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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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Killing Innocents
Guests: Keith Ablow & Karen Ruskin
Talking Points will explain why you are being deceived any time you hear a pundit saying gun control or stricter mental health monitoring is going to stop the senseless murders of human beings. Only when society insists that all human life is valuable will we begin to see a turn away from violence.

Mental health professional Keith Ablow and Karen Ruskin will be here with analysis
Jorge Ramos vs. Donald Trump
Guests: Ruben Navarrette & Enrique Morones
Why are some in the liberal press praising Jorge Ramos for confronting Donald Trump? We'll have analysis.
Hillary & Biden
Guest: Ed Henry
Ed Henry will also be here to discuss Joe Biden's potential challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Mobile Addiction
Guests: Kennedy & Katie Pavlich
New analysis by a consumer company called "Flurry" says there are 280 million people worldwide addicted to their mobile devices. Is this a terrible thing? We'll have a debate.
TV Criticism
Guest: David Zurawik
Baltimore TV critic David Zurawik says The Factor has been too soft on Donald Trump. Does he stand by his position? He'll tell The Factor tonight.
Most Important Stories
Guest: Dana Perino
Dana Perino will tell us why Biden's potential run is her top story of the week.
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