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Wednesday, November 9, 2005
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A victory for traditional America
"The Hillsborough School Board near Tampa has reversed its decision to remove religious holidays from school calendars. We reported the story last week, the folks in Florida rose up, and the school board backed down. The controversy began when a Muslim group asked the school board to add a holiday for Ramadan. Rather than deal with that request, the board eliminated all religious holidays. Predictably, the St. Petersburg Times, a radical left newspaper, is all for the religious holiday ban and framed the issue as anti-Muslim. Reporter Melanie Ave wrote this: 'Bill O'Reilly has focused on the involvement of Muslims.' Ms. Ave is simply lying. The only Muslim angle was explaining how the controversy began. The St. Petersburg Times is a dishonest far-left publication that does not deserve reader or advertiser support. The school board's reversal is not due to me - the folks just had enough. American students must understand how their country was formed and why most Americans call themselves Christians. To suppress the education of religion is an affront to the First Amendment. So a big win for traditional Americans, and a big loss for the secular progressives and the media who support them. Good!"

Fox News Video:

Terror bombing in Jordan
Guests: Fox News producer Serene Sabbagh

Fox News producer Serene Sabbagh provided a live report from Amman, Jordan, where a series of suicide bombers killed more than fifty people at three Western hotels. "The Radisson was holding a traditional wedding when a suicide bomber walked in and blew himself up. Most of the dead were local Jordanians. I went to one of the hospitals, and it was a shocking scene. And Amman has always depicted itself as the safest capital in the region." The Factor pointed to the sheer depravity of the bombings. "You've got a terrorist who walks in and sees other Muslims at a wedding. He knows these are innocent people and he detonates himself, killing scores of people. That just says it all about what we're up against."

School board reinstates holidays
Guests: Brian Blair & Ronda Storms, Hillsboro County commissioners

As outlined in the Talking Points memo, last week The Factor exposed the Hillsborough County School Board's decision to eliminate all religious holidays from the school calendar. County commissioners Brian Blair and Ronda Storms explained why the school board reinstated the holidays at a meeting Tuesday night. "The people roared," Storms declared. "We won, the people won, and we should be giving high-fives all around. The liberal media were spanked." Blair thanked The Factor for reporting on the issue. "This is a victory for all the residents in Hillsborough County and it's a national victory. We appreciate your help and your turning the heat up for us." In turn, The Factor congratulated Blair and Storms for standing up to the local media. "Both of you have been personally attacked. They tried to paint you as bigots, and the folks didn't buy it. I hope the people down there are going to turn against both the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune."

Christmas controversy in America
Guests: Author Philip Nulman

Christmas has become so controversial that some retailers tell their employees to avoid saying "Merry Christmas." Factor researchers called department stores to find out their plans for the holidays. Sears, Kohl's, and Kmart wouldn't answer questions about the matter, but most other stores say the words "Merry Christmas" will be used in advertising. Author Philip Nulman suggested that avoiding the term makes good business sense. "Many organizations are trying to be inclusive, and they feel using the term 'Merry Christmas' is exclusionary to their customers who are not Christian. I agree with that from a marketing standpoint." The Factor strongly disagreed, claiming that avoiding Christmas greetings will cost stores business. "I think the backlash against stores who don't say 'Merry Christmas' is extraordinary. I think people are nuts if they're offended by the term 'Merry Christmas.' I guarantee you that the Christian majority in this country is fed up with the ACLU and groups like that."

Interview with a child molester
Guest: Convicted child molester Dave Spencer

In a rare interview with an admitted child predator, The Factor interrogated Dave Spencer, who was convicted twice of molestation. Spencer complained about tougher new laws, and claimed most molesters can be rehabilitated. "Treatment is effective, as opposed to these laws that don't really do anything to protect the public. The typical sex offender has 1.3 convictions before he turns his life around. There are major changes that can take place through treatment." The Factor told Spencer point-blank that he belongs behind bars right now. "You were caught twice, and you've got two little kids whose lives have been altered forever. I think you should be serving 25 years for harming two young children. Instead of complaining about the law, you're damned lucky to be a free man."

Problems for the Republican Party
Guests: Author Dr. Larry Sabato & Morgan Felchner, Campaigns & Elections Magazine

Republican gubernatorial candidates were defeated in New Jersey and Virginia Tuesday, while Arnold Schwarzenegger's initiatives were all voted down in California. Political analyst Larry Sabato described the election as a debacle for the GOP. "A lot of Republicans are in denial. If they don't improve the situation, Democrats could easily take one or both houses of Congress next year. President Bush has to start changing some policy, start changing some personnel, and getting his act together." Reporter Morgan Felchner painted a less extreme scenario. "There were a lot of other factors at play in Virginia. I don't think voters are necessarily turning away from Republicans in all of these states, and I don't think this is necessarily the end-all for the Republican Party." The Factor observed that America may be shifting left, and President Bush is largely to blame. "People are questioning Iraq and they're getting hammered at the gas pump. The guy at the top is going to be held accountable for both."

Paying the bill... for a strip club?
Guest: Author Elisabeth Eaves

Two years ago businessman Robert McCormick entertained three colleagues at a New York strip club, where he ran up a tab for $241,000. McCormick claims he actually spent just $20,000 and is disputing the charges in court. Former stripper Elisabeth Eaves explained how it's possible to spend a quarter-million dollars in one night. "The vast majority was spent on tips - in some cases $10,000 tips to individual dancers. That can run up the bill pretty fast. This wasn't a case of bill padding, the money was actually spent. This is a question of personal responsibility."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about alleged price gouging by oil companies. Some excerpts:

David Revelman, Australia: "Bill, you are profoundly ignorant on gas prices. You embarrassed yourself with Wayne Rogers and Ben Stein."

Mike McVay, Prescott, AZ: "Bill, we appreciate your opinion on the oil situation but please let us hear the opinions of Ben Stein and Wayne Rogers - you did not let them make their points."

Tony Calafato, San Diego, CA: "Bill, you are absolutely correct. I was a Texaco dealer for nine years and the oil companies have always manipulated the market."

Other viewers weighed in on Alabama Governor Bob Riley's call for a boycott of Aruba.

Carmel Cole, Concord, CA: "I agree with the Governor of Alabama. I just phoned Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and told them I will not travel to Aruba."

Al Rodriguez, Las Vegas, NV: "To penalize the entire innocent population of Aruba with a boycott is abhorrent."

Hannah Walen, New York, NY: "I'm 11 years old and believe a boycott of Aruba will help Natalee's family find out just what happened to her."

Book Mentions
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Bare: The Naked Truth about Stripping
by Elisabeth Eaves

Divided States of America: The Slash and Burn Politics of the 2004 Presidential Election
by Larry Sabato