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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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The Intense Debate Over Illegal Immigration Continues
"In a new on line survey, Americans were asked, 'Do you believe cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities?' An astounding 80% say yes. If the polling is accurate, it is a stunning rebuke to the liberal sanctuary city movement. The reason most Americans do not want local jurisdictions creating federal anarchy can be spotlighted in Denver County, Colorado. Federal authorities say that 27-year-old Norlan Estrada-Reyes, who had a number of run-ins with the law, was released by the Denver County Sheriff's Office despite ICE asking that he be held. He is a Honduran citizen in this country illegally. So what happened after his release? Reyes allegedly struck 28-year-old Karina Pulec with his car, dragging her 50 feet and killing her. Then he fled. He is now charged with multiple felonies. Also in Denver County, another horror. 19-year-old Ever Valles, an illegal alien from Mexico and a known gang member, was also released by the Denver County Sheriff's Office despite ICE asking that he be held. So what happened? On February 7th, Valles and another man shot 32-year-old Tim Cruz to death at a light rail station. Both men have been charged with murder. The sheriff issued a statement, saying 'Detaining anyone without a criminal warrant is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.' The sheriff, Patrick Firman, is full of it. There is no violation of law holding someone for the federal government, it's done all the time. The sheriff upholds the sanctuary city mantra, as does the mayor Denver, Michael Hancock. In my opinion, both men have blood on their hands.

The Factor asked journalists Giselle Fernández and Ruben Navarrette to assess how people in Mexico view Donald Trump and his immigration policies. "People are protesting in the streets in Mexico City," Fernández said. "They are angry over Trump's ramped-up negative narrative against Mexican immigrants, both legal and undocumented. Nobody would be against deporting criminals, but what determines 'criminal?'" Navarrette agreed that President Trump should clarify exactly who might be deported. "The administration is blurring the line about what makes for a criminal. Now they seem to be saying that if you are in the country without documents, you're a criminal because you've broken the law. And Mexicans really take offense to the wall, they take it as an insult and they don't think it will stop the drug cartels." The Factor reminded his guests, "In the roundup last week 75% were convicted felons and the others all had outstanding warrants."
Dreamer Detained
Federal officials in Seattle are still holding Daniel Ramierez Medina, who entered the country via the 'dreamers' program. Many on the left have started a 'Free Daniel' movement, but there are questions as to whether or not he is a gang member. Fox News correspondent Dan Springer elaborated on the story. "Medina's father is awaiting prosecution for coming back into the country illegally after being deported eight times," Springer reported. "Daniel Medina was rounded up in an I.C.E. action that was going after his father and he told the feds that he hangs out with a gang in Washington State. We've asked a lot of gang experts and they say his tattoo indicates that he could have been in a gang. All they have to have is a suspicion."
Conservatives Turning on Trump?
Conservative columnist George Will is predicting that economic conservatives will soon turn against President Trump. Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs entered the No Spin Zone to rebut that claim. "George Will didn't talk about any specific policies," he pointed out, "and he didn't mention that Donald Trump is responsible for $2.9-trillion in stock market appreciation since the election. That's a pretty strong statement of faith. This seems to be absolute animus on the part of George Will, who is on a personal jihad against President Trump. You can't be more conservative than Donald Trump has exhibited himself to be in 30 days, but there is still venom and bile among some in the Republican Party."
Ending "High Five Friday"
Police in Northampton, Massachusetts have been greeting students with 'high fives' as they enter school once a month. But that program has been suspended because school authorities worry that some kids may feel uncomfortable. The Factor asked Martha MacCallum to explain. "The whole idea of this program," she reported, "was to make everyone more comfortable. Police would come to the school and 'high-five' the kids, but some parents decided that kids might be uncomfortable if they are children of color or undocumented. But if anybody believes that this was going to lead to hauling children out of town, that's nuts!" The Factor posed a very simple question: "When did this country allow the crazy people to take over? They are now running this country!"
Miller on Politics and Recent Drone Disaster
Dennis Miller theorized that the Democratic Party, with its endless opposition to all things Trump, is damaging its future prospects. "The Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot," he quipped, "with Fat Man, Little Boy, and a rusty crossbow. So I'll predict that Trump will win again in 2020, then he'll turn it over to Mike Pence in 2024 and 2028. In '32 and '36 and '40 Ivanka will take over, then turn it over to Barron Trump. We'll give it back to the Dems in 2060 just to take a rest!" Miller also commented on the prototype UPS delivery drone that misfired on live TV. "I saw a press conference with that drone and he said that footage was 'fake news.' That's a foreign-made drone doing a job that American drones won't do anymore. So I've started a site called #NotMyDrone."
Outrageous Statements about Trump
The level of viciousness aimed at President Trump has reached new lows, with people on the far left frequently comparing him to Hitler. Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera both denounced the vitriol. "It's coarse and it's crude," Rivera lamented. "You obviously cannot use Hitler or the Holocaust, that's totally out of line. This is a desperate attempt for relevance because the progressives have moved away from the party." Bolling theorized that President Trump is orchestrating a masterful media campaign. "For the last month Donald Trump has had this war with the media, which is brilliant. He has focused attention on the media and not on Pelosi or Schumer or the other Democrats. They're the forgotten group, no one is talking about them."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Juliette Hughes, Lyndhurst, OH: "Bill, great job calling out Juan Williams on his traffic ticket deportation fairy tale."

Bobby Bonnett, Tyler, TX: "This American citizen wants every illegal alien removed, period."

Tony Dias, Albufeira, Portugal: "Bill, you are right, President Trump needs to frame issues with facts. My son lives in Sweden and close to the Muslim suburb that erupted in violence. They call it 'Little Mogadishu.'"
Hope and Spare Change
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