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Monday, July 10, 2006
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The truth about the rich
"How many times have you hear the left wail about tax cuts for the rich? Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the bank. Those 'tax cuts for the rich' have helped all Americans, especially the poor. Tax revenues are climbing twice as fast as predicted and the deficit is being sharply cut. That's because the so-called rich are making money in stocks and other investments, and the government is taxing that money at a moderate rate. Want more proof? President Clinton was a 'tax-the-rich' guy." In the middle of his two terms, 1995, the government took in $1.5 trillion in tax receipts. Ten years later the feds took in $2.1 trillion, 40% more. Socialist New York Times columnist Paul Krugman must be rolling over in his Princeton classroom, but lower taxes help the economy and give the feds more tax money. But this is not really about lower taxes - it's about the government taking from affluent Americans and giving to those less well off. That's what Krugman and his merry band really want. They think unfettered capitalism is bad, income redistribution is good. So please - no more 'tax cuts for the rich' nonsense. With the Bush administration spending like crazy, high gas prices, and an expensive war on terror, the USA should be in a deep recession. The main reason the country is not is because Americans continue to spend and invest. Lower taxes mean more prosperity for everyone, no spin."

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Is the military falling apart?
Guests: Fox News military analysts Gen. Thomas McInerney & Col. David Hunt

Many on the left have taken up a new mantra, saying the US military is collapsing. Senator Barbara Boxer actually claimed that soldiers are being sent into the battle on anti-depressants, and New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote that the military has been infiltrated by "large numbers of neo-Nazis." Fox News analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney condemned Herbert as a propagandist. "Jayson Blair wrote betters stuff than Bob Herbert. This is absolutely disgraceful. The United States military is the best it has been in its history. Two out of every three men reenlist, and we've had 13 straight weeks of meeting or exceeding recruiting goals." FNC analyst Col. David Hunt directly disputed Senator's Boxer's assertion. "If a soldier takes an anti-depressant he can't go into combat. The Barbara Boxers and Bob Herberts of the world are just lying about our guys." The Factor accused some journalists of peddling a thinly-veiled political agenda. "What Herbert and the New York Times are trying to portray is that this war is Vietnam, that the military is falling apart, and that there is no strategy to win."
Building collapses in Manhattan
Guest: Attorney Kathleen Mullin

15 people were injured Monday when an explosion leveled a three-story building in New York City. According to police reports, the blast was caused when 66-year old physician Nicholas Bartha tried to commit suicide by gassing himself. Even if that proves to be the truth, attorney Kathleen Mullin declared that Dr. Bartha should not face prosecution. "This man has no criminal history that we know of. He spent his life as a healer, and he had a moment of insanity and tried to hurt himself. He was clearly not in the right mental state." The Factor counter-argued that Bartha, who survived the blast, must be punished. "I'd charge this guy with reckless endangerment. There are ten firefighters and five others in the hospital, and we have to send a message that just because you're depressed you can't put other people in jeopardy."
Immigration updates
Guests: Fox News analyst Juan Williams & Republican strategist Karen Hanretty

The immigration issue continues to boil - there was an anti-illegal immigrant demonstration and a counter-protest in Hollywood last weekend. Republican strategist Karen Kanretty depicted the issue as one that crosses party lines. "This is not a Republican or Democrat problem. George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan all sounded alike and nothing gets done. There is no will in Washington to truly solve this problem." But Fox News analyst Juan Williams cast blame squarely on the GOP. "The people who are exploiting the issue are House Republicans. They're having hearings to try to gin up the Republican base for the November election." The Factor delineated how both parties created the current chaos. "Republicans haven't been interested in cracking down because big business was benefiting. Democrats didn't want to crack down because they wanted to harvest votes from illegal immigrants. So neither had the will."
John Couey trial underway
Guest: Attorney Joe Bodiford

Sex offender John Couey is on trial in Florida for the brutal murder of 9-year old Jessica Lunsford, the crime that inspired "Jessica's Laws" around the country. Even though Couey's confession was thrown out on Constitutional grounds, attorney Joe Bodiford predicted an easy conviction. "Jurors are astute when it comes to paying attention to forensics - things like hair, DNA, and blood. They have evidence of flight, they have Jessica's DNA in the trailer. They're going to get the conviction." The Factor reminded Bodiford that even overwhelming evidence is no guarantee. "There was plenty of evidence in the O.J. Simpson case and the jury threw it out. It's not a lock when there is physical evidence."
Setbacks for gay marriage
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

To the dismay of gay activists and the secular left, courts in New York and Georgia have upheld state bans on same-sex marriage. Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich depicted the issue as one battle in a larger cultural war. "There is a secular left in America that deeply dislikes all of the elements that have made us a traditional society. But there's a very large majority that actually believes in tradition, so there's a real fight. For 3,000 years the tradition has been that marriage is between a man and a woman, and this news was very encouraging for those who believe in traditional values."
The opposite of Cindy Sheehan?
Guest: Janis Cummings

Last week President Bush pointedly praised 22-year old Marine Cpl. Ryan Cummings, who was killed in Iraq. Ryan's mother Janis Cummings joined The Factor and described her late son. "He always stood up for what he believed in, and he believed in what he was doing in Iraq. We supported him, and I know that if I was to protest against what he believed in it would be a betrayal. So even if I wanted to protest against the war, I could never do that." The Factor lauded Janis Cummings and her late son. "We admire you and your family, and we're glad the President recognized Ryan and you. If we can ever be of service, let us know."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about The Factor's interview with John Kerry. Some excerpts:

Guy Spriggs, Lexington, KY: "Bill, no wonder Kerry didn't talk to you during the election. You showed him little respect and your tone was accusatory."

Sterling Alexander, North Myrtle Beach, SC: "Bill, you threw fluff balls at Kerry."

John Anderson, Abilene, TX: "Mr. O, thanks for holding Kerry's feet to the fire."

Dr. Roberto Cossio, Savannah, GA: "You have a loud bark but no bite, O'Reilly. You let Kerry off easy."

Lance Hall, Red Bluff, NE: "Bill, you exposed John Kerry as a bloviator."

Carol Engler, Columbus, OH: "Mr. O'Reilly, you were mean to John Kerry. You are the most arrogant person on earth."