News Quiz
Week of 09/30
1. Senator Ted Cruz knelt down in prayer last week outside the White House. For what was he praying?
   End of abortion
   Release of a prisoner
   Repeal of Obamacare
   Ban on same-sex marriage
   More school choice for parents
2. Meanwhile, which GOP Congressman described his fellow Republican Cruz as a "fraud" and a "kamikaze pilot?"
   Paul Ryan
   Peter King
   Eric Cantor
   John McCain
   Kevin McCarthy
3. A radical Islamic group called "Boko Haram" is slaughtering Christians and spreading terror in which African nation?
   South Africa
4. President Obama, unwittingly overheard on an open microphone, admitted that he is afraid of whom?
   Ted Cruz
   Bill O'Reilly
   Hillary Clinton
   Vladimir Putin
   Michelle Obama
5. A new presidential library opened last week, dedicated to whom?
   Richard Nixon
   Herbert Hoover
   Calvin Coolidge
   George W. Bush
   George Washington
6. What is the employment status of Lois Lerner, who pleaded the Fifth Amendment rather than testify about IRS targeting of conservative groups?
   On paid leave
   She has been fired
   Suspended without pay
   Reinstated, back at work
7. Who is Samantha Laithwaite, also known as the "White Widow?"
   Serial killer
   Bank robber
   Child abuser
8. The world record in the marathon was broken Sunday by a runner from which nation, whose athletes dominate the event?
9. Which organization is about to ban tattoos on certain parts of the body?
   Hell's Angels
   United States Army
   National Football League
   National Collegiate Athletic Association
   Women's National Basketball Association
10. Four weeks into the NFL season, which traditionally powerful team has yet to win a game?
   Washington Redskins
   Green Bay Packers
   Baltimore Ravens
   New York Giants
   All of the Above

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