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Friday, April 17, 2015
White Suppression: The Big Lie
"Joining 'white privilege' is a new piece of far-left propaganda called 'white suppression.' Basically the anti-American zealots are trying to convince people that we have an unjust society and that we need a complete overhaul in our political and economic systems. White privilege and suppression will be a big issue in the upcoming presidential campaign, even if those terms are not openly used. So let's get down to it. The other night I said, 'If you are a Christian or a white man in the USA it's open season on you.' Enter New York Times columnist Charles Blow, who wrote this: 'Bill O'Reilly bemoaned the idea that our traditional American values are under siege nearly everywhere.' Bemoaned? What I said is a fact, and if Mr. Blow doesn't know that he should retire. But his agenda is to convince his readers that white people actively suppress blacks and other minorities. That is the theme of the far left. In another New York Times column, race-baiter Michael Eric Dyson wrote that Americans 'minimize our complicity in the horrors of our history.' Apparently Dyson believes the slave trade continues to define America and all white people are complicit. Complete bull. It is true that in the corridors of power white men dominate. But if a woman or a minority wants to succeed in this country, they can. Blow and Dyson are examples of that. Historically, minorities and women did not have the same advantages as white men, and in some places that is still true. But not in most places. No society is perfect, but there is no organized white suppression, and our system gives all men and women the chance to succeed if they do what is necessary to compete. And that's the truth."

Fox News analyst Karl Rove scrutinized the politics of 'white privilege.' "The Democratic narrative and the Hillary Clinton narrative," he said, "is that America is unfair and the source of that unfairness is our economic system. So a Republican candidate has to be prepared to make the argument that the best way to assure opportunity for everyone is to rely on the great strength of the American people and our marketplace rather than our government. To the extent that we've had a rise in inequality over the past six years, it's because the government works on behalf of the politically connected." The Factor predicted that the GOP nominee will be painted as a Neanderthal: "Whoever the Republican candidate is will be demonized by Mr. Blow, Mr. Dyson, and the networks we compete with. If the Republican defends the American system, he or she will be labeled as the 'oppressor.'"
Presidential Politics
Former Arkansas Governor and former Fox News host Mike Huckabee is expected to soon announce his candidacy for the presidency. He entered the No Spin Zone to articulate his priorities. "You have to take the fight to those who are misrepresenting it," he said. "If we allow the left to define the terms of the debate and we don't challenge that, we lose before the game starts. You can't let these people get away with ridiculous and inane statements that are easily brushed away. Huckabee, who defeated the 'Clinton machine' in Arkansas, critizized Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. "One of the reasons she's running away from the issues is that the issues are her Achilles' Heel. Did we have a 'reset' with Russia? Was she really 'dead broke' when she left the White House? I don't think there is anyone in America who knows more than I do how the Clintons will play ruthlessly to win."
Police & African Americans
Democratic Representative Hank Johnson, sometimes cited as the dumbest member of Congress, claims that cops in America are essentially hunting down black men. Geraldo Rivera reacted to that accusation. "This guy may be a lunatic," he began, "but there is a perception in too many black families that the cops are more of a danger than the crooks. A Republican can defeat that perception by saying, 'If I am elected president, I will make every single police killing a presumptive federal offense.' You have to do that and it is constitutional." The Factor reminded Rivera that many Americans object to bigger government, saying, "That might alienate conservative people who don't want the federal government to expand its authority."
Gay Marriage Battle
The Factor welcomed Pastor Robert Jeffress, who has joined other religious leaders in urging the Supreme Court to rule against same-sex marriage. "If the Supreme Court enshrines gay marriage as a constitutional right," Jeffress opined, "it will truly be open season on Christians and those who believe in traditional marriage. Once you make gay marriage a 'civil right,' anyone who opposes it is guilty of civil rights violations. And if you expand the definition of marriage to two men or two women, why stop there?" The Factor warned Jeffress that he is fighting an uphill battle: "People of faith like you have to convince the secular judges that this is way beyond their authority. I don't know if you're going to be able to do it."
Pam Anderson Pushes Prison Reform
Actress Pamela Anderson, best known for her skimpy swimsuits in the TV show Baywatch, is pushing for a vegetarian diet for prisoners. Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk, even with no lifeguards in sight, dove headfirst into the subject. "I don't thing she's gone far enough," Gutfeld quipped. "What about 'last meals?' Have you seen how fattening they are, with fried chicken and prime rib? But in terms of regular convicts, I don't want future ex-cons to be in better shape than me, I want to be able to outrun them." McGuirk pointed out that Anderson's initiative is being endorsed by Joe Arpaio, the Arizonan known as the 'toughest sheriff' in America. "This is a bizarre pairing, this would be like O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow teaming up for some gluten-free nonsense. But I've long admired Pamela Anderson's 'great body' of work."
Healthy Living
Speaking of actresses and diets, Suzanne Somers has written a new guide book for living a healthy live. She provided a few basic tips. "First, you need eight hours of sleep for all the repair work to happen," she began, "and if you can do that you are ahead of the game. Our fish is kind of wrecked with mercury, and if you eat steak, it should be grass-fed. If your cow ate corn, that's against their natural evolution and they get infections. And to prevent bone loss, fill the tank with testosterone." The Factor lauded Somers for her efforts, saying, "Congratulations on trying to make the American people more healthy."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Charles Jensen, Cedar Hills, UT: "President Obama deceived the country about Bowe Bergdahl. This is just as troubling to me as the trade for five Taliban commanders."

Bob Critchfield, Romeo, CO: "Enjoyed the interview with Lauren Green very much. I find her life experience and work at Fox News nothing short of admirable."

Nick Federico, Stoneham, MA: "I'm 15 and I learned more from 'Killing Patton' than I did the whole year in World History."
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