News Quiz
Week of 04/22
1. Terrorists from Chechnya were responsible for which previous attack?
   1988 Pan Am 103 bombing
   2000 attack on the USS Cole
   2002 bombing at a Bali nightclub
   2004 takeover of a school in Beslan
   2008 shootings and bombings in Mumbai
2. President Obama, exuding uncharacteristic anger, called it a "shameful day for Washington" after a vote on which issue?
   Tax reform
   Health care
   Gun control
   Immigration reform
   Campaign finance reform
3. Which government official represented the Obama administration at Margaret Thatcher's funeral?
   Under Secretary of State
   Deputy Secretary of State
   Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
   Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
   None of the Above
4. Which notorious terrorist is still alive?
   Ulrike Meinhof
   Carlos the Jackal
   Anwar al-Awlaki
   Abdel al-Megrahi
   John Allen Muhammad
5. Within hours of the Boston bombings, former Congressman Barney Frank used the incident to call for what?
   Gun control
   Open borders
   More government
   Same-sex marriage
   All of the Above
6. According to statistics compiled by U-Haul, which city is the number one destination of Americans who are relocating for the fourth year in row?
   Los Angeles
   New Orleans
7. Senators Mark Begich, Heidi Heitkamp, Mark Pryor, and Max Baucus. What do they have in common?
   Have announced their retirement
   Have been censured for ethics violations
   Democrats who voted against gun background checks
   Republicans who voted in favor of gun background checks
   Members of the "gang of eight" crafting immigration reform
8. The George W. Bush Presidential Center opens this week with a ceremony that will be attended by all living Presidents, with one exception. Who?
   Bill Clinton
   Jimmy Carter
   Barack Obama
   George H.W. Bush
   They will all be there
9. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has canceled plans for a new medal that would have honored whom?
   Drone operators
   Diversity officers
   Female infantry soldiers
   Warriors who show restraint
   Soldiers who overcome addiction
10. The Boston Marathon winners crossed the finish line long before last Monday's chaos. Both the male and female champions came from which part of the world?
   East Africa
   Southeast Asia
   North America
   South America
   Eastern Europe

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