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Monday, June 27, 2016
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Monday: Brexit's Impact on the November Election
Open Borders Don't Work
"The vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union was not really about macroeconomics. It was largely an emotional decision based on what folks are seeing with their own eyes, that open borders and mass immigration have directly affected their lives and not for the better. Entire cities have changed as millions of foreign-born people have poured into Britain, making full use of the public health and education systems, establishing vast neighborhoods that mostly reflect their origins, not traditional British culture. Most of the immigrants are good people simply seeking better lives for their families, and liberals are correct in saying that it is compassionate to give suffering people a lifeline. But their numbers are so great that it's impossible for even wealthy nations to absorb the flow. So many problems ensue from open borders that people are saying 'no more.' That is not racist or nationalistic or inhumane, it is an opinion based on social order. Once you get to Europe, you can move without hindrance and then receive entitlements paid for by workers of your new country. The vote last week demonstrates that the majority in Great Britain believe their lives are worse under the EU umbrella. Fast shift to America, where the open-border issue is one of the big reasons that Donald Trump has prospered. He is by far the most aggressive politician in promoting border regulation and a slowdown in the entry of foreign-born individuals. For this he has been demonized, branded a racist by the left. But millions of Americans don't see it that way and they are backing Trump because he is talking tough about a situation they believe is truly deplorable. That being said, Mr. Trump would be wise to stop identifying specific groups of people like Muslims and Mexicans because that kind of scapegoating dilutes the larger issue. What is not widely known is that many in the Democratic Party and in the liberal press actually want open borders in the USA even though they won't come right out and say it. Which Democrat has called for strict border security, or ending Sanctuary cities, or even harshly punishing felonious illegal aliens who defy deportation? Has President Obama done that? Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders? The truth is that Democrats believe they need the immigrant vote to achieve and retain power, so there is no motivation to stop illegal immigration and impose discipline in obeying the law. Talking Points firmly believes that most Americans welcome foreign-born people who come here the legal way. Foreign-born Americans are generally hard workers and loyal to their new country. But the folks have had enough with lax border security, amnesty, and the failure of Congress to pass basic protections like Kate's Law. The left believes it is noble to promote policies that are 'inclusive,', but while they are feeling good about themselves anarchy has taken root. Most Americans are fed up and, given the chance to vote like the British, that frustration would become apparent. Come Election Day it may be 'the economy, stupid,' but a close second will be the government's responsibility to protect us from terrorism and chaos. We need to crack down on illegal immigration and those who undermine federal law. America needs a sane policy when it comes to admitting non-citizens. And we need strong leadership to deliver it."
Immigration and the 2016 Election
For a far different point of view, The Factor turned to Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers. "I don't think it's true that Democrats support open borders," she declared, "that has not been the position of the Democratic Party. You can't say no money has been allocated, the Border Patrol is up to 20,000 agents. President Obama has been very tough on deporting people and I thought he was too tough on border children." But The Factor insisted that the Democratic Party has generally been in favor of lax or even open borders: "Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have given hundreds of speeches and there is no mention of sanctuary cities. Democrats have done nothing to stop the border chaos."
Why are Folks Turning Against GOP?
New polls show that most Americans have a dim view of both political parties, especially the Republicans. The Factor asked former Speaker Newt Gingrich to explain his party's apparent decline, even among some conservatives. "Tea Party conservatives feel the Washington establishment hasn't done enough," Gingrich theorized, "so they're unhappy. And then there are the George Will conservatives who feel the party is not elegant enough for them, so they're unhappy. This is also a tribute to how serious Donald Trump is. There is real substance to the Trump rebellion and some Republicans have decided they are more establishment than Republican. They are very uncomfortable with someone who represents a profoundly different approach."
Bolling on UK Leaving the EU
'The Five' co-host Eric Bolling entered the No Spin Zone with his assessment of the UK vote that roiled stock markets around the world. "I think you should buy stocks," he said, "but buy the same next month and the month after that. Buy what you can afford, but don't try to trade the market because it will eat you alive. Always buy good quality stocks, the stock market will be fine." Bolling added that the world did not end last Thursday when British voters decided to leave the European Union. "Nothing has changed. The British left the EU, they didn't leave the planet, and demand is still the same for all the products the UK produces."
Do Polls Matter Right Now?
Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the national polls, but the rivals are neck-and-neck in some battleground states. The Factor asked FNC's Brit Hume to sort it all out. "These polls are early," Hume said, "but there is something to be noted. There have been about 21 national polls since late May and Donald Trump has not been ahead in any of them. The national average is that he is down by about six or seven points, which is not insurmountable but it's not without meaning." But The Factor countered, "People love the horse race, but I don't even report on the polls because of the ebbs and flows that will be there until the debates."
Watters' World: The Fear Edition
Jesse Watters paid a visit to Austin, where he asked some Texans what they are most afraid of. Here are a few of their replies: "I have an irrational fear of hospitals" ... "I'm most afraid of being buried alive" ... "The ocean is vast and powerful and it scares me." Perhaps the most irrational fear of all was put forth by a teenage girl. "I'm afraid of belly buttons," she told Watters, "whether it's people touching their own belly buttons or try to touch my belly button." The young woman is obviously not an good candidate for admission into the Navel Academy.
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Michael Varnell, Kauai, HI: "Bill, if you can't confirm allegations made by Trump in a speech, you are just helping him spread rumors. Some journalist you are."

Ahmed Laza, Miami, FL: "I wonder if Attorney General Lynch would preach compassion and love if a radical terrorist killed one of her family members."

Dawn Cramer, Parrish, FL: "Somehow, I can't picture Chris Christie as attorney general talking about love after a terrorist atrocity."
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