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Friday, February 5, 2016
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Campaign 2016
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New Polling out of New Hampshire
Guest: Donald Trump
With the New Hampshire Primary just days away, Talking Points is taking a hard look at some recent polling. A new poll from the Wall Street Journal & NBC has Trump leading in New Hampshire with 30%. Rubio trails him with 17 and Cruz is in third with 15. Does Trump has the power to hold on to his lead and secure a victory? We'll ask him tonight.
No Spin Interview with Governor Christie
Guest: Governor Chris Christie
Governor Christie has been hard at work campaigning in New Hampshire but his poll numbers aren't looking too great. Will he change his strategy for the campaigning in the Granite State? He'll tell us tonight in a one-on-one interview.
Analyzing Hillary's Email Scandal
Guest: Kirsten Powers
Hillary Clinton says there's no way she'll be indicted on the email scandal. Will voters buy it? Kirsten Powers will analyze.
Super Bowl Preview
Guest: Jim Gray
Our pal Jim Gray lays out what to expect at the big game this weekend and whether this could be Peyton Manning's last stand.
Hillary Vs. Bernie Democratic Debate
Guests: Eric Bolling & Geraldo
Hillary Clinton faced off against Senator Bernie Sanders at a Democratic debate last night. Sanders is receiving some attention for saying he thinks President Obama has done an "excellent" job during his 8 years in office. Tonight we'll talk about whether he really means it or if it's an attempt to pick up more of the Democratic base.
Varney's Villains
Guest: Stuart Varney
Stuart's got a bone to pick with some folks in San Francisco where kids as young as 12 will soon be getting their hands on condoms at school. Tonight he'll explain.
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