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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Religious Rights vs. The Constitution
Guest:Karl Rove
Some on the left are demanding that tax dollars be used for abortion. Any folks that dissent are considered part of the "War on Women". Same goes for gay marriage. If folks are against it, they're labeled anti-gay. How did the Secular Progressive movement make such strides in America? We'll discuss it with Karl Rove.
John Stossel on the Controversy in Indiana
Guest:John Stossel
Controversy remains in Indiana after blowback from a new law that would allow people of faith to legally challenge activities that go against their consciences. Some say this is specifically targeted at gays. Libertarian John Stossel joins us to say he believes businesses should indeed be allowed to deny any customer they choose based on whatever reason they like.
The Truth about Indiana, Stop & Frisk
Guests:Eric Shawn & Shannon Bream
Did President Obama vote for a religious freedom law very similar to Indiana's? Did stopping the Stop & Frisk program in New York City have any kind of effect on gun violence in New York? Our Truth Serum segment will tell you tonight
Unrepentant Harry Reid
Guests:Andrea Tantaros & Jessica Ehrlich
Senator Harry Reid seems proud of telling a lie on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes during the last presidential election. Will these dirty tactics continue through 2016? We'll discuss it tonight.
The D-Man Returns to Opine on Bowe Bergdahl and More
Guest:Dennis Miller
Tonight Miller breaks down the Bowe Bergdahl situation, a Congresswoman saying global warming will lead to an increase in prostitution, and what he wants for Easter.
Radical Protestors Caught on Tape
Guest:Martha MacCallum
Recently, a group of radical protesters invaded three Atlanta restaurants screaming about racism in America. The diners didn't seem too happy to be interrupted. Tonight we'll show you the video. Also, an Army veteran caught on tape confronting a panhandler for pretending to serve in the military. Don't miss Did You See That tonight.
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