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Monday, August 29, 2016
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Monday: Anticipating Trump's Speech on Immigration
Trump's Immigration Address
Eric began Monday's show by looking ahead to Donald Trump's Wednesday speech on illegal immigration. Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson previewed the much-anticipated talk. "He absolutely wants illegal aliens to leave the country and get in line," she confirmed. "We have to secure the border and this is not just about immigration - this is about human trafficking and drug trafficking and things that affect Americans on a daily basis. We have to enforce the laws that are on the books and ending sanctuary cities will be key. One thing you won't see under President Trump is that he will not be releasing criminal aliens back into the population, that would be an automatic deportation." Pierson turned to her candidate's outreach to blacks and other minorities. "He is very concerned with communities like Chicago and Baltimore because they have no voice. He is the first Republican candidate in a long time to ask to be that voice for them."
Democratic Policies and Inner City Violence
This has been Chicago's deadliest month in 20 years, with at least 84 homicides. Eric analyzed America's urban crime problem with publisher Hermene Hartman and author Crystal Wright. "We're out of control in Chicago," Hartman conceded, "but I don't think we can blame it on a political party. We have to put this on the criminals. America needs a Marshall Plan for the inner city and for black America, we need to stop analyzing these problems and find some solutions." Wright, a harsh critic of Democratic policies, ridiculed the notion that a modern Marshall Plan is the answer. "The last thing black people need is another plan, what black people need to do is stop voting for the Democrat Party. We've been seeing this black-on-black genocide for decades and it's been raging under the first black president. Democrats tell blacks lies in exchange for votes every four years!" Eric also slammed the Democratic politicians who run America's biggest cities: "Poverty is soaring, wages are stagnant and falling, African Americans are overwhelmingly the victims of crime, and all these cities are run by Democrats."
Kaepernick NFL Controversy
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, citing 'police brutality' and calling America an 'oppressive' nation, is refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Eric discussed the dustup with attorney A. Scott Bolden, who defended Kaepernick's seated stance. "Athletes have social consciousness and beliefs," he said, "and they are as complex as you and I. But we put them in this 'sports box' and we don't want them to do anything but perform. Every time an athlete speaks out on religion or politics, we have a problem with that." Eric essentially agreed, but also denounced Kaepernick as a raging hypocrite: "I have a problem with him sitting out the National Anthem, which he is using to garner national attention. He is making $114-million in six years because tens of thousands of military personnel have died protecting our freedoms."
Personal Attacks & the Election
The Trump and Clinton campaigns have been insulting one another in dismissive and insolent terms. Most recently, Clinton supporter David Plouffe slandered Donald Trump as a 'psychopath.' Political observers Kristin Tate and Scott Levenson joined Eric in the No Spin Zone to opine. "There are a lot of things we can debate in this campaign," Levenson said, "and we can debate whether Donald Trump is a psychopath. But the real issue is whether he is presidential, and he is not! The hyperbole doesn't help anyone." Tate then put forth a scathing assessment of Democrats and Hillary Clinton. "This is the Democrat Party of today. If you want to talk about a psychopath, let's talk about Hillary Clinton because all of the symptoms describe her 100%. She believes she deserves to be president just because of her last name, this is a woman who has not driven a car since 1996. The Democrats are panicking, it's a party run by thugs and special interests."
Clinton Campaign Under Increased Scrutiny
Newly discovered emails show a cozy relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's State Department. Eric scrutinized the new documents with David Bossie, head of the conservative group Citizens United. "Our requests for emails were ignored," he explained, "so we had to undertake a litigation strategy because we knew the State Department would act as an arm of the Clinton campaign. We and Judicial Watch have both been dogged in our approach, and without the two organizations the American people would not know much about what is going on at the Clinton Foundation. We have identified donors to the Clinton Foundation that received favors, but we have not yet analyzed whether they may have requested specific policies."
Beyonce's Controversial Performance
The singer Beyoncé used the MTV Video Music Awards to suggest that cops are wantonly killing blacks in America. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, among many others, denounced the performance and its message. Eric invited FNC's Katie Pavlich and publisher Cathy Areu to join the fray. "I don't think Beyoncé did anything wrong," Areu insisted. "She was focusing on gun violence in America, which is a big social issue right now. What Rudy Giuliani said is a shame because she was just making a statement that innocent people are being shot." But Pavlich accused Beyoncé of putting forth an erroneous and dangerous message. "Can we please stop with this bogus 'unarmed' narrative? The son of one of the mothers on the red carpet with Beyoncé was killed because he tried to take possession of a police officer's handgun. She is perpetuating this myth that young black men are being hunted down in the street by white police officers. Beyoncé is part of the problem!"
False Alarm Creates Chaos at LAX
Los Angeles Airport was in a state of near pandemonium Sunday night when false reports circulated that an active gunman was on the loose. Former Homeland Security official Michael Balboni elaborated on the situation. "This demonstrates," he said, "that we are a nation in fear. What's causing real concern is the reaction of folks in the TSA - were they part of the response or part of the panic? There are reports that security officials were running away, but what you need in this situation is calm." Eric lamented, "During 9/11 we heard about first responders running towards the threat, but we are not hearing that now!"
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