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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Liberal Versus Conservative Americans
"A new Gallup poll asked Americans to describe themselves on social issues. 5% say they are very conservative, 26% conservative, 21% liberal, and 10% very liberal. That's the first time since 1999 that conservatives have not outnumbered liberals. Why is this happening? I call it the Watters' World syndrome, that more Americans are ignorant of the consequences involving social behavior. I believe that about 50% of the American people take the time to understand important issues, the other half are simpletons unwilling and unable to discipline themselves into formulating a philosophy of life. The second factor driving the trend is the media. Not the news media, as most Americans don't even bother with the news anymore. It is the entertainment industry and social media that are putting forth a more libertine lifestyle. Let's look at the social issues themselves. In 2001 just 40% of Americans believed gay or lesbian relations were morally acceptable. Now that number stands at 63%, a huge change. That's because the entertainment industry has mainstreamed the gay lifestyle, and some who support gay marriage have branded the opposition as bigots. Second issue, having a baby outside of marriage: In 2002, 45% of Americans found it morally acceptable, today it is 61%. Again, that is driven by the entertainment industry and lack of peer pressure to keep child rearing within the marital arena. This trend has badly damaged our society, often leading to poverty and lack of supervision. On the subject of abortion: In 2001, 42% found it morally acceptable. Now, 45% do. This is an area where the entertainment industry and the progressive movement have failed to move the dial. Most Americans understand that destroying a potential human being is not a righteous act. Finally, Americans are appalled by adultery. In 2001, only 7% of Americans condoned marital affairs, and in 2015, just 8% do. Few who are married want to be betrayed, so all theory and politics fly out the window. America isn't France. Gallup also did a poll on economic issues, where Americans are far more conservative. 39% say they are conservative when it comes to how the government runs the economy, just 19% describe themselves as liberal. That's fascinating because we twice elected a man who believes capitalism must be dramatically changed. Going forward, Talking Points believes America is in for a big shock. Whether it's another brutal terror attack here or an economic collapse, I can't tell you. But what I can say with certainty is that the public school system is on the verge of collapse, chaos in the minority precincts is as bad as it's ever been, and the drive to legalize drugs will sap initiative and create millions of addicts. Americans are evenly divided ideologically. But when the bill comes due and something awful happens, this country will snap back to traditional thinking."
Liberal vs. Conservative America
Continuing on that liberal vs. conservative theme, The Factor asked Democrat Nomiki Konst and Republican Andrea Tantaros to opine on the Memo. "I agreed with everything," Tantaros said, "until you said the country can snap back into traditional mode. I think the genie is out of the bottle - we aren't going to get back to fiscal responsibility because people are hooked on the government goodies. The culture is progressive, you can't hit rewind." Konst, meanwhile, took an ideological victory lap. "We progressives have done a lot of work over the past decade in getting our message out. We've utilized social media, we've organized field campaigns, we've done a lot of work to push these social issues forward."
War on Women
Fox News correspondent Ed Henry, who has been traveling with the Clinton campaign, analyzed her latest strategy. "She's trying to turn out female voters," Henry reported, "and not just in the Democratic primaries. She also thinks that's a clear path in the general election, but one problem is that when she was in the Senate she paid female staffers 72 cents for every dollar made by men." The Factor predicted that Clinton will resurrect the 'war on women' accusations against the GOP: "Most Americans are just going to hear her pound the grievance table, saying women are not treated as well as men. The Republicans have to come up with an antidote."
First Class Treatment for Congress?
Are members of Congress flying first-class and living high on the taxpayer's dime? The Factor asked FNC's Shannon Bream to inject some truth serum into that accusation. "Members can fly first class any time they want," she confirmed. "They get an allotment of money that is divided up among the members and they can use that money however they want. Some members say it's not appropriate to fly first class with an $18-trillion debt, but they couldn't get it up for a vote." Eric Shawn turned to the news that 20 nations that contributed to the Clinton Foundation made arms deals with the USA. "The question is whether there is any wrongdoing," Shawn pondered. "Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to the Clinton Foundation but that was before Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. Boeing gave money to the foundation, but says it was designated for Haitian relief. The foundation says there is no conflict of interest."
A Message From the Pope
Pope Francis is preaching that people are watching too much TV and spending too much on their pets. Dennis Miller opined on those complaints. "I dig His Holiness," he began, but he's talking in what they call 'Biden Encyclical,' which means that everything that comes out of your mouth is wrong. The trouble with being pope is that you don't focus on important things like watching television, and I think he was shattered when 'ALF' was canceled. As for pets, what if your pet is the dove that represents the Holy Spirit? Pope John XXIII had a dog named Rex who was able to heal, and I do mean both spellings." The Factor rationalized the pope's logic, saying, "People spend a lot on pets, so maybe we want to cut back and give the money to the poor."
Bergdahl Update
When Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum interviewed General Stanley McChrystal this week, the general admitted that he knew all along that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter and "a confused young man." "General McChrystal made clear that Bergdahl had deserted his post," MacCallum said, "and the big question will be whether he went AWOL or whether he deserted. Misbehavior before the enemy, which means that he was in cahoots with the Taliban, brings a life sentence. Bergdahl had to be honorable to justify that trade for five Taliban, and he was not. But the White House tried to pull one over on the American people."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Alice Hodapp, Indianapolis, IN: "I've been watching The Factor for sixteen years, and last night's memo was the best ever. Concise, brilliant, truthful."

Chuck Cabrera, Oro Valley, CA: "Bill, you've reached rock bottom. Your Talking Points was the most ignorant, overblown diatribe ever."

Ellen Trace, Hagerstown, MD: "Bill, Kirsten Powers owes you an apology for suggesting a book called 'Killing O'Reilly.'"

Phil Hearn, Hattiesburg, MS: "Bill, I am 71 and find Powers attractive and smart. But after listening to her defend President Obama's foreign policy, I will refrain from asking her to dinner."
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