News Quiz
Week of 7/14
1. Three billionaires got together last week to write an editorial demanding immigration reform. They were Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and who else?
   Jeff Bezos
   David Koch
   Larry Ellison
   Sheldon Adelson
   Michael Bloomberg
2. Which USA European ally expelled the CIA's station chief because of alleged spying?
3. Hillary Clinton's book "Hard Choices" has been knocked off the top of the best-seller list by author Ed Klein. His book is about which family feud?
   Cheney vs. Bush
   Obama vs. Clinton
   Hatfield vs. McCoy
   Cuomo vs. Kennedy
   Roosevelt vs. Roosevelt
4. Who or what is Harvey Mudd?
   World's top-ranked golfer
   Hillary Clinton's ghost writer
   America's most expensive college
   The USA's newest tech billionaire
   Longest suspension bridge ever built
5. Which former Republican vice president or vice presidential nominee is urging the impeachment of Barack Obama?
   Bob Dole
   Paul Ryan
   Sarah Palin
   Dan Quayle
   Dick Cheney
6. According to a new Gallup poll, which religious group has the lowest opinion of President Obama?
   Roman Catholics
7. Which automaker has announced that it will produce the first publicly-available car with more than 700 horsepower?
   General Motors
8. AFSCME, the powerful union that represents government workers, is severing its ties with the United Negro College Fund. What did the UNCF do to tick off the union?
   Made its headquarters non-union
   Moved to Texas, a right-to-work state
   Accepted money from the Koch brothers
   Decided to keep the word "Negro" in its name
   Decided to replace the word "Negro" in its name
9. Which singer is releasing his or her first album in 13 years?
   Faith Hill
   Garth Brooks
   Britney Spears
   Paul McCartney
10. Robert Redford has agreed to play which former anchorman in his next movie?
   Dan Rather
   Chet Huntley
   Bob Woodruff
   Peter Jennings
   Walter Cronkite

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