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Thursday, October 12, 2006
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San Francisco values vs. Iraq chaos?
Guest: Political analyst Dick Morris

"A Fox News poll says 50% of Americans will vote Democrat, 41% will vote Republican in the Congressional elections. If the Democrats win the House, Nancy Pelosi will become speaker. However, 43% of Americans have never hard of Congresswoman Pelosi and know nothing about her. Pelosi is a committed secular-progressive who embraces San Francisco values. Those include a massive federal government that dispenses entitlements, paid for primarily by affluent Americans. San Francisco values also seek to exclude spirituality from the public square, but embrace displays like the city's gay pride parade, where Christianity is often mocked. I'm not saying Congressman Pelosi is on board with that, but I am saying her district wants to ban military recruiting while setting up citywide pot shops. San Francisco is perhaps the most far left city the United States has ever seen. On the other side, there is the Iraq mess - more than 60% of Americans believe the war is not going well. Should Americans vote for 'San Francisco values' or for perceived failure overseas? Talking Points believes the left is more energized and the Dems have a big advantage. We may indeed be saying hello to San Francisco values."

Political analyst Dick Morris joined The Factor and reminded viewers that current Speaker Dennis Hastert has his own shortcomings. "Hastert embodies what people hate about the Republican Party," Morris declared. "His son ran a record store, then moved to Washington and became a lobbyist for Google solely because his dad is speaker." Nevertheless, Morris warned of the chaos that could follow a Democratic victory. "I saw how the Republican impeachment of Bill Clinton paralyzed government. With North Korea going nuclear and Iran on the verge of it, we can not afford to do that to Bush. We can't afford to give him a Congress that will so pester him with subpoenas and hearings that he spends his entire life backpedaling."
Analysis of the Lidle crash
Guest: Aerospace journalist Kathleen Bangs

What caused New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle to crash his plane into a Manhattan apartment building? Journalist and aerospace expert Kathleen Bangs put forth a possible scenario. "This is pure speculation at this point, but imagine taking an airplane and flying into the Grand Canyon, and then determining that you have to make a turn to get out of it. Airplanes can simply fly into the wall of a canyon, and that could be what happened here. In the northeast corridor, if you're trying to make a turn, it's almost like flying in the Grand Canyon." The Factor questioned how this accident could happen in broad daylight. "It's clearly pilot error or a drastic malfunction. I don't know anything about flying, but they can see this building. It's almost incomprehensible because this is a big space and you have room to maneuver."
Controversial professor keeps teaching
Guest: Prof. James Fetzer, ret., University of Minnesota at Duluth

University of Wisconsin instructor Kevin Barrett has accused the US government of planning the 9/11 attacks, and he is not alone. Retired professor James Fetzer endorsed Barrett's theories. "What the government has been telling us," Fetzer surmised, "is a fantasy. None of the major claims put forth by the government can be sustained." The Factor told Fetzer his theories are patently insane. "You are a nut, because for a conspiracy of this magnitude to take place thousands of Americans would have to buy in to it and keep their mouths shut. You're like the guys who believe space aliens kidnapped Elvis. Number one, you hate your country, and number two, you're a loon."
Lisa Ling on North Korea
Guest: Lisa Ling, National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel's Lisa Ling, who snuck into isolated and impoverished North Korea, reported on her findings. "A friend of mine is a cataract surgeon - the North Koreans invited him in, and I went as his medical coordinator. We were shielded from seeing the famine and suffering, but in North Korea even people in their 20's had cataracts, which indicated that they are severely lacking in resources." Ling added that people she met were seemingly loyal to Kim Jong-Il. "I have never experienced that kind of unity and nationalism. I don't know if the people are brainwashed, but they say they will endure all these problems because they are making a sacrifice for their country." The Factor pointed out that no one is free to criticize their "Dear Leader." "This guy knows he has total control over the country. It's a police state and if don't like him, you disappear. It is a harrowing and horrifying place."
Mel Gibson apologizes
Guests: Fox News contributor Jane Hall & author Bernard Goldberg

In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Mel Gibson apologized for his drunken anti-Semitic rant, saying he was "a little overwrought" ... and "ashamed." Author Bernard Goldberg suggested that the media has overplayed Gibson's tirade. "Mel Gibson is of no danger to Jews - he's not a terrorist, he's an actor. If we're so concerned about anti-Semitism, let me suggest that the mainstream media take a visit to some of our finer universities. The old anti-Semitism came from idiots on the right - today it's left wing intellectuals, and the media hasn't covered that." But Fox News contributor Jane Hall argued that Gibson's words are consequential. "He made a movie that many people thought blamed the death of Jesus on Jews. The man has a powerful position, and it is serious for someone with his power to make the remarks that he did." The Factor wondered whether Gibson will ever recover his stature. "He went up against the secular progressives and brought attention to Jesus, which was his intent. This was a crusade, and he was successful. Then all of his victories collapsed in one ridiculous night. The folks will forgive him, but I don't think the media ever will."
Sanctions against Iran discussed
Guest: Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

The United Nations is debating whether to impose sanctions on Iran for refusing to halt its nuclear program. As for the Bush administration, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter claimed the president has no coherent strategy. "I don't see any strategically motivated plan that will get rid of this regime in Iran, and that's dangerous because we're heading toward a confrontation. And like we did with Iraq, we're going to initiate confrontation and then we don't have a plan to win. We have to find some way to peacefully co-exist with Iran. The best way to solve the problem is with diplomatic engagement." The Factor detailed some examples of the threat posed by Iran. "Iran is attacking us on a daily basis, killing our soldiers. They're responsible for the Hezbollah attacks on Israel, and they want Israel wiped off the face of the map. And a lot of Americans say we can not allow this kind of country to go unchecked."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about former President Jimmy Carter, who penned an op-ed in which he blamed President Bush for North Korea's belligerence. Some excerpts:

Marilyn Vaughn, Brownsville, OR: "Bill, why don't you say it as it is? Carter lied in the New York Times article. He simply hates Bush."

Steve Marderosian, Barrington, IL: "No honest person could deny that Carter was deceptive in failing to mention that North Korea cheated on the deal he helped forge. It was a glaring omission of fact."

Kevin March, Melbourne, Australia: "Bill, you stated that Carter intentionally omitted facts from his opinion article. Where is your proof for making that statement?"

Janet Bonneau, Manchester, CT: "Mr. Carter has a right to believe what he wants."
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