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Friday, March 27, 2015
Iran and the Growing Chaos in the Middle East
Eric kicked off Friday's show with an analysis of the increasingly out-of-control Middle East, where chaos reigns in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO in Europe, surveyed the landscape and the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. "The agreement has to be verifiable," he said, "so we have to look at the inspection regime and the consequences. Will we have the right to inspect where the centrifuges are and what they are doing? We'll have to judge this after we see the specifics. The Iranians are tough negotiators and we'll have to see how tough we were when we look at the agreement. Nobody wants Iran to have a bomb!" Eric offered a very hawkish alternative to negotiations, saying, "The only way to really take the nuclear issue off the table is to bomb Iran, someone has to put a bomb on those centrifuges."
Defending the President
White House correspondent Ed Henry dutifully endures those daily briefings at which administration spokespeople defend the president's policies, most recently the decision to engineer the release of accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Henry joined Eric with his birds-eye view of the situation. "We now have actual charges that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter," he said, "and now the White House doesn't want to comment. It's interesting because at the beginning of all this they wanted to shape public opinion and said that he served with 'honor and distinction.' Why did Susan Rice say that months ago when we don't know for sure? There were at least six American soldiers killed while searching for Bowe Bergdahl, so it's troubling that the administration didn't wait and see." Henry turned to the messy and violent crisis in Yemen, which President Obama once held up as a model of his anti-terrorism strategy. "In September President Obama said Yemen was a success and this week Josh Earnest continues to say that, he won't back down. But now that the Mideast is burning, there are a lot of questions.
What Will Happen to Bowe Bergdahl?
The New York Times and some other liberal outlets say Bowe Bergdahl has suffered enough and should not serve jail time for desertion. Eric spoke about that with attorney John Flannery, who agrees that Bergdahl should not be prosecuted. "There is discretion when you are a prosecutor," Flannery stated, "and this is not your ordinary desertion. Bergdahl was run out of the Coast Guard because he had psychological problems and they gave him a waiver to bring him into the Army. This man had a drive to serve but he shouldn't have been allowed to do so. Even if he was a deserter, he spent five years in custody and was beaten for refusing to talk. This is not the case to prosecute!" But Eric insisted that Bergdahl is a traitor who deserves severe punishment: "Misbehaving in front of the enemy is a serious crime and he should get life in prison for that."
Alarming New Details
Aviation expert and pilot Kyle Bailey entered the No Spin Zone with the latest on the Germanwings crash and the investigation into homicidal pilot Andreas Lubitz, who apparently hid the fact that he was being treated for depression. "Here in America pilots get a first-class medical exam every six months to a year," Bailey reported, "depending on their age. They want to know every single health care provider you have visited, and if you're on anti-depressants you have to be cleared to fly by an FAA medical examiner." Bailey theorized that a string of events caused Lubitz to snap. "I think things were escalating and something pushed him over the edge. There are reports that he had relationship issues with his girlfriend, and I think everything was just culminating."
Hillary Clinton's "Word Police"
A group of Hillary Clinton supporters has warned the media against using certain words, among them "polarizing" and "over-confident," that can be deemed sexist. Conservative writer Carrie Sheffield and Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov both ridiculed the suggested word ban. "This was a mistake," Tarlov conceded, "and it detracts from actually discussing sexism. But this was done by a splinter group that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton." Tarlov argued that this strategy is straight from the Democratic playbook. "This is par for the course for Democrats, it's more of the 'war on women,' and it's actually sexist to say that a woman candidate can not stand up to scrutiny. The 'war on women' is fiction and fake and I really hope it goes away."
Powerful New Movie
The movie version of Bill's "Killing Jesus" will premiere Sunday night on the National Geographic Channel. Eric discussed the movie with two men of the cloth - Father Jonathan Morris and Pastor Robert Jeffress. "If the movie follows the book," Jeffress preached, "Christians are going to be inspired and enlightened by it. The book honestly portrays Jesus' claims to be the son of God, but Bill didn't render his own opinion, he let readers make up their own minds. There's nothing wrong with showing Jesus' humanity as long as you don't diminish his deity. There has never been a more influential person in the world than Jesus Christ." Morris also urged everyone to watch the movie. "There is no distinction between the historic Jesus and the religious Jesus. God was part of history and made Jesus as fully human and fully divine. I think some past depictions of Jesus have been unfortunate, and I think this film will be helpful because it focuses on Jesus the man. But no artistic depiction is going to be perfect."
Eric's Parting Shot
Eric closed the show with a rap about a rapper. "In an interview in Playboy, Azealia Banks declared that she hates America and 'fat, white people.' But she is a multi-millionaire off the system she so virulently trashes, so last week I named her my 'Fool of the Week.' That didn't sit well with the rapper, who tweeted that because I am white I can't see that 'white privilege' is holding blacks back from success. This attack on me is ridiculous and riddled with holes. Yes, Azealia, I do understand that unemployment and poverty levels are far higher in black communities, and I honestly believe that we should never forget slavery, legal segregation, and ongoing stereotyping that leads to racial bias. But suggesting that I'm biased based on my skin color is racism defined. African American entertainers like yourself, who cash in on divisive race rhetoric, are a far bigger problem than I am. Your lyrics are filled with the 'n word,' you rap about drugs and sex, and you race-bait like it's a badge of honor. You should be promoting your music success to young African Americans. Be a role model. Try this: Instead of 'I hate America,' how about 'God bless America?'"
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