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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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A Congresswoman Attacks President Trump
"For years Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, has been an outspoken left-wing voice, highlighting the oppression she believes black Americans experience. Talking Points believes Ms. Waters is totally sincere and should not be marginalized by political opponents. I made that mistake this morning on Fox & Friends. I said in a simple jest that the congresswoman's hair distracted me. That was stupid, I apologize, it had no place in the conversation. It's not necessary to poke fun at anyone who is speaking from the heart, but it is necessary to analyze what is being said. Congresswoman Waters says Donald Trump is 'dangerous for this country.' It would be instructive for Ms. Waters to come on The Factor to define her beef, but of course she will not do that because she would be challenged. President Trump has put forth a philosophy that would certainly help the poor, including African-Americans. The more jobs that are created, the higher incomes will be on every level. The more discipline imposed in public schooling, the more the kids will learn. So what exactly is Maxine Waters talking about when she says Mr. Trump is dangerous for America? I have no idea, and I do not think Ms. Waters has any clue either. She is just spouting the left-wing company line, and she doesn't brook disagreement. That's not patriotism madam, that's demagoguery. I really wish liberal advocates would stop the ideological nonsense and focus on what America offers every responsible citizen - opportunity, a variety of ways to success, freedom of expression, and a real chance to help yourself and help others. But in order to succeed, you must be self-reliant, not dependent on the entitlement system that Maxine Waters loves so much. You must learn and develop a skill, and you must be honest. That's the message Congresswoman Waters and others should be spreading. Questioning the patriotism of others and bashing a new president isn't patriotic. It is useless!"

The Factor invited radio talk show host Jamila Bey to analyze Maxine Waters and her loathing of Donald Trump. "Congresswoman Waters is impassioned and she is speaking for her constituents," Bey said, "and when she talks about the honesty of this president she brings up some good questions. He is under investigation and there are issues that a congresswoman with her clearance would be privy to. Donald Trump asked black people 'what do you have to lose,' but we are already seeing that there are 24-million Americans who are afraid of him taking away their health care. I do not believe that African Americans are generally prospering today, and if Donald Trump changes that we will all be happy." The Factor urged both Jamila Bey and Maxine Waters to at least give the president a chance.
Rockville Update
Two illegal immigrant teens have been charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in Rockville, Maryland, but their defense attorneys say the sex was consensual. Juan Williams and Lisa Boothe opined on the very disturbing case. "It's a horrific crime," Williams began, "and it's a major story because Donald Trump has made a big issue of illegal immigration and crime. But there is still tremendous resistance in sanctuary cities against efforts to defund them or punish them." Boothe denounced the rush to blame the young woman. "The possibility of a 14-year-old being raped matters and the reality is that we do not know if it was consensual. The police have said that it was not consensual and documents describe a gruesome sequence of events."
Punishing Sanctuary Cities
The state of Texas is withholding funds from the city of Austin, which refuses to detain some illegal aliens who have been arrested. The Factor debated the issue with Eddie Rodriguez, a member of the Texas House of Representatives and a sanctuary proponent. "I support law enforcement," Rodriguez declared, "and local law enforcement here thinks this is the best policy. No one has told me that communities will be safer if anti-sanctuary city laws are passed. I don't believe our Sheriff Sally Hernandez is violating federal law, she is allowing herself the discretion to go after violent offenders." The Factor disagreed, saying, "The Justice Department demands that all local law enforcement obey federal immigration laws."
Should the U.S. Punish Russia?
Most Republicans and Democrats agree that Russia tried to interfere in our presidential election. The Factor asked former Bush adviser Dana Perino what can be done about it. "There are international laws saying that a foreign country cannot try to subvert an election," she stated. "We know that the Russians have wanted to do this for decades and they are now trying to do it in France. Cyber-warfare is called 'warfare' for a reason, and it should be on the agenda of the NATO meeting when President Trump meets with them, that will be a good step for him."
Political Correctness Gone Wild
Many people in America are terrified of stating unpopular opinions that run counter to the politically correct culture. The Factor spoke with one victim of the P.C. police, Professor Michael Rectenwald. "I established an anonymous Twitter account," Rectenwald said, "and I tweeted a few things about political correctness and how it was ruling New York University. For example, I talked about the surveillance of Halloween costumes. This is all very scary and it goes back to Maoism. There is a 'shaming' culture." Nick Adams, author of the book 'Retaking America,' related a recent example. "Political correctness is pretty much behind every problem we see in America today. One college in Massachusetts took down the American flag until veterans groups protested. Political correctness is a way of life, it's a hostility aimed directly at the values that have made America the most exceptional nation on Earth."
Racist Blue Lives Matter Flag?
Speaking of P.C. culture, a woman in Florida was ordered to take down a flag honoring American police. Bernard McGuirk ridiculed the homeowners' association behind that order. "These people acquiesced to a person who complained," McGuirk groused. "I would have told the complaining person to call the cops." Greg Gutfeld turned to a publication that advises job-seekers what to avoid in job interviews. "They said it's not a good idea to ask the person interviewing you out to dinner, but I happen to think that's appropriate because it shows initiative. You saw an opportunity and you should be hired because it shows you are not willing to wait. Let's go to the local Applebee's!"
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Factor Words of the Day
Sharon Bendtzen, Eugene, OR: "Listen up, Bill. Ted Koppel is a liberal first, newsman last."

Steve Davies, Da Nang, Vietnam: "Koppel and his contemporaries refuse to admit that times and news delivery have changed. Most of the national media is no longer the fourth estate - now they are a fifth column for the left."

Val Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM: "Mr. O'Reilly, you are correct on the healthcare front. Regular folks like me are the ones who will continue to suffer the consequences of Obamacare."

Gerard Smith, Evansville, IN: "The Freedom Caucus should be thanked for standing up to Paul Ryan. The bill contains all the bad things in Obamacare."
New Book, Old School
Bill's latest book, co-authored by Bruce Feirstein, is out this week. 'Old School: Life in the Sane Lane' has already reached the top of the heap on Amazon.