News Quiz
Week of 04/01
1. The Defense of Marriage Act, a salvo against same-sex marriage, was signed into law by which President?
   Bill Clinton
   Gerald Ford
   Jimmy Carter
   Ronald Reagan
   George H.W. Bush
2. Which nations are officially at war with one another?
   Israel and Jordan
   Colombia and Venezuela
   Argentina and Great Britain
   South Africa and Zimbabwe
   North Korea and South Korea
3. On Easter Sunday the ubiquitous search engine Google paid tribute to an individual by featuring his photo on its home page. Who?
   Jesus Christ
   Pope Francis
   Cesar Chavez
   Barack Obama
   Nelson Mandela
4. New York City Michael Bloomberg is staking a $12 million advertising campaign intended to influence lawmakers on what issue?
   Gun control
   Sugared sodas
   Teen pregnancy
5. Most Southern states are refusing to participate in an Obamacare provision that gives them federal money to expand Medicaid. What state is the exception?
   South Carolina
6. Which longtime CNN contributor has been fired by the troubled cable network?
   Paul Begala
   Donna Brazile
   Jeffrey Toobin
   Roland Martin
   Fareed Zacharia
7. The federal government will essentially hand you $7,500 for doing what?
   Installing solar panels
   Buying an electric car
   Re-insulating your home
   Using low-flow shower heads
   Replacing your home windows
8. Which actress gave serious consideration to running for the Senate before deciding against it last week?
   Jessica Alba
   Ashley Judd
   Winona Ryder
   Angelina Jolie
   Lindsay Lohan
9. According to a study by a libertarian organization, which is far and away the "least free" state in the union?
   New York
   North Dakota
   South Dakota
   New Hampshire
10. Actor Jim Carrey, who has been viciously mocking gun owners, was deeply involved in a medical hoax involving what?
   Cell phones
   Cerebral palsy
   Breast implants

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