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Friday, April 29, 2016
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Political Things on My Mind
"Number 1: John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, called Ted Cruz 'Lucifer in the flesh.' Mr. Boehner does not like Cruz because of the senator's unwillingness to compromise over the budget and other issues. The problem here is this: Boehner is a sniper. We invited him on the program, but he turned us down as he always does. If you are going to smear someone, at least submit yourself to questioning in order to provide some perspective. The second thing on my mind: Will Ferrell, a very successful actor-comedian, was apparently about to do a satire that would include mocking Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's condition. The movie is thus far unsold, and I believe it will remain so because now Will Ferrell has pulled out of the project after getting hammered in the court of public opinion. I know a lot about this because I am an executive producer of the upcoming movie Killing Reagan, based on my book. I am very involved with the script, making sure that Ronald Reagan is treated with respect and fairness. As for Ferrell, if he had gone ahead with the dopey film, he would have put his career on the line. Dementia is not something you treat lightly, nor is the legacy of a president many consider to be a patriot. Number 3: The continuing chaos outside Donald Trump's political rallies. Last night in Costa Mesa, California, 17 people were arrested for a variety of offenses while protesting Mr. Trump. When Americans see people destroying police cars and generally behaving in an untoward way, they don't like those people. Their actions are undemocratic and actually provide sympathy for the person they dislike, Donald Trump. Many of these protesters are so stupid they cannot understand that, but it is the truth. You pinheads wrecking cop cars and spraying your political opponents with chemicals might want to consider that."
Bolling & Rivera React
Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling evaluated the political observations put forth in the Talking Points Memo. "Politics is a blood sport," Bolling said, "and Senator Ted Cruz advised far-right members of the House to push back against then-Speaker John Boehner. Cruz will have to push back against the Washington cartel that Boehner embodies." Rivera actually defended the proposed movie that would have starred Will Ferrell as an addled Ronald Reagan. "It is almost a sacrilege," Rivera said, "to talk about Ronald Reagan's diminished capacity. But that was the hottest script in Hollywood and Will Ferrell chickened out." Rivera also agreed that anti-Trump protesters are shooting themselves in the foot, saying, ""Ill-advised violence and mayhem like this only drives people to the thing you loathe, it is profoundly counter-productive."
Gender Politics Battle
Donald Trump repeatedly accuses Hillary Clinton of 'playing the woman's card,' while strongly implying that gender is her only qualification. The Factor asked FNC's Kirsten Powers to join the fray. "I think it's true that Hillary Clinton has played the woman's card," she said, "but I don't think it's something Trump should be saying. I also don't think he should be saying she would not be a successful candidate if she were a man. He shouldn't be surprised when he is labeled a 'sexist,' because women are tired of hearing how they are somehow advantaged by being a woman. Even if she had never married Bill Clinton, she would have done very well."
San Bernardino Update
Legal wizards Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl reported the latest news surrounding December's terrorist murders in San Bernardino. "The brother of the San Bernardino shooter and his wife were arrested this week," Wiehl reported, "along with another woman. They are charged with marriage fraud conspiracy. This is about sham marriages but it has nothing to do with the terrorist attacks." Guilfoyle added that the charges are serious felonies. "Marriage fraud and producing false statements are very serious crimes. The woman faces 25 years in prison and the man faces 40 years."
Is the Media Honest?
The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg to assess media coverage of the primary races. "We should be concerned," Goldberg groused, "when the media is unfair to the American people. When cable news runs Donald Trump's rallies and speeches live and unedited, it comes off as an infomercial for Trump that he doesn't even have to pay for. Leslie Moonves, the head of CBS, admitted that all the coverage of Trump may not be good for America, but it's good for CBS. I want news organizations to make lots of money, but they have other obligations as well. Infomercials and soft interviews don't do the American people any good." The Factor reminded Goldberg, "You're not going to see any infomercials on The Factor, we won't even let candidates call in.
Trump and African-American Support
Donald Trump predicts that he will defy the odds and win over many black Americans. The Factor spoke with Nikke Johnson-Huston, a black attorney who theorized that Trump may indeed garner some black votes. "I've been really disturbed with some of the labels that have been put on white working-class voters by the media," she explained. "They've been called racists and xenophobes and it's been upsetting to me. In America you can vote for who you want to and supporting Donald Trump, which may not be my position, is perfectly acceptable. The vast majority of African Americans won't vote for Donald Trump, but I don't think they would vote for any Republican. And I have talked with many African Americans who said they will vote for Trump. The concerns of the black working class are the same concerns as those of the white working class."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Bernard Helinsky, Baltimore, MD: "Bill, please be advised that Mr. Trump did not deserve the talk down antics from you."

Josh Glickman, Huntingdon Valley, PA: "Bill, by far your best interview with Trump. You tackled important issues and gave viewers proof that you are fair."

Ronald Boettcher, Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan: "Not happy Mr. Trump is saying he will not discuss specific strategy to defeat ISIS. We need to establish to the world that we will stay and defeat these people."

Mike Murphy, Lodi, CA: "I was born and raised 15 miles south of San Francisco. The city is now a dump, that's all there is to it."
Admitting Error
The Factor, one day after telling Donald Trump that he would need about 100-million votes to win the general election, corrected that by pointing out that President Obama won with about 66-million votes. The obvious tip: Always own up to your mistakes.
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