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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
The Factor Rundown
Wednesday: Trump in the No Spin Zone
Looking Back at the Debate with Trump
Donald Trump joined The Factor and evaluated his Monday night showdown with Hillary Clinton. "I really loved the experience," he began, "and every single instant poll said I won the debate. During the debate I saw her talking and talking about what she's going to do and I realized that she's been doing this for 26 years and nothing gets done. That hit me during the debate more than any other time, whether it's health care or child care or anything else. She talks and nothing gets done, unless it's for her and her donors." The Factor pressed Trump on his apparent claim that he did always not pay federal income taxes. "She said maybe I paid no taxes," the Republican candidate said, "and I said that would make me smart. I wouldn't mind paying more taxes if our politicians knew what to do with the money, but they basically don't know what they're doing. We've spent $6-trillion in the Middle East and if we did nothing we would be in much better shape!" Trump turned to the subject of women and accusations that he mistreated former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. "I hardly know this person, she wasn't a successful Miss Universe. She did not do well, she had a lot of difficulties, and the company wanted to fire her. I saved her job! A lot of things are now coming out, they're saying she threatened the life of a judge. If this turns out to be true it will make Hillary Clinton look extremely bad."
Trump Grades Lester Holt
Returning for another segment, Donald Trump analyzed debate moderator Lester Holt's performance. "When I first did the debate," Trump said, "I thought he was fine, but then I reviewed it and read the commentary and realized he was much tougher on me than on Hillary. He badgered me and corrected me on things where I was right. I was disappointed." Trump also castigated San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is refusing to honor the flag and the National Anthem. "I think what he's doing is disgraceful. He's making a tremendous amount of money, he's living the American dream, and if I were the team owner I would not be happy. What he's doing is very bad for the spirit of this country, even though he has the right to protest." The Factor pointedly asked Trump why he did not confront Hillary Clinton on the Charlotte riots and sanctuary cities. "I had many other things that I did go after her on," Trump replied, "and you can't hit every single point. Her answer about the police was very disrespectful, and if I am elected we will not be funding sanctuary cities."
Another Look at Hillary's Emails
A House committee interrogated FBI boss James Comey again Wednesday, questioning the agency's performance in the Hillary Clinton email affair. Law professor Jonathan Turley opined on the proceedings. "None of this makes sense to me," Turley said about the FBI's granting of immunity to Clinton aides. "These immunity deals are baffling and I was floored when I found out they gave immunity to Cheryl Mills, who is the most obvious target short of Hillary Clinton. Comey said she would need immunity to turn over her laptop, which is particularly baffling. The FBI was asking for a laptop that included public information. It looks more like our country has two systems of justice!" The Factor lamented, "I am not an expert on immunity, but it is looking more and more like the FBI booted this investigation."
Interesting Developments in Charlotte
It has now been revealed that Keith Scott, who was shot and killed by police in Charlotte, had been convicted for shooting a man in 2002. His wife had also asked for a protective order last year after Scott beat their young son and threatened to kill her. The Factor asked attorney Andell Brown and radio talk show host Jamila Bey to analyze the new facts. "We saw the video that was released by the Charlotte police," Brown protested, "and that video did not show Mr. Scott acting violently. This new information does not tell us what happened on that night." Bey agreed that Scott's history has no bearing on his confrontation with the police. "Either you believe that every American citizen is guaranteed equal protection under the law or you believe that police officers should be judge, jury, and executioner for some people. Possession of a weapon is absolutely no reason a person should be shot dead." But The Factor insisted that Charlotte rioters went wild before knowing the facts: "People ran into the streets, rioted, looted, and killed a man based upon insufficient evidence. Now we know more about Mr. Scott and what we know is not good."
Trump vs. Miss Universe
Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who says she was 'fat-shamed' and belittled by Donald Trump when she gained weight in 1996, is now a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton. Eboni Williams and Monica Crowley entered the No Spin Zone with their analyses. "If you think Donald Trump is a sexist," Crowley said, "this reinforces that. And if you don't, you don't care. Voters have more of an interest in the big picture and this is a very minor episode." But Williams theorized that Donald Trump may pay a political price for his long-ago criticism of Machado. "This will thwart Mr. Trump's attempt to make inroads with women voters, particularly Republican women. Some women are triggered by that kind of 'fat-shaming.' The way Donald Trump went about this is a shame, but his critique of her weight gaining is contractually valid. She was essentially a brand ambassador for Miss Universe."
Post-Debate Polling
The presidential candidates and their campaigns are awaiting the first scientific polls since Monday's debate. Polling experts Patrick Murray and Daron Shaw joined The Factor with their predictions. "We know that the debate and the media coverage of the debate," Shaw said, "do have an effect on voter preferences, but it's not huge. Historically it could be two to three points, and my sense is that there could be a small bounce for Hillary Clinton." Murray agreed that no one should expect a major shift in the polls. "We're going to have swing state polls coming out next week and I don't think there will be big movements. The vast majority of the people who watched this debate already knew who they would be voting for and I don't expect Hillary Clinton to get any more than a one or two point bump."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Joseph Braddy, Savannah, GA: "Mr. O'Reilly, your analysis of the debate left me dumbstruck. Trump won, that's all I'm going to say."

Maria Brandenburg, Chehalis, WA: "Hillary was prepared; Trump was not. If he cannot prepare better for the business of state, he would make a poor president."

Gary Spaulding, Sparta, TN: "Bill, you were wrong about Lester Holt. You said he is a good guy and would be fair. He may be a good guy, but fair? Not so much."
Colin Kaepernick's Foolish Audibles
Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has doubled down on his anti-Americanism, saying this country 'has never been great for people of color.' He diminishes both himself and the many black Americans who have achieved great things in this nation.
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