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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
The Factor Rundown
Wednesday: Trump Talks Terror in the No Spin Zone
You Cannot Contain Evil
"No one should be surprised by yesterday's terror attack in Turkey. ISIS is suspected, but no matter who committed this atrocity, they are evil. As stated, President Obama's policy toward Islamic terrorism is to try and contain it. He has killed terror leaders with drones, bombed ISIS facilities in Iraq and Syria, and ordered American special forces to disrupt ISIS activities. But it's not enough. The solution to defeating ISIS is to quickly kill as many of them on the ground as possible, sending a strong message to the world of jihad. As Talking Points has stated, NATO should be leading the charge. Not the Kurds, not some phantom coalition that Mr. Obama uses to obscure real action. The ISIS attack on Paris killed 130. The attack on Belgium killed 32. And now in Turkey, more than 40 people are dead. All three of those countries are members of NATO, and all three of those attacks are acts of war. Article Five of the NATO charter says an attack on one country is an attack on all, so why is President Obama not advocating NATO forces on the ground to kill the ISIS savages and protect suffering civilians who are desperate? It is long past time for all Americans to understand that ISIS is not going to stop killing innocent people. It is true that no matter what action is taken against the jihadists, terrorism will not stop. It's impossible to wipe it out entirely, but it is not that difficult to run these savages out of their sanctuaries. The president will not do that. Today Mr. Obama spoke about the attack in Istanbul, saying we stand with the people of Turkey. More empty rhetoric. We don't stand with anyone, we will not do what is necessary to defeat this evil. The ISIS battle should be a major presidential campaign issue. If Hillary Clinton is going to continue the policies of Barack Obama, every American should know that. On the other side, Donald Trump needs to get very specific about his plan to defeat ISIS and the jihad. He should spell it out."
Donald Trump on Confronting Evil
The Factor welcomed Donald Trump and invited him to spell out his anti-ISIS strategy. "I don't want to be giving out too much information," Trump said, "but four months ago I said NATO was obsolete because they don't deal with terrorism. Two weeks ago I read that NATO is setting up a whole anti-terrorism organization. NATO ought to go in there and wipe them out, and Turkey has a strong army. I believe Turkey will be unleashing a very strong force, they will do that with the proper leadership in our country." Trump added, "In terms of terrorism I'm leading in the polls and Hillary Clinton is not tough enough on terrorism." The Factor urged Trump to become even more forceful when it comes to taking on the jihad, saying, "You can separate yourself if you become a real terror warrior."
Trump On Winning Undecided Voters
Returning for another segment, Donald Trump turned to the campaign and Hillary Clinton's repeated accusations that he is xenophobic and racist. "All these 'phobias' and no one knows what she's even talking about," Trump responded. "She knows what's happening, people are losing their jobs and companies are moving to Mexico. We're losing everything in this country, we're losing our spirit, and people are tired of hearing things like what she was just saying." Trump also scrutinized polls that show him winning men voters handily but getting trounced among women. "I think I'm doing great with women," he insisted. "Women like our message of strength, borders, protecting our country, and keeping people who want to kill us out of our country. I'm honest, I'm trustworthy, and we are going to make America great and safe again."
Terror in Turkey
Counter-terrorism specialists Jim Hanson and Aaron Cohen analyzed the deadly attack in Istanbul. "The first thing we need to do," Hanson said, "is allow our national security and law enforcement agencies to face the threat honestly. Homeland Security can't even use the words 'jihad' or 'sharia' in their training. The only way to prevent these incidents is to go where the bad guys are and root them out. The real disease is the ideology that motivates the jihadists." Cohen called for more sophisticated anti-terror tactics. "We need to implement the '3-D' Israeli system, which is 'deter, detect, and deny.' We need SWAT guys outside of airports to create a deterrent, checking cars as they pull up to the terminal. We should also use trained interrogators who are trained to read body language and behavior. We need Israeli-level training!"
Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Report
Because parts of Tuesday night's program were pre-empted by the news out of Turkey, The Factor re-aired the Talking Points on the House Republicans' report on Benghazi:

"The terror attack that killed four Americans in Libya on September 11th, 2012 was an act of war. Yet the Obama administration does not see it that way. The attack was marginalized, first described as a spontaneous uprising, then spun as partisan politics. Talking Points would like to lay out the truth. The Republican report has concluded that almost immediately after Ambassador Chris Stevens came under attack, State Department officials in Washington knew what was happening. Greg Hicks, a State Department official in Libya, was talking to D.C. and says there was no discussion about any video prompting the attack. It was quickly apparent that the terrorists were organized and the Libyans hired to protect the ambassador had run away. Then, hours after Stevens was murdered, there was a big meeting in the White House. Approximately half of it was spent on politics, not trying to get assets into Libya to protect the remaining Americans there. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered the military to go to Libya, but that did not happen. It is unclear why the military did not carry out Panetta's mandate and President Obama did not order an investigation to find out. Here's the worst part: Even though President Obama did not himself say videos caused the terror attack, his ambassador to the UN Susan Rice did say that and her statement was not corrected by the White House. Now, the Democratic side of the committee. Congressman Elijah Cummings, about as partisan a man as there is in the House, led the response. Democrats on the committee still do not know what motivated the attack and will not concede the video thing was a ruse. They say administration officials did not make intentionally misleading statements, even though Ambassador Rice obviously did not put forth the truth. Finally, even though the State Department's security was 'woefully inadequate,' Secretary Clinton had nothing to do with that. Talking Points is not blaming Hillary Clinton for Benghazi, but any fair-minded person knows the administration has consistently downplayed terror attacks. Fort Hood, Orlando, and Benghazi. Explanations: workplace violence, gun-driven domestic terrorism, and a video. Come on. The question is whether this will hurt Hillary Clinton. Those who support her are not going to turn against her. Those who despise the secretary already believe she mismanaged Libya. In the middle are aimless Americans who kind of wander around not really knowing anything. Are they likely to pay attention to the report? No. So, will Benghazi hurt Hillary Clinton? Most likely not."

Charles Krauthammer entered the No Spin Zone to evaluate the House report. "It's unfortunate," he said, "that we are seeing this through the prism of whether it hurts or helps Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects. The report only peripherally talks about Hillary Clinton, there was a failure of the entire chain of command, starting with President Obama. How could they not send help when the ambassador was missing? Also, where was the president during those six hours when the situation was changing and fluctuating. He was nowhere to be seen!"
A Very Strange Meeting
It was revealed today that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who will decide whether to indict Hillary Clinton, had a private meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix. According to Lynch, they spoke mainly about grandchildren and golf. The Factor asked Eboni Williams and Monica Crowley to opine. "We are just hearing about this," Crowley said, "but it happened on Monday. This is highly irregular because you have to avoid the appearance of a conflict." Williams asserted that Lynch should not have engaged in the discussion. "She is our chief law enforcement, so what's very important is the appearance of impropriety. It's hard for intelligent people to believe that Bill Clinton waited for her to arrive only to discuss grandchildren. This tells us that Bill Clinton doesn't care at all about Loretta Lynch's credibility." The Factor concluded, "Loretta Lynch made a big mistake, her credibility is damaged."
Trouble for Tony Robbins
Self-help guru Tony Robbins is in hot water, so to speak, after some of his acolytes burned their feet walking across hot coals. That got Dennis Miller all fired up. "A big and intimidating guy comes," Miller quipped, "starts giving out weird orders that you either obey or he holds your feet to the fire. It sounds like The O'Reilly Factor! But these people were forewarned, the seminar was titled 'Unleash the Blisters Within.' If you do go on the hot coals, you can't stay too long. The last guy who stayed too long was Joe Biden, and look what happened to him."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Larry Bailey, Pekin, IL: "The current migrant invasion of Europe was planned by ISIS. It is actually brilliant."

Juan Jose Garcia, Caracas, Venezuela: "O'Reilly, you reap what you sow. The former colonies of the British Empire are pouring in there now. So, the world has a guy like you telling them 'we don't want you here.'"
Spotlight on George Washington
This week's edition of 'Legends & Lies: The Patriots' focuses on George Washington, about whom you will undoubtedly learn a few new things. That's Sunday evening at 8PM on Fox News Channel.
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