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Tuesday, September 9, 2008
The Factor Rundown
Fox News vs. NBC News
"Associated Press TV reporter David Bauder analyzed Barack Obama's recent interviews on both Fox News and NBC News and wrote this: 'In one interview Obama had to fight to keep from being shouted down. In the other he couldn't heep a straight face at the ease of the softballs tossed at him.' Anyone who watched my interview with Senator Obama knows he was not 'shouted down.' He was challenged, there was no shouting. The rest of his article is fairly accurate. Bauder points out that Obama answered tough questions here and was given a complete pass by NBC News. As you may know, NBC News has now replaced its cable anchors on election coverage because everybody in the world knows they are biased. However, there's no question that NBC remains deeply in the tank for the Democratic Party and is run by committed leftists. MSNBC's ratings continue to be abysmal; after twelve years on the air it remains a ratings disaster and a dishonest enterprise. The removal of the cable anchors was a stunning admission of NBC's corporate corruption and now everybody knows what's going on over there; that it continues to go on shames NBC forever."
The Obama interview, part 3
The third installment of Bill's interview with Barack Obama focused on the senator's questionable associations. Some excerpts:
BILL O'REILLY: I'm an American and I'm sitting there in Bismarck, North Dakota or Coral Springs, Florida. And I'm seeing Reverend Wright, I'm seeing Father Pfleger, who thinks Louis Farrakhan's a great guy. I'm seeing Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, Weather Underground radicals, who don't think they bombed enough. I'm seeing MoveOn.Org, which says "General Betray-Us". And I'm seeing you go to a DailyKos convention, and this week DailyKos came out and said that Sarah Palin's Down syndrome baby was birthed by her daughter. And I'm going, gee, that Barack Obama, he's got some pretty bad friends.
SENATOR BARACK OBAMA: You are wrong. Let's start from scratch. Number one, I know thousands of people, right?
O'REILLY: And I know thousands of people. I don't know anybody like that.
BARACK OBAMA: The Wright thing we've talked about. I joined a church to worship God, not a pastor. This whole notion that he was my spiritual mentor and all this stuff, this is something that I've consistently discussed. I had not heard him make the offensive comments that ended up being looped on this show constantly. And I was offended by them.
O'REILLY: You'd never heard those comments?
BARACK OBAMA: I hadn't heard those comments.
O'REILLY: He was selling them in the lobby at the church.
BARACK OBAMA: What can I tell you? ... In both his case and Father Pfleger's case, they've done great work in the community. Now, on this Ayers thing, which you've been hyping, Bill.
O'REILLY: Not that much.
BARACK OBAMA: This guy did something despicable forty years ago.
O'REILLY: Despicable last week. He said he didn't do enough bombing. That's last week.
BARACK OBAMA: Here's a guy that does something despicable when I'm eight years old. Alright? I come to Chicago. He's working with Mayor Richard Daley, not known to be a radical. So, he and I know each other as a consequence of work he's doing on education. That is not an endorsement of his views ... This guy is not part of my campaign, he's not some adviser of mine.
O'REILLY: MoveOn, "General Betray Us," the DailyKos?
BARACK OBAMA: I was offended by that.
O'REILLY: But you said good things about them. You showed up at the Kos convention.
BARACK OBAMA: Hold on a second. There's a whole bunch of stuff said on Fox about me that is flagrantly biased.
O'REILLY: Correct the record.
BARACK OBAMA: Just because there are a whole bunch of things that may be said on this network that I completely disagree with, I don't assume that you have to take responsibility for everything that is said on Fox News, any more that I would expect you to take responsibility for everything that's said on DailyKos.
O'REILLY: There is a pattern of behavior here.
BARACK OBAMA: There is not a pattern of behavior. This is classic guilt by association.
O'REILLY: The pattern of behavior is that you feel very comfortable, for some reason, in far left precincts. That's the pattern of behavior that I see.
BARACK OBAMA: Bill, I've got friends who are on the far right.
The interview concludes Wednesday with Senator Obama's views on energy independence and high gas prices.
Analysis of the Obama interview
Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, invited to analyze the Obama interview, took issue with The Factor's depiction of Bill Ayers. "These are the usual questions raised around Barack Obama," Page said, "part of the trope that we don't know him well enough. Bill Ayers and his wife were in the Weather Underground forty years ago, but they turned themselves in and have been model citizens since." But Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce argued that Obama's past associations speak volumes. "We do know a lot about Barack Obama, and what we know about him we don't like. Jeremiah Wright clearly played a monumental role in his life and so has Bill Ayers. These relationships are significant and speak to his character. Most people would reject a friendship with someone like Ayers, and issues like this are why the Democrats are in the process of losing another one." The Factor suggested that Obama's "friendships" were politically convenient. "He had to build himself up as a political figure in a tough town dominated by far-left kooks. These people were part of that."
Obama campaign reacting to McCain poll numbers
John McCain has taken the lead in most polls, and many observers credit his running mate Sarah Palin. The Factor spoke about Palin with FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren, who is in Alaska to examine the governor's record. "The thing that is so surprising," Van Susteren reported, "is that I haven't heard one person call her 'governor.' Everyone calls her 'Sarah' and everyone seems to know her. Reporters are here trying to dig up dirt on her, but the folks we've met love their governor. We can't find one person who has anything other than great praise." The Factor pointed out that Palin may have exaggerated her role in rejecting the 'bridge to nowhere.' "She has some vulnerability there - she used the money they sent for the dopey bridge in other capacities. The money didn't come back to you and me."
Pres. Bush to withdraw 8,000 troops from Iraq
President Bush has announced that some troops will be returning from Iraq. Author Bob Woodward, whose new book investigates the war, told The Factor that President Bush made two major mistakes in prosecuting the war. "The president did not find a way to communicate to the American people," Woodward reported, "that it wasn't going well. He kept saying we were winning when he knew we were losing. And the second mistake was that he didn't find a way to bring uniformed military leaders into the decision making." The Factor lamented the continuing partisan bitterness. "There has been a fissure in America politically over Iraq. It seems to me that some Democrats, and I am not saying this about Barack Obama, actually wanted to lose that war because it would make the party stronger."
New O.J. Simpson trial begins
The Factor welcomed legal wizards Lis Wiehl and Mercedes Colwin, who opined on O.J. Simpson's trial for kidnapping and robbery in Nevada. "The judge is bending over backwards to be fair," Wiehl said, "making sure that no jurors hold the 1995 double homicide against O.J. But he's going to get convicted of something." Colwin argued that Simpson will once again walk. "I think he's going to be exonerated. Look at the hoodlums he's in this with - they're all going to say Simpson did it, and he's going to get off because of these characters." Turning to the east coast, the ACLU is suing Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri because he is demanding that employers verify that workers are here legally. "The ACLU makes no sense," Wiehl contented. "The governor is only saying that if private companies want to do business with the state, they have to verify that its workers are legal."
The return of the Great American Culture Quiz!
Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum returned to the No Spin Stadium for the Great American Culture quiz, Clint Eastwood Edition. Among The Factor's questions: "Where was the movie 'A Fistful of Dollars' filmed?" ... "The film 'Paint Your Wagon' starred which other macho actor? ... "What city did Clint clean up in 'Coogan's Bluff?'" Defying the law of averages, MacCallum failed to answer even one question correctly, while Doocy was nearly perfect. Martha grumbled that this was a "boy category" and demanded a future quiz devoted to Julie Andrews. You can test your own skill - the entire GACQ is posted here on under "Fun Stuff."
Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres & Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Tuesday's Patriots: Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres, who danced up a storm on the Ellen program. And the Pinhead OR Patriot: View host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who hinted that Michelle Obama declared certain subjects off limits when she appeared on the show. The Factor invited viewers to make the call about Hasselbeck. Nominate a Pinhead or a Patriot by sending an email to
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
A sampling of your recent e-mails:

John Colyer, Minden, NV: "Mr. O, you let Senator Obama off the hook. If the limit on social security tax is removed, how is that not a tax increase only on the rich? You allowed him to dance around that."

Elvira Millerman, Brooklyn, NY: "Mr. Obama seems to want us to feel guilty if somebody is not doing well financially. I escaped from a Communist government and don't want to see another one."

Sheila Leggett, West Palm Beach, FL: "Mr. O'Reilly, thank you for the fair and excellent interview of the next President, Barack Obama. I am a liberal and never watched your program before but you did not disappoint."

Brenda Gill, New Carlisle, IN "O'Reilly, you're being soft and letting Obama Waffle. Shame on you. Megyn Kelly should have interviewed him because she is much tougher and smarter than you are."