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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
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Growing anger of the far-left
Guest: Lori Lipman Brown, Secular Coalition of America

"'Tis the season to be jolly, but not if you're a far left loon. On Monday 'The View's' Joy Behar compared Donald Rumsfeld to Hitler. Think about this. Adolf Hitler was a mass murderer, and Joy Behar on ABC is comparing Donald Rumsfeld to him. Then there's actor Matt Damon, who said the military consists of people who 'have to go' for financial reasons. Of course Mr. Damon is ill-informed. Most of our fighting men and women are middle class, not poor. But facts don't really matter to the committed left. And the Christmas situation is the best example of this. The S-P's are furious that most stores no longer order their employees not to say 'Merry Christmas.' The usual suspects find that offensive. Joel Stein in the Los Angeles Times called me an 'annoying Gentile.' Clyde Haberman in the New York Times called me a 'senior deacon in the church of perpetual outrage.' Talking Points believes the anger on the far left will only get worse. These people don't like getting their butts kicked in the culture war and are on the attack. As one of their targets, I'm more amused than anything else, but I do realize there is a serious intent behind the secular progressive movement, and exposing that agenda will become more important than ever in 2007."

The Factor welcomed atheist Lori Lipman Brown, who actually accused The Factor of fomenting the entire Christmas controversy. "When people used to say 'Merry Christmas' to me, it used to be a lovely greeting filled with love of the season. But since you started a 'culture war,' a lot of people have been using it as a very nasty divisive thing." The Factor countered that the 'war' actually began when Americans were forbidden from uttering certain greetings. "I'm not saying you should not be saying 'happy holidays' or 'happy Hanukkah.' My objection is to ordering people not to say 'Merry Christmas.' You're distorting what I said, and so are all these pinheads in the press."
Oil prices on the rise... again
Guest: Fox News business contributor Tobin Smith

The price of oil is again heading north, and The Factor blamed the financial machinations of oil speculators. "This isn't about supply and demand, it's a rigged market. We did a chart - oil prices have gone up and down, even though worldwide oil consumption stayed pretty much the same." But Fox News business contributor Tobin Smith defended the workings of the oil market. "There are speculators in a market who keep the money flowing - they're bidding in a free market, and things can go down just as fast as they can go up. That's what a market is, and this is a very volatile market. You are too smart, Bill, to believe this conspiracy theory."
Iraq divides opinion in the US
Guest: Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR)

Some politicians have switched their opinions on Iraq, among them Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon, who has called the war "absurd." "I'm glad Saddam Hussein is gone," Senator Smith told The Factor. "Our military did a remarkable job, but what you have in Iraq now is a war that has mutated into something very different. The fix is beyond our control, and it's up the Iraqis. It breaks my heart to see President Bush wrecking his administration on the rocks of Iraq. I won't stand by any longer and watch us be targets in a shooting gallery." The Factor agreed with the senator's facts, but not his solution of a rapid withdrawal. "Iraq is under siege from Iran, and we have to formulate a policy that makes it impossible for Iran to do any more damage. The U.S. government has about six more months to train the Iraqi Army, and if the Iraqi Army can't do anything, then we need to do something completely new."
Trump gives Miss USA a second chance
Guests: Jill Dobson, Star Magazine & Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson

After rumors of wild partying and drug use by Miss USA Tara Conner, pageant owner Donald Trump declared that Connor will undergo alcohol rehab but deserves a "second chance." Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, herself a former Miss America, implied that this entire incident was milked for maximum publicity. "I don't believe Tara Conner is an alcoholic, and I think this is a mockery of people who actually do have a serious alcohol problem. The pageant called a press conference, and part of me says this was partially for the public relations. More people will watch the Miss USA pageant on television." Reporter and former USA contestant Jill Dobson declared that Trump made the wrong decision. "It would have been a great learning experience if she had been fired. The message to children be that if you get a great opportunity, don't screw it up."
Trump, Rather and Hillary
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Body language expert Tonya Reiman again joined The Factor to analyze some recent appearances by public figures. Reiman watched a tape of Donald Trump as he "forgave" Miss USA Tara Conner. "He is such a big gesticulator," Reiman observed. "He really feels powerful, and this is expressing his superiority. He's trying to prove to us that he's feeling sincere about this, and he looks like he believes it." Reiman also scrutinized Dan Rather, who accused Fox News of using "talking points" from the White House. "There is an increase in his eye blinking, which indicates that he is uncomfortable about this. But he really believes what he's saying." Reiman also translated the body language of Hillary Clinton as she praised her prospective rival Barack Obama. "She sweeps her hand across the chair, an indication that she is brushing this off completely. She shakes her head constantly, up and down, side to side, and there is a lip tightening, which indicates she has doubt about what she's saying. She didn't want to talk about Barack Obama."
9/11 conspiracy theories
Guest: University of Wisconsin instructor Kevin Barrett

Former University of Wisconsin instructor Kevin Barrett entered the No Spin Zone to defend his theory that the government orchestrated the 9/11 terror attacks. "We all know President Bush is a mass murderer," Barrett pronounced. "The people working in the '9/11 truth' movement are some of the most honest, intelligent, caring, and idealistic people I've met in my life. Maybe I'm crazy to go on this show with you, but any show host who would invite a crazy person on is even crazier." The Factor surprised Barrett by informing him that he is apparently out of a job. "The university told us they're not taking you back because you're irresponsible. You can't back up what you say and you're a propagandist. You're on this show so people can get a look at you and see what was in the classroom at the University of Wisconsin."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about The Factor's visit to Iraq. Some excerpts:

Terry Edgar, St. Louis Park, MN: "O'Reilly, saw your shameful self-promoting trip to Iraq. I didn't see an Iraqi person at all."

Sgt. Jonathan Nunemaker, Ft. Myers, FL: "Bill, I watched your Iraq segments with great interest. I am a wounded vet, and the humility you showed as well as your genuine gratitude, was overwhelming."

Melanie Rogers, Murphy, NC: "If those GI's and Marines are so great, how come 140,000 of them can't defeat a few thousand insurgents?"

Brian Tschaepe, Lockport, NY: "Bill, I usually disagree with you, but I support our troops and think it's great that you visited them."

Greg Porter, Deltona, FL: "Bill, you didn't show dissenting troops in Iraq."

Sylvia & Raudel Guerra, McAllen, TX: "Bill, our son Captain Raudel Guerra, Jr. sent us a picture of the two of you meeting. Thank you for visiting him."