conservative group has ranked the states according to their business environment. Which state is deemed to have the brightest "economic outlook?"
7. Which actress appears in a video that ridicules Rick Santorum for his anti-abortion stance?
8. MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who got a "thrill" up his leg when Barack Obama spoke in 2008, last week compared conservative Republicans to whom?
9. Last year, just before Syria's Bashar Assad began slaughtering dissidents, which magazine published an embarrassingly fawning profile of his wife Asma?
10. Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan attended Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner as whose guest?

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