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Friday, August 26, 2016
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O'Reilly Factor Special: Election 2016
War of Words Heats up
Eric began Friday with the escalating name-calling in the presidential campaign, as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are portraying one other as bigots. Conservative Horace Cooper and liberal Leo Terrell opined on the verbal fisticuffs. "Donald Trump doesn't know the definition of the word 'bigot,'" Terrell proclaimed, "and you don't hear any Republicans on Capitol Hill supporting his definition of the word as it applies to Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton's statements are fact-based, there is a blueprint of Donald Trump's discrimination against other groups." But Cooper defended Trump's contention that black Americans are suffering because of Democratic policies. "It is true that black Americans are under-housed and they have been on the decline, and it is true that there is an elevated crime rate. Wages are down, opportunities for school are down, and it is good that someone is finally standing up and telling the truth about the bigoted policies of the left. Hillary Clinton has no solutions!"
Trump's Immigration Plan
Donald Trump has reportedly been 'softening' his plan to deport all illegal immigrants. Eric scrutinized his immigration policies with A.J. Delgado, a Latina Trump supporter, and Democratic strategist Richard Goodstein. "I'm 100% satisfied," Delgado declared, "and I'm confused that there is any confusion. There is not any pivot, Mr. Trump is being completely consistent in saying that we will build a wall and deport illegal immigrants who are criminals. We will also make sure that people leave and come back the right way. The flip-flop is with Hillary Clinton, who is now completely pro-illegal immigration." Goodstein ridiculed Donald Trump for his changing stance on illegal immigration. "On Wednesday he said the 'terrific' ones could stay, then yesterday he said everyone has to leave, and today he said we'll see. He's a politician and he seems to be backtracking on this single bedrock issue of his campaign."
Hillary Clinton Under Increased Scrutiny
Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov and former State Department official Ric Grenell examined the growing controversy over allegations that donations to the Clinton Foundation affected Hillary Clinton's decisions as Secretary of State. "The emails have already proved that there was pay-for-play," Grenell declared, "and there is already a plethora of information that the State Department has been taken over by partisans. I know many good foreign services officers who are horrified at the politics that are being played." Tarlov reacted to the news that the State Department will not release Hillary Clinton's schedule as secretary until after the presidential election. "That's the State Department's decision, not Hillary Clinton's. There was no pay-for-play, there is no smoking gun. But I'm not saying that it looks good and it would not be a bad idea to turn the Clinton Foundation over to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation." Eric concluded, "She shredded 30,000 emails, we will probably never know what was in them, and every week there's another scandal."
No Spin Interview with Trump
Eric introduced Bill's recent interview with Donald Trump, who rationalized his decision to oust campaign boss Paul Manifort. "I wanted to keep Paul as chairman," Trump said, "but I ultimately decided that I wanted to run the campaign the way I want to run it. I have people in my company for many years but I wanted to make this change. We're doing very well and a lot of people will be surprised to learn that Hillary Clinton wants 550% more Syrian refugees to come into our country." Trump also looked ahead to the three presidential debates, especially the first one next month. "I don't know if it's make-or-break, but I've done very well and I've enjoyed the debating process. I won't say what I'm going to do - I may be the way I was in the Republican debates and I may be a much different person."
Clinton Up in the Latest Polls
Pollsters Scott Rasmussen and Kristen Soltis Anderson analyzed the current state of the presidential race. "The polls are tightening a little bit," Rasmussen said, "but Hillary Clinton is ahead and if nothing changes she will be elected president. However, her lead is not safe and something could change. People are filling stadiums for Donald Trump, but that is not a majority of Americans. Right now the electoral college is breaking down the same way it did when Mitt Romney challenged Barack Obama." Anderson contended that the Trump vs. Clinton debates will be pivotal. "The debates will be decisive because so many voters are frustrated with both candidates. Hillary Clinton has a lead of six or seven points in national polls, but then there are states like Florida and Ohio. The debates and what he does with his schedule over the next few weeks will be critical."
Jeanine Pirro on her Support for Trump
Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro explained her staunch support for Donald Trump. "I know him and I love him," she professed, "but he has not stayed on message. No one should be surprised - Donald Trump has never even run for mayor, so let's not be so critical of the guy. He comes from the world of business and the bottom line is that he has connected with the American people and he now has to pivot to the general election. He should never mention another name again except for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama." Pirro praised Trump for his recent outreach to minorities, saying, "For the first time we have heard a presidential candidate really focus on the African American community and the fact that they are victims of crime."
Escalating Tension with Iran
Iran has executed some aggressive and threatening actions toward U.S. ships in international waters. Eric invited reaction from Lt. Col Tony Shaffer. "We know exactly what's going on," Shaffer said. "Ever since we signed the agreement with Iran they have done everything they can to expand their influence in the region and intimidate us. We are constantly showing weakness, which gets people to push your buttons. The Obama administration has missed opportunities to destabilize the Iranian regime and has actually done things to prop them up. We have to push back and push back hard!"
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