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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Wednesday: Glenn Beck Enters The No Spin Zone
How Black Lives Matter is Killing Americans
"First, the stats - and they are stunning. Since the Ferguson chaos, murders in the USA's 50 largest cities are up nearly 17%, and much higher in cities with large black populations. In Chicago, shootings are up around 80% this year alone. Why? Because the Chicago police have stopped stopping suspicious people. When you fail to police pro-actively, people commit more crimes. The media will not spotlight that much of the violent crime in America is being committed by young black men. In fact, black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at a rate 10-times higher than white and Hispanic male teenagers. There is a violent sub-culture in the African-American community that should be exposed and confronted. Enter the Black Lives Matter crew, which roams the country promoting a false narrative that American police officers are hunting down and killing blacks. A new book by Heather MacDonald starkly lays out the threat from the radical group, which openly attacks CompStat, a policy placing officers where violent crime is taking place. Here's a quote from Ms. Mac Donald: 'No other government program has come close to the success of CompStat. In New York City, businesses that had shunned previously drug-infested areas now set up shop there, offering residents a choice in shopping and creating a demand for workers. Children could ride their bikes on city sidewalks without their mothers worrying that they would be shot. But the crime victories of the last two decades, and the moral support on which law and order depends, are now in jeopardy thanks to the falsehoods of the Black Lives Matter movement.' Summing up, thousands more Americans are being murdered because police are more passive since the Ferguson situation and the Black Lives Matter protests. Talking Points believes every American should know the truth. Sympathetic media and many race hustlers are backing Black Lives Matter. The final indignity? Members of the group have even been invited to the White House."

The Factor invited reaction from attorney and political activist Eric Guster, who took issue with the Memo. "I don't buy that at all," he declared. "Police officers need to do their jobs, and if they did their jobs effectively it would reduce the murder rate. But if police officers after Ferguson are saying they won't police because they're being held accountable, then they're not doing their jobs. If police officers are doing the right thing, they'll be okay." Guster also defended Black Lives Matter and their anti-cop rhetoric. "In many communities, when you are being over-policed and harassed, that's what these young people are experiencing. So they're talking about their truths and what they experience on a daily basis."
Violent Anti-Trump Demonstrations
There were violent anti-Trump protests in New Mexico this week when the candidate held a rally there. FNC's Monica Crowley and Eboni Williams scrutinized the ugly scene. "There were two main groups that organized the protests," Crowley reported, "and both of them are progressive groups, professional leftists. But this kind of violence reaches a saturation point and it no longer has the impact it once did." Williams lauded one of the organizing groups for attempting to keep the peace. "They were actually putting their bodies between the police and the very aggressive and nasty protesters, but it didn't work. Some of these people were wearing bandanas on their faces, which is lawless and reckless and the act of a coward." The Factor posited, "This is being done by design to create a chaotic environment around Donald Trump.
Who Will Receive Glenn Beck's Vote?
The Factor welcomed Glenn Beck, who had fervently supported Ted Cruz, and asked who will now get his vote. "I've had my fill of endorsing candidates," Beck declared, "and I don't know who I will vote for yet. It will absolutely never be Hillary Clinton, but I'm listening to Donald Trump, I'm looking at all possibilities." Beck also spoke about his recent visit to Facebook, where he and other conservatives spoke with CEO Mark Zuckerberg about alleged anti-conservative bias. "I believed him when he said there is no intentional and institutional bias. But he did say that they are surrounded by liberals and bias may happen. He also said they are working on artificial intelligence to get people out of these decisions."
Bad News For Hillary Clinton
The State Department's Inspector General has issued a report highly critical of former Secretary Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server. The Factor asked Judge Andrew Napolitano to cut through the legalese. "This is a big deal," he ruled, "because it directly refutes a statement she has made dozens of times when she said what she did was allowed. On her first day on the job she signed an oath and swore that she knew how to care for state secrets. What was new in the report today was that when her home server went down, Hillary Clinton refused to use a State Department BlackBerry. So she had documents verbally read to her rather than use the State Department system. I believe there is ample evidence to indict her."
Obama's Final Pardons
With President Obama in the mood to commute sentences and issue pardons, Dennis Miller offered some suggestions for who else might be set free: "One is Mumia Abu Jamal, who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer. Then there is Leonard Peltier, who killed two FBI agents. Financier Marc Rich is dead, but Democrats are still compelled to give him a pardon. Joanne Chesimard lives in Cuba, where she went after killing a New Jersey state trooper. Maybe when President Obama cleans out Gitmo, he'll turn it over to Chesimard. And in the number one slot of who should be pardoned are Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary will be for the private email server, and there are a lot of reasons for Bill. Just throw a dart."
Elizabeth Warren vs. Trump
Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has been hitting Donald Trump hard, calling him a 'money-grubber.' Trump, never shy about returning fire, referred to her as 'Pocahontas,' mocking her false claim of having Indian heritage. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum analyzed the senator's verbal aggression. "I think Elizabeth Warren is enjoying her moment," MacCallum said. "Her rhetoric gets a ton of attention and she may have some regrets about not running. I think she's priming her spot for the future." The Factor speculated, "She might want to get attention as a VP candidate, which would mollify the Bernie Sanders people."
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Cynthia Silkey, Osage Beach, MO: "Bill, how can you ask people to save money and then tell them to buy things on your website?"

Shaun Faber, Santa Rosa, CA: "Bill, you and Krauthammer sound like rich, out of touch, old, elitist, white guys."

Glenna Hartzog, Clayton, AL: "There is no incentive to save! Money could be in a savings account for ten years and earn no interest."

Phil Jorgenson, Maui, HI: "Bill, best Talking Points ever. Your take on money was right on."
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