News Quiz
Week of 08/26
1. Major Nidal Malik Hasan has been convicted of murdering 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009. Who decided his guilt?
   One judge
   Jury of civilians
   Three-judge panel
   Jury of military officers
   Fort Hood commanding officer
2. After being convicted of espionage, Private Bradley Manning asked to be given what?
   A Koran
   Death penalty
   Solitary confinement
   Electroshock treatment
   Female hormone therapy
3. Because of costs associated with Obamacare, America's fourth-largest employer will drop health benefits for the spouses of 15,000 workers. Which company?
   General Electric
   United Parcel Service
   Verizon Communications
4. Four State Department employees were suspended after last year's Benghazi terror attacks. What is their current status?
   They have been fired
   All four were demoted
   They will face criminal prosecution
   Their pay was docked for six months
   They were cleared and given new assignments
5. A black man named Ayo Kimathi runs a website dedicated to fomenting a race war in America. He is an official at which organization?
   State Department
   Southern Poverty Law Center
   U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
6. President Obama honored the 1972 Miami Dolphins at the White House last week for what accomplishment?
   Only team to win six Super Bowls
   First black NFL head coach
   Last undefeated NFL team
   First Super Bowl winner
   All of the Above
7. According to the libertarian Cato Institute, the combined value of various welfare benefits is $49,000 in which state?
   New York
   New Jersey
8. The new cable outlet Al Jazeera America is owned by the government of which Middle East nation?
   Saudi Arabia
9. After three Oklahoma teens savagely murdered Australian Chris Lane, what words did Jesse Jackson use to describe the senseless killing?
   "Frowned upon"
   "Fueled by poverty"
   "Open season on tourists"
   "Outrageous and despicable"
   "Down with dope, up with hope"
10. Some conservatives are boycotting the movie "The Butler" because of which casting decision?
   Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan
   Sean Penn as Robert Kennedy
   Danny Glover as Colin Powell
   Charlie Sheen as John Kennedy
   Barbra Streisand as Barbara Bush

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