News Quiz
Week of 05/20
1. Before he was captured, suspected terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev scrawled a note on the wall of the boat in which he was hiding. In it, he praised whom?
   Saddam Hussein
   Osama bin Laden
   Maj. Nidal Hasan
   George Washington
2. After being convicted of killing three newborn babies, Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell received what sentence?
   25 - 35 years
   Life in prison
   Death in electric chair
   Death by lethal injection
   The sentence has yet to be determined
3. Frustrated with scandals and gridlock, President Obama has privately spoken wistfully about "going Bulworth." Who was Bulworth?
   Louisiana Senator
   Fictional politician
   Outspoken abolitionist
   Comic book superhero
   Chancellor of Germany
4. The White House Chief of Staff is at times considered the second most powerful person in government. Who holds that position currently?
   Jack Lew
   Ron Klain
   Valerie Jarrett
   David Plouffe
   Denis McDonough
5. Who is Sarah Hall Ingram?
   IRS employee
   Whistle blower
   New "American Idol"
   Powerball jackpot winner
   Secretary of Labor nominee
6. White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer performed a rare "full Ginsburg" by appearing on all five Sunday talk shows. From whom does the feat get its name?
   A poet
   A rabbi
   A lawyer
   A cabinet secretary
   A Supreme Court nominee
7. A new academic study indicates that men possessing above-average physical strength are more likely to be what?
   Very religious
   Politically conservative
8. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged mediocre high school students to consider becoming what?
   TV anchor
   Personal trainer
9. Which famous athlete has retired from his or her sport?
   Kobe Bryant
   Venus Williams
   David Beckham
   Peyton Manning
   Floyd Mayweather
10. A painting depicting a topless actress was sold for $1.9 million at auction last week. Who is the actress in the buff and on the canvas?
   Bea Arthur
   Betty White
   Esther Rolle
   Kim Kardashian
   Pamela Anderson

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