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Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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The New Hampshire Vote
"Trump and Sanders win, it wasn't even close. Granite State voters sent a signal loud and clear - we don't want establishment politicians. Exit polling shows that a whopping 95% of Republican voters are dissatisfied or downright angry with the political environment. Only 10% of Democrats say they are angry, but 40% say they are dissatisfied. Donald Trump obviously gets a huge bump on his way to South Carolina, while John Kasich emerges as the moderate candidate to beat. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were not helped by the New Hampshire vote, but they are still viable candidates, as is Jeb Bush. It looks like Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson are done in realistic terms. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is celebrating tonight, but he'll have a lot more trouble going forward. Hillary Clinton is likely to clock him in South Carolina and beyond. Summing up, New Hampshire was good news for Trump, Sanders, and Kasich. For everybody else, it's on to South Carolina."

The Factor analyzed the primary with an all-star lineup every bit as potent as the '27 Yankees. Batting leadoff - the inimitable Charles Krauthammer. "The main story is that there is very little hidden here," Dr. K said. "This was one of the most obvious and remarkable results you can get. Sanders wins by 20 points or more and Trump doubles the second-place finisher. Trump is a runaway train and the question is whether someone will emerge from South Carolina to take him on. Ted Cruz is the most likely to do that, while Marco Rubio is badly hurt. Jeb Bush did well enough to make it to South Carolina, where he has infrastructure and support. One lesson from New Hampshire is that Chris Christie showed us you can win a dramatic showdown in a debate and end up dead. That was essentially a kamikaze attack on Rubio, it didn't advance Christie." The Factor theorized, "Bernie Sanders knows in his heart that he's not going to win the nomination, this is political theater."
Bern, Baby, Bern
Moments after his victory in New Hampshire, socialist Bernie Sanders gave a lengthy speech in which he outlined his far-left proposals. The Factor analyzed the Democratic race with former Obama advisor and Hillary Clinton supporter Austan Goolsbee. "I think the Clintons are happy to move to turf where they have more of a home court advantage," Goolsbee said. "This was a tough loss for Hillary Clinton, no doubt about it, and a big win for Sanders. But I'm an economist and Sanders' socialist program is not for me." The Factor added that exit polls show that "90% of Democrats who said they value honesty voted for Sanders."
Brit on The Granite State
The Factor invited Brit Hume to evaluate Tuesday night's vote. "Jeb Bush has done poorly again," Hume said, "despite a staggering expenditure in this state. It is interesting that the big money candidates didn't do well. Donald Trump, even though he has a lot of money, didn't spend much here. The big spender was Bush. And on the other side, Hillary Clinton, who is supposedly closest to Wall Street, lost big to Bernie Sanders. Sanders thinks the Wall Street big shots are running our lives, but they obviously are not. This was a big loss for Hillary Clinton, but she is looking ahead to where the map is far more favorable to her."
The Female Vote
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright declared that there is a 'special place in hell' for women who don't support Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, a majority of Democratic women voters in New Hampshire went with Bernie Sanders. Republican Andrea Tantaros and Democrat Mary Anne Marsh opined on Albright's hellish proclamation. "She was trying to emphasize," Marsh suggested, "that many women expected much more progress to be made for women on pay equity and other issues. Women don't make as much as men, they're a fraction of Congress and a fraction of CEOs. That's what she was talking about." Tantaros ridiculted the older women who are demanding that women vote for Hillary Clinton. "Many New Hampshire women are going to hell and, according to Gloria Steinem, they're just following Sanders to get boyfriends. So the message out of the Clinton campaign is that you're horny and going to hell! Hillary Clinton just doesn't resonate with the young women who are voting for Sanders."
When Liberals Attack!
Immediately after Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary, he was subjected to some vicious attacks. FNC's Bernie Goldberg elaborated and explained. "The Huffington Post, which is an important website with liberal leanings," he reported, "ran a big headline saying 'New Hampshire Goes Racist Sexist Xenophobic.' I understand who they're appealing to, but you can't be taken seriously if you do stuff like that. And the New York Daily News, America's biggest tabloid, has a Friday cover that reads 'Dawn of the Brain Dead' and a picture of Donald Trump looking like a clown. If you want to call Donald Trump a clown, do it on your editorial page! Pandering may work in the short run, but it is just plain bad for journalism to do stuff like that." The Factor concluded, "The Huffington Post doesn't care, it won't get hurt, and the New York Daily News is a failing newspaper with circulation that is cratering."
Why Is Hillary Smiling?
The Factor asked Fox News correspondent to explain why Hillary Clinton seemed so ebullient at her post-defeat concession speech. "It was a forced smile," Henry theorized, "and there was nothing happy about tonight. But they do have some optimism because they have the 'two m's' on their side - minorities and math. New Hampshire doesn't look like a lot of the other states that Hillary Clinton will be dealing with in March. She thinks she'll have the minorities on her side and there will be a huge number of delegates at stake. They think she's going to start sweeping, but they also thought she would have the nomination wrapped up by now. Hillary Clinton is still likely to be the nominee, but Bernie Sanders could carry this on for months."
A Lesson From New Hampshire
John Kasich, runner-up to Donald Trump in Tuesday's vote, staked his entire campaign on New Hampshire and outworked every other candidate. His determination demonstrated that all of us should pursue our vision and do whatever it takes to achieve it.
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