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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Hey Republican Party - Do Something!
"It was clear last November that the country had lost confidence in President Obama's leadership and the policies of the Democratic Party. In the House of Representatives, there are 246 Republicans, 188 Democrats. In the Senate, there are 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats and two Independents who lean Democratic. So Republicans have a huge opportunity to pass legislation that would improve the lives of Americans. Currently there are three very simple situations that need to be confronted. First, the defunding of Planned Parenthood until a federal investigation into their selling of baby body parts is completed. Second, the passing of Kate's Law, which would mandate aggravated felon illegal aliens who defy deportation be sentenced to a minimum of five years. And third, that sanctuary cities would lose federal funding. Simple and direct laws that I believe the majority of Americans would support. So, will Republicans in the Senate do the right thing and stand up for justice? If they do not, I believe the American people will turn against the GOP. Senate Majority Leader McConnell's office tells The Factor the Senate will vote next week on legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. On the sanctuary city front, 62% of Americans in say they disapprove of cities and municipalities defying the feds on immigration law. And Talking Points believes an overwhelming majority of Americans support Kate's Law as well. Summing up, if the Republican Party does the right thing, Americans will take notice even if the president and the Democratic Party sabotage the legislation. But if the GOP-ers do not stand up on these three vital issues, the party may lose all credibility."

FNC's Charles Krauthammer joined The Factor with his analysis of the Memo. "The fallacy in your argument," he began, "is that all the Republicans could be stand up unanimously on Kate's Law or Planned Parenthood, but they would not succeed because you need 60 votes. That's a big impediment. But there will be a debate, the Democrats will be on the defensive, and everyone will see how much they are in the pocket of Planned Parenthood. That's all you can ask for." The Factor argued that procedure is not nearly as important as taking a stand: "The voters have to see who is standing up for them and who isn't, and the Democrats are on the wrong side of history here." Krauthammer also predicted that Donald Trump will be on the attack at next week's first GOP debate, and doubted whether "anyone will want to take him on."
Provocative Comparison
Sarah Palin has ruffled many feathers with her contention that Planned Parenthood is far more dangerous to black lives than the Confederate flag. She entered the No Spin Zone to elaborate. "This is symbolic of our political correctness absurdity," she stated. "People are more concerned about a symbol that represented the negative many years ago than the fact that thousands of babies are being butchered and having their body parts being sold. Some people are paying a lot more attention to the flag controversy than they are about Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices, and 80% of Planned Parenthood 'shops' are set up in minority neighborhoods!" The Factor lamented, "The lion killed in Zimbabwe has received more attention than Planned Parenthood."
The Sanctuary City Debate
The Factor welcomed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who wants mayors of sanctuary cities to be held criminally liable for crimes committed by illegal aliens. "These city officials and mayors are partners in crime," he declared, "and they should be charged as accomplices for crimes committed by folks who are here illegally thanks to sanctuary cities. Let's also give the families of victims an opportunity to take these city officials to court and sue them. Too many local officials have immunity right now, but they are partners in crime." The Factor warned Governor Jindal, "You're up against an entrenched ideology that will never take punitive action against anything associated with illegal immigration."
Controversial Activists
As The Factor reported Tuesday, the radical far-left group Black Lives Matter has threatened to disrupt next year's Republican convention. Republican Andrea Tantaros and Democrat Jehmu Greene analyzed the organization and its goals. "These far-left groups use whatever tactics they need," Tantaros said, "to bully and intimidate and get their points across. When their founder was asked whether they plan on shutting down the Democratic convention, she said, 'No, they're on our side.'" But Greene implied that Black Lives Matter has a valid point. "I understand why they're angry. When black people are killed, the media doesn't pay attention. But when white people are killed, the criminal justice system reacts. People are not paying attention to structural racism in our criminal justice system." The Factor contended that if the group truly cared about black lives, "they would join with me and demand that the mayor and police chief of Chicago police the area in an effective way."
Controversial Nuclear Deal
Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been defending the Iran nuke deal, admits that he doesn't know the details of a side deal negotiated between Iran and the United Nations. The Factor asked Karl Rove to explain. "We know that the arms ban will go away within five years," Rove said, "but we don't know about the side agreements between international atomic energy officials and Iran regarding inspections. One member of Congress says it allows Iranians to take their own soil samples around suspected nuclear facilities, which is like saying let Barry Bonds take his own blood sample. It doesn't work! This deal doesn't meet the constraints and demands that President Obama himself laid out."
Brady Suspension Upheld
The NFL has upheld New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension for his alleged role in deflating footballs. The Factor handed off to Dennis Miller and let him run. "I wish the press was half as interested in the harvesting of fetal body parts," Miller said, "as they are in these deflated footballs. I think Brady had the balls deflated. He's a great guy and one of the best quarterbacks ever, but do I think some kid in the locker room took it upon himself to deflate the balls? No, I don't! He deflated the footballs so he could have a better game, but it's not that big a deal. Ray Rice clocked his girlfriend in the elevator and they suspended him for two games, and now they're making an example of Tom Brady."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Gloria Remboldt, Napa, CA: "Bill O'Reilly, I am grateful for your coverage on the sickening sale of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood. How can anyone say these babies are just tissue when livers and other organs are being taken from them?"

Linda Monti, Phoenix, AZ: "Planned Parenthood isn't harvesting babies. Women are going in with the intent of abortion and are not forced to do so. But I agree that Planned Parenthood should not be receiving federal funding, especially with Obamacare."

Brooks Townsend, Hattiesburg, MI: "In answering your question, Bill, I would say we are not becoming a barbaric nation - we've been there for a long time."

Jody LoDolce, Stamford, CT: "Isn't it a contradiction that the 'Black Lives Matter' group is funded by a white man? Would the money of George Soros be put to better use by helping sick children?"
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