News Quiz
Week of 10/01
1. Wednesday night's presidential debate will be held in which battleground state?
2. Among the following, who will not moderate one of the presidential or vice presidential debates?
   Jim Lehrer, PBS
   Bob Schieffer, CBS
   David Gregory, NBC
   Candy Crowley, CNN
   Martha Raddatz, ABC
3. Where is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the Eyptian-born producer of the 13-minute video that has enraged Muslims around the world?
   In hiding
   On an army base
   Under house arrest
4. Which Latin American leader is facing a tough re-election battle next week?
   Raul Castro, Cuba
   Felipe Calderon, Mexico
   Hugo Chavez, Venezuela
   Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua
   Cristina Fernandez, Argentina
5. Which far-left magazine released the secretly-taped video in which Mitt Romney claims 47% of Americans are dependent on government?
   The Crisis
   The Nation
   Utne Reader
   Mother Jones
   The Progressive
6. Which actor stars in a new video that urges President Obama's supporters to "Wake The F*** Up?"
   Chris Rock
   Matt Damon
   Robin Williams
   George Clooney
   Samuel L. Jackson
7. "I was a monster," he confessed last week. Who?
   Joel Rifkin
   Anders Brievik
   Lee Boyd Malvo
   David Berkowitz
   John Allen Muhammad
8. This disgraced politician has written a "tell-all" book about his life and career. Who?
   Jon Corzine
   John Edwards
   Anthony Weiner
   Rod Blagojevich
   Arnold Schwarzenegger
9. The CEO of Apple has written an open letter, apologizing for which aspect of the newest iPhone?
   High cost
   Battery life
   Map software
   Text messaging
   Undersized keyboard
10. The Ryder Cup, which ended Sunday, is a biennial event that pits American golfers against golfers from where?
   United Kingdom
   Spain and England
   The rest of the world

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