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Monday, March 2, 2015
Danger Overseas Getting Closer
Guest:Charles Krauthammer
Tomorrow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress to talk about the Iranian nuke situation. The Obama administration wants a settlement that would stop Iran from immediately developing a nuclear weapon but critics say the deal is too soft and that Iran would just continue down the path they're on. Will Netanyahu's address be a wakeup call? Charles Kruathammer on that.
Chaos Overseas
Guest:Lt. Col. Ralph Peters
Last year the State Department told us that supporting the Syrian rebels' fight against the brutal dictator Assad might help bring the man down. Well it looks the plan may be falling apart. One of the rebels groups just dissolved amid the fight with Assad. Is this a lost cause? Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on that.
Middle East Tensions Rising
Guests:Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
As we told you, all eyes will be on Benjamin Netanyahu tomorrow as he addresses Congress about the threat of Iran. Tonight we'll preview his speech and talk about what kind of impact it could have on the country.
Presidential Politics
Guests:Howard Kurtz & Lauren Ashburn
As we told you last week, the internet will play a major role in the 2016 election. On the web, lies and smears can spread freely without any context or caveats about what you're reading. How badly will this hurt the candidates? We'll talk about it with you media analysts.
$20 Billion Lawsuit Filed
Guest:Megyn Kelly
A group called the "Entertainment Studios Network" has filed a $20 billion lawsuit against a group of cable companies alleging they are not being fair to businesses owned by African Americans. Megyn Kelly explains.
Spring Training
Guest:Jesse Watters
Baseball spring training is here! We sent Watters down to sunny Florida to talk to some of the players.
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