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Friday, April 24, 2015
Growing Accusations Against Hillary Clinton
Eric began Friday's show with the latest on allegations that the Clinton Foundation filled its coffers while doing favors for foreign governments and companies. Liberal Democrats Simon Rosenberg and Richard Goodstein reacted to the growing accusations. "I won't talk about discrediting the author," Goodstein began, "but there has not been a single fact that traces any of her behavior to anything anybody on the outside did. There are good reasons that big global companies were donating to the Clinton Foundation - they wanted to tackle malaria, AIDS, climate change, and disaster relief." Nevertheless, Rosenberg urged the Clinton team to come forward with as much information as possible. "The Clintons are going to have to do far more in the coming weeks to assure people that nothing improper happened during her time as secretary of state. I don't think her initial defense has been overwhelmingly convincing. They're going to have to make sure that they tell the American people nothing happened."
General Electric & Hillary Clinton
Another aspect of the Clinton story involves General Electric, which won a huge contract in Algeria while donating heavily to the Clinton Foundation. Shareholder activist Justin Danhof denounced GE's refusal to release any emails it exchanged with the state department. "On Tuesday I confronted GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt," Danhof said, "and I laid out the facts. GE donated to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton lobbied the Algerian government on behalf of General Electric, and Algeria awarded a $1.9-billion contract to GE. We are concerned that General Electric might have exposed itself to fraud. When I asked Immelt if he would release the documents, he said, 'That's not something we would do.' That raises the suspicion level even higher." Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis reported that GE is hardly alone in obtaining favors. "There are mountains of evidence, just look at the case of Boeing. Hillary Clinton made the case for them to get a contract with Russia, and after that they put money into the Clinton Foundation. And look at the uranium situation - we have let Russia corner the market around the world. She got money, her husband got money, and her foundation got money from this company that she let take over the uranium."
Analyzing the GOP Field
Republican strategists Matt Schlapp and Adam Goodman analyzed the potential effect of Hillary Clinton's problems on the GOP presidential field. "We're never going to know all the facts here," Schlapp said, "but the information we have raises huge questions about Hillary Clinton's judgment. I think Jeb Bush benefits from this because no one raises ethical questions about him. It also helps those candidates who are far away from Washington, people like Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker." Goodman contended that every single Republican will reap political dividends. "The Republicans have a new rallying cry, which is that America is not for sale. I think every Republican candidate can run on that, and I agree that Jeb Bush will benefit because he comes off as real and authentic. It also benefits Marco Rubio, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Every Republican can look the people in the eye and talk about leadership." Eric actually predicted that Hillary Clinton will be forced to drop out of the race, saying, "I think she pulls out, I think she says enough is enough at some point."
The Iranian Threat
Eric welcomed Geraldo Rivera, who has argued that Saudi Arabia poses far more danger to the United States and the West than Iran. "I think Saudi Arabia is the fount of all evil," Rivera said, "and Sunni Muslim extremists funded by elements of the Saudi royal family are more dangerous than Iran. I also think that the Saudis have bought off so much of America's intelligentsia and political punditry that they have totally conned the world. Iran and the Shiites have nothing to do with the people who have been beheading Americans. You're an oil trader, Eric, and you've been holding hands with the Saudis for decades." Nonplussed, Eric told that Rivera that he is totally off base: "I'm terrified of a nuclear Iran, which wants to wipe out the West and Israel. Iran is funding Hezbollah, Hamas, and certain sects of Al Qaeda, while the Saudis are our allies."
The Hispanic Vote
Speaking at a women's conference in New York this week, Hillary Clinton stressed her pro-immigration stance. In response, immigration advocate Francisco Hernandez chastised Republicans for ignoring the Hispanic vote. "It's amazing to me that the Republican Party is letting this whole bloc of votes go unchallenged," he declared. "We have states passing laws against immigrants and Republicans are letting Hillary Clinton run with this. There should be a process whereby folks that are filling jobs can apply to be here legally." Eric denounced Hillary Clinton for dividing the electorate by gender and ethnicity: "She was talking to a group of women and she spoke specifically about illegal women having a path to citizenship. It sounds like she's pandering to Latinos and women."
Christian Persecution
As reported repeatedly on The Factor, President Obama and many on the left are conspicuously silent about the widespread persecution of Christians, particularly in the Middle East. Eric spoke about that silence with Reverend Franklin Graham. "As a youth, President Obama's influence was Islam," Graham theorized, "and his impressions came from Islam, not the Christian faith. That may have something to do with it." Graham specifically condemned the administration for withdrawing from Iraq too hastily. "America stepped out, we have a mess on our hands, and the president and his followers are responsible. Christians and other religious minorities have been butchered - they've had their heads cut off, women have been raped and sold as sex slaves, which is permitted in Islam. Muslims want to emulate their prophet Mohamed, who raped and murdered and killed. And it's not just the Muslims in the Middle East, we have to be careful of the Muslims in this country. Sooner or later we're going to see a major terrorist attack."
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