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Friday, September 23, 2016
The Factor Rundown
Friday: Tension in Charlotte Goes On
The Charlotte Shooting and the Presidential Election
"Things calmed down a bit in Charlotte last night, but there is still tension in the air. Attorneys for Keith Scott, who was shot dead by police on Tuesday, have put out a video taken by Scott's wife that chronicles some of the confrontation. That video is not conclusive or an indictment of anyone, but there was obviously a chaotic confrontation. The police officer believed Keith Scott had a gun and that's all we can take away. Nevertheless some Americans will reach conclusions that have little basis in reality. The big problem is that some African-Americans sincerely believe the police want to hurt them. To be fair, the perception that African-Americans are at a disadvantage with the police must be considered. However, the stats are the stats and we have laid them out for you. According to a recent Harvard study and Justice Department statistics, there is no methodical persecution of blacks by the police. But again, you are not going to convince some Americans of that. Talking Points believes that the social unrest in Charlotte will give North Carolina's 15 electoral votes to Donald Trump. Social order will always be a conservative issue and Mr. Trump is taking a hard line. Today Hillary Clinton tweeted that the police video of the shooting should be released. She says that might ensure justice. I'm not so sure. According to the Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney, who has been a hero in this sad situation, the video is inconclusive and is currently in the hands of investigators. So caution may be the best policy here. But politics being what they are, Secretary Clinton must come down on the side of the minority community, which she desperately needs to win the election. As for minority Americans themselves, Talking Points has this to say: Racial division can only be healed by dignified conduct. That means no hate, no violence, no anarchy. The overwhelming number of police officers are decent human beings doing a tough job, putting themselves in danger every day. Most African-Americans understand that and I believe are ashamed when other blacks loot burn and hate. Summing up, the Charlotte shooting will directly influence the presidential race and we can expect a number of questions during the debate about racial tension in the USA. There is a stark difference between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump on the issue. Mr. Trump is running as the law and order candidate who appeals to people that despise social unrest, especially when it turns violent. But he has to be careful that he does not denigrate legitimate concerns that the African-American community puts forth. For her part Hillary Clinton must side with the minority communities on all issues. If she does not, she will lose the election."
Further Unrest in Charlotte
For more on the situation in Charlotte, The Factor turned to Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan. "People are scared here," he reported. "The buildings behind me are boarded up, some of them were looted and now they have closed up shop. There is a lot of concern that outsiders will try to come in and cause trouble, and the big question is whether this new video will spark new protests. So this is not a logical place right now. There are bike police keeping tabs on people and we have the National Guard, there is a wide range of force here."
Rove on Monday's Big Debate
The Factor asked Karl Rove to provide some sage debate advice to Donald Trump. "He has to reassure the American people," Rove said, "that he is up to the job by mixing his message with the proper tone. We saw that in Mexico City, the tone of that press conference was pitch perfect. He has to keep emphasizing change and he has to show that he is restrained and moderate in tone. He can occasionally show a little temper, but he should look like a president. One problem is that he feeds off the audience, but people will not be applauding or reacting."
Bernie's Tips for Lester Holt
Bernie Goldberg also looked ahead to Monday's debate, which will be moderated by NBC's Lester Holt. "There will be a lot of pressure on Lester Holt and the other moderators," Goldberg stated, "because so many people are watching. But it really is easy to be fair - all you have to do is ask tough and provocative questions equally on both sides on topics that matter. Goldberg also opined on the question of whether the moderator should fact-check the candidates during the debate. "If one of the candidates says something that is blatantly false, the moderator should tell the candidate that it isn't so."
Trump's Lead Shrinking in LA Times Poll
The Los Angeles Times national tracking poll, which had Trump leading by nearly seven points a few days ago, has tightened significantly. Dana Perino entered the No Spin Zone with her analysis. "The daily tracking poll," she observed, "is like a focus group that goes on for a long period of time. These people know they'll be getting a phone call every day and they want to do their homework. Hillary Clinton continues to do better in polls when the major issues are terrorism and race relations." The Factor put forth a different explanation: "Trump has declined by five points in five days because he hasn't been around. He does better when he is seen saying something strong and the race issue in Charlotte took him out of the equation." Turning to Friday's endorsement of Donald Trump by his former rival Ted Cruz, Perino said, "Trump has done a very good job of consolidating the Republican vote."
Watters Visits Clinton Rally
Last week Jesse Watters spoke with some rabid Trump supporters at one of his rallies, so this week Hillary Clinton's fans got their chance. Here's what some of her acolytes had to say: "I am here to see the next president of the United States" ... "I am excited at the prospect of a woman being in the White House" ... "She's definitely experienced" ... "Her plan to defeat ISIS is a lot better than just bombing the crap out of them" ... "Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit."
Bill on Kimmel's Couch
While in Los Angeles, The Factor stopped in for a chat with Jimmy Kimmel and put forth this debate preview: "Both candidates have vulnerabilities. Donald Trump could say anything at any time, and if he starts with the 'crooked Hillary' stuff he'll lose. On the other side, Hillary Clinton is calling him all kinds of names, and if she does that, she'll lose. Americans want problem-solving, we've heard all the insults and we don't need any more. They both have big weak points and that's why this debate will be so fascinating."
Popcorn, Soda, Donald, and Hillary
Monday's historic debate will be even more fun if you watch it while munching popcorn and sipping a nice cold beverage.
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