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Thursday, January 25, 2007
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Militant left vs. militant Christians
Guests: Sandy Rios, The Culture Campaign

"Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra has produced a documentary called 'Friends of God.' It follows some militant Christians around and demonstrates their mindset. Ms. Pelosi's work is similar to the Oscar-nominated documentary 'Jesus Camp,' which puts the children of militant Christians on display. With all due respect to the filmmakers, anyone can do that, and it proves nothing. I could film militant secular progressives in S&M bars all night long. What does that prove? There will always be people on the fringe. The truth is that most American Christians are sincere people trying to lead good lives. But the secular progressive movement pretty much ignores those people and concentrates on militant Christianity. Enter New York Times television writer Alessandra Stanley and Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales. Both consistently use their TV columns to advance a committed left agenda. While reviewing Ms. Pelosi's documentary, Stanley writes that 'Friends of God' is a 'reminder of how George W. Bush became president (and) why Fox News has the highest ratings of any 24-hour cable news network.' Ms. Stanley uses her platform to link the president and Fox News in with militant Christians, an attempt to marginalize people she doesn't like. Tom Shales called me 'Fox's nut-in-residence.' Talking Points has nothing against Alexandra Pelosi's documentary - few people enjoy being harangued by religious fanatics. But there's a huge difference between mainstream Christians and the militants. But to the S-P media, they're all the same: dangerous."

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The Factor welcomed radio talk show host Sandy Rios, who elaborated on the Talking Points Memo. "Christianity is a very serious thing," Rios declared. "It's life transforming. But there is a group of Christians who don't behave the way you think they might, and that's who these films focus on. They take the people who are a little unusual, and then they link them to you and Fox News Channel. That's just so unfair." The Factor partly blamed the religious fanatics themselves. "If you're going to let Nancy Pelosi's daughter follow you around for 18 months, she's going to find weird behavior. And that's going to show up wherever the movie is shown, and then secular progressive critics are going to exploit it."
Counseling for homophobia?
Guest: Dr. Belisa Vranich, New York Daily News

"Grey's Anatomy" co-star Isaiah Washington has announced he'll seek counseling because he used an anti-gay slur. Psychologist Belisa Vranich stressed that counseling is different than rehabilitation. "Rehab is a serious place for addictions, so I'm having a problem that people are saying 'rehab.' He's going to counseling, which is a good thing. He has to learn to be more polite." The Factor added that this is only the latest in a series of celebrity slurs. "We had Mel Gibson insludling Jews, then Michael Richards using the 'n' word on stage, and now Isaiah Washington. This is very self-destructive behavior."

News Link: Grey's Anatomy star in rehab after gay slur
Exposing the backlash from Vermont
Guest: Paul Beaudry, WDEV-AM

As reported previously on The Factor, Vermont Judge David Howard sentenced Andrew James to probation, even though James pleaded guilty to assaulting a 4-year old boy. It was later reported that James is also a convicted wife beater and threatened to kill a woman and her one-year old child. Vermont radio host Paul Beaudry described the climate in his state. "Most of the Vermont print media is attacking you, Bill, they're mocking you. The progressives think they're winning, but I believe you're actually making some headway. A bunch of mothers have called me, we're going to get some petitions going, and we're going to try to get a version of Jessica's Law passed." Beaudry added that many Vermonters aren't even aware that secular-progressives have come to dominate state politics and culture.

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California spanking bill sparks debate
Guest: Gerardo Sandoval, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

California Assemblywoman Sally Lieber will introduce a bill that forbids parents from spanking children under age 4. Gerardo Sandoval, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, defended the idea. "Not long ago you could beat up your wife and no one thought much of it. Things have evolved. Most likely they're only going to go after the cases that are extreme. This is for the abusive parent." The Factor posed a direct question: "What if my child is running into the road and I give the kid a little whack? Do I get the cuffs put on me?" Sandoval's reply: "You might get charged with a misdemeanor if it's part of a pattern of aggressive behavior. If you do it one time, I don't think anyone is going to come after you."

News Link: California may ban spanking

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Does big media bash Christians?
Guests: Fox News analysts Jane Hall & Bernard Goldberg

Fox News media analysts Jane Hall and Bernard Goldberg took up the issue of how Christians are portrayed in the mainstream media. Goldberg denounced TV critics such as Tom Shales and Alessandra Stanley. "I don't think critics at the Washington Post or New York Times should be writing reviews about evangelical movies at all, because these people know next to nothing about evangelicals. They know about militant or extreme evangelicals, and they know they don't like them." Hall agreed that mainstream reviewers are generally ignorant of Christianity. "It's uninformed secularism. They have a bias that links evangelicals with Fox News and George W. Bush."
Famous women filing for divorce
Guests: Attorneys Jacalyn Barnett & Dori Foster-Morales

Some famous women, among them Christie Brinkley, Reese Witherspoon, and Britney Spears, have been involved in ugly divorce battles. Divorce attorney Jacalyn Barnett advised women how to protect themselves from rapacious husbands. "The best thing you can do is watch how you conduct yourself. But it's hard to 100% protect yourself from anyone making up stories, because even if you prove them to be false, people want to remember the ugly story. Divorce attorney Dori Foster-Morales agreed that behaving well is the best defense. "If these women act like ladies, they go to court like Christy Brinkley and hold their head up high, then go home and take care of their kids, the public knows exactly what is up." The Factor sympathized with celebrity wives who get trashed by their husbands. "The guy can just go in and say that 'unless you give me this amount of money, I'm going to trash you and you'll never be the same.' You're a famous person, and you have no redress in court because you're a public figure."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails focused on Al Gore's documentary and other recent topics. Some excerpts:

Rick Mahler, Vancouver, Canada: "Bill, I'm surprised you didn't bring up the fact that Gore's movie has been discredited by the American Academy of Science."

Lou Orozco, Hermosa Beach, CA: "There are no conservative documentaries because conservatives lack the creativity to make them."

Carmen Font, Kissimmee, FL: "O'Reilly, I think you'll agree with me that the most important part of the Hornbeck kidnapping case is that Michael Devlin is put away forever."