News Quiz
Week of 4/14
1. Al Sharpton's National Action Network held its annual convention last week and featured whom as the keynote speaker?
   New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
   New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
   Attorney General Eric Holder
   President Obama
   Al Sharpton
2. While the stock market plunged last week, the price of what reached an all-time high?
   Natural gas
3. Standard & Poor's has downgraded New Jersey's bond rating, but the Garden State is still deemed more creditworthy than California and what other state?
   New York
4. Brandeis University has withdrawn its decision honor Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a frequent critic of Islam. Who was Louis Brandeis, for whom the school is named?
   Secretary of State
   Banker and financier
   Supreme Court Justice
   Mathematician and Scientist
   Chairman of the Federal Reserve
5. Protestors have also begun a campaign to have which conservative axed from the board of the high-tech company Dropbox?
   Sarah Palin
   Dick Cheney
   David Petraeus
   Donald Rumsfeld
   Condoleezza Rice
6. President Obama and Michelle Obama donated $59,000 to charity in 2013. What was the largest beneficiary of their largesse?
   Salvation Army
   Habitat for Humanity
   National Action Network
   Fisher House Foundation
   American Cancer Society
7. Authorities in Pakistan lodged attempted murder charges against Musa Khan last week. Why is that notable?
   He is 9 months old
   He is a fictional character
   She is the president's lover
   He is the country's wealthiest man
   She is Pakistan's only Olympic champion
8. Zeituni Onyango died last week at the age of 61. Who was she?
   Nobel Prize winner
   President Obama's aunt
   Prime Minister of Nigeria
   World's wealthiest woman
   Widow of Nelson Mandela
9. Which former baseball great compared Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan?
   Hank Bauer
   Hank Aaron
   Hank Aguirre
   Hank Slaughter
   Hank Greenberg
10. CNN is revamping its beleaguered evening lineup, which will no longer include whom?
   Jake Tapper
   Erin Burnett
   Wolf Blitzer
   Anderson Cooper
   All of the Above

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