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Thursday, March 30, 2017
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The Brawl Over Sanctuary Cities
Guests: Attorney General Jeff Sessions
As we've reported, the Trump administration is threatening to withhold federal grant money from sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with immigration law. The city of Seattle, a sanctuary city, is suing the feds over this threat, saying they're being unfairly targeted. More lawsuits from cities around the country may follow. Tonight we'll speak to Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the battle between the Trump administration and cities that say they won't enforce federal immigration law.
Immigration Case Backlog
Guests: Judge Jeanine Pirro
There are currently over half a million immigration cases pending in the United States right now. Our nation's 300 immigration judges are drowning in cases and barely making a dent in the massive backlog. Judge Pirro explains how we ended up in this mess and what Donald Trump is doing to try and get out of it.
Update on the Russia Investigation
Guests: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters
The Factor has told you all about the far left's attempt to delegitimize the Trump administration by saying members of the campaign colluded with Vladimir Putin to undermine the election. Tonight we talk to Lt. Col. Ralph Peters about what's true in this case and what's just speculation.
Safety and Sanctuary Cities
Guests: Eric Shawn & Shannon Bream
Supporters of sanctuary cities say areas embracing illegal immigrants are safer than other cities around the country. Is that true? We'll lay out what we know in Truth Serum tonight.
Media Bias Debate
Guests: Bernie Goldberg
Is cable news harming America? Veteran newsman Ted Koppel says it is. Bernie will share his thoughts on whether the news media is helping divide the country.
Making the Most of Spring Break
Guests: Jesse Watters
For decades, college students have used their spring break vacation to party on the beach. But students from the University of Delaware are using their time off to improve the lives of others and help rebuild homes. Watters will show you what they're up to tonight.
Jeff Sessions in the No Spin Zone