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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Eric Bolling Hosts A Factor Special: The War on Terror
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ISIS & Climate Change
Guests: Alan Colmes & Ric Grenell

Socialist and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said at a recent debate that climate change is a bigger national security threat than terrorism, and former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell said this week that he thought Obama was worried about environmental damage when deciding whether or not to bomb ISIS's oil fields.

So is climate change really a bigger threat than terrorism? Guest host Eric Bolling moderated a debate with former U.S. Spokesman at the UN Ric Grenell and Fox News Radio host Alan Colmes.

Ric Grenell argued it was ridiculous to say climate change is more dangerous than ISIS after we have seen that terror group's heinous beheadings and the recent attacks in Paris.

"The Democratic party has gone so far left that they're endangering us," Grenell said.

Colmes countered that we've been bombing terrorists in the Middle East for years and it's done little good. But addressing climate change could get at the root causes of terrorism.

"Climate change has led to a migration which has led people to have terrible drought ... ISIS comes in and develops a structure," Colmes said.
ISIS & Assad
Guests: Benjamin Haddad & Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

Would unseating President Bashar al-Assad help end the Syrian civil war and humanitarian crisis? The Hudson Institute's Benjamin Haddad and former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) had a debate.

Kucinich said removing Assad wouldn't do any good. "I think Assad is essential to a peace plan that's needed to end the war in Syria," he said.

Haddad disagreed: "[Assad] is the cause for the rise of these radical groups that we're fighting ... in Syria, so cannot be the solution."
Presidential Politics and the Media
Guest: Monica Crowley

Presidential candidates normally moderate their criticisms of the media for fear of retribution. But not Donald Trump, and the strategy seems to be working. Monica Crowley explained why.

"Donald Trump doesn't need the media .. and doesn't need the job of the presidency, so that liberates him to let it rip."
Hillary Under Fire From the Left
Guest: Ed Henry

Hillary Clinton has apologized for using the phrase "illegal immigrant" after activists said it was an insensitive comment to undocumented folks in the U.S.

Ed Henry joined us to talk about how this affects her reputation with the Left.

"When you use the phrase 'illegal immigrants' on the left it's a pejorative," Henry said, adding also that "no matter what she does, the left is not completely happy."
The Spymasters
Guests: Chris Whipple and James Woolsey

With President Obama's strategy to defeat ISIS in shambles, does the CIA have its own plan to actually get the job done? A new Showtime documentary explores that topic this weekend. It's called "The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs," and is produced by Chris Whipple.

Whipple joined The Factor to discuss what he learned about the CIA while producing his movie. "You pay a price when you neglect what the agency's original charter was, which is intelligence," Whipple said, explaining that often the CIA lets politics get in the way of its analysis.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who is featured in the documentary, agreed: "There's one absolutely major sin and that is not calling it straight."
How to Defeat ISIS
Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, Doctor Ben Carson, and Donald Trump all recently entered the No Spin Zone to try to convince Americans they've got the right plan to defeat ISIS. We showed the highlights of the interviews with Bill.
Keeping America Safe
Guest: Larry Sabato

Larry Sabato joined us to analyze how the fight against ISIS is impacting the 2016 presidential campaign.

Sabato said that although he has no foreign policy experience, Trump seemed to be the beneficiary of the renewed importance of terrorism in presidential politics.

"It's not that anybody thinks Donald Trump is an expert on the Middle East ... rather, he's projecting a very tough image," Sabato said.
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