News Quiz
Week of 4/07
1. March was a notable month for American troops in Afghanistan. Why?
   Not a shot was fired
   No combat-related deaths
   Most casualties in 12 years
   The number of troops is now below 1,000
   On March 13th it became America's longest war ever
2. Brendan Eich, CEO of the innovative high-tech company Mozilla, was forced to resign last week because of his beliefs about what?
   Gun control
   Affirmative action
   Same-sex marriage
3. Numerous Congressional committee chairmen will retire from Congress at the end of this term. Who is NOT among the retirees?
   Patrick Leahy, Senate Judiciary
   Mike Rogers, House Intelligence
   Jay Rockefeller, Senate Commerce
   Carl Levin, Senate Armed Services
   Dave Camp, House Ways and Means
4. Charles Keating, the banker at the center of a scandal in the 1980's, died last week at 90. Which current Senator was tarnished in the "Keating Five" affair?
   John Glenn
   John McCain
   Alan Cranston
   Donald Riegle
   Dennis DeConcini
5. During his visit to the Vatican, President Obama received rosary beads from Pope Francis. The president has "re-gifted" the beads, giving them to whom?
   Joe Biden
   John Kerry
   Nancy Pelosi
   Kathleen Sebelius
   Archbishop Timothy Dolan
6. The divorce of which world leader became official last week?
   Vladimir Putin, Russia
   Angela Merkel, Germany
   Francoise Holland, France
   Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel
   Christina Kirchner, Argentina
7. Which nation has a suicide rate that is more than double the next closest country and ten times that of the United States?
8. Which prominent Republican has just agreed to a $1.5 million book advance?
   Ted Cruz
   Rand Paul
   Scott Walker
   Marco Rubio
   Newt Gingrich
9. Of the 12 companies that formed the original Dow Jones index in 1896, only one is still in the index today. Which?
   General Electric
   Procter & Gamble
   Johnson & Johnson
10. Tiger Woods has undergone back surgery and will miss the upcoming Masters. When was the last time he won one of the four major golf championships?

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